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Parts of her past.

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Two weeks after her death, the members of The Used flew in. The three bands had always been close, and Tossico and Bert were inseparable whenever they saw each other. At first nobody knew how to tell Bert and the others about Tossico. But they saw the tabloids and called them.

And now they walked in mournful silence towards the graveyard her body was placed in. They all had a hard time deciding where to burry her. It would be her final resting place she would be there for an eternity. She would be there for a period of time with no end. Her body would rot there and she would eventually become part of the earth in that very spot. They wanted her to rot in the most perfect place.

That graveyard wasn't all that big; probably about six other graves were in it. It had large iron gates surrounding it and had a large willow tree hanging over everything. Death hung in the air like the branches. The graveyard was dedicated to those who committed suicide, though they all were convinced that she wasn't her self when she died, there for she couldn't have killed her self, she was still put here.

The large gate creaked open, splitting the cold night air with a shriek. Once in the graveyard and the gate behind them, like the past, they noticed two other girls standing over the grave of Tossico Marvel. They had made sure that it didn't get out where she was buried.

They approached the two girls and thats when Gerard recognized them. They were the girls he saw at the store awhile ago. He walked a head of everyone and said to them, "Hey! I saw you two at the story awhile ago." They turned around.

"You were the two girls talking about Tossico." Gerard said as the others approached. The red head nodded, "Yeah." Raquel lifted his eyebrow to them, "How did you find out where she was buried?" He asked.

"My cousin's best friend was buried here. She always takes fresh flowers to her grave one day last week she couldn't and asked me to do it. When I came I noticed the new tombstone and I went over and saw that it was Tosssico's." The blonde answered.

He nodded. That made sense. "Hey! I know you two. I've seen you at every concert in this area and that one time you gave us this huge black quilt that said Toxique in purple on it!" Kevin said. The blonde nodded. "Thats us. I'm Carol and she's Kimberly." They both extended there hands and everyone shook them.

Kimberly gazed down at the grave one more time before looking back up at them "Well, we have to go. It was nice meeting you all." Carol nodded in agreement, and they both left together, hand in hand.

They watched them leave before turning there own attention to the grave. "I never thought it would end like this." Quinn said quietly. Brandon nodded beside him. Bert crouched down in front of the tombstone and ran his fingers over it.

"I still remember the day I met her. Two years ago. She had short black and pink hair then. Back then she seemed like the happiest person in the world."


"TOSSICO! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS DOWNSTAIRS!" Kevin yelled. "Yeah! COMING!" She yelled back from her room. She pulled up her black fishnet stockings and threw on her rock slut corset. And ran downstairs. She stopped with Kevin and Travis.

"What the fuck is the hurry?" She asked out of breath. Travis patted her on the back, "Gerard has a surprise for you." She nodded and they walked out together arm in arm singing "We're off the see the wizard."

Once outside in the parking lot where everyone was gathered she saw the surprise. "BERT MCCRACKEN!" She screamed like a little fan girl. "TOSSICO MARVEL!!!" Bert also screamed like a little fan girl.

They ran at each and hugged, "Youre my hero!" Tossico replied. "No way! Youre my hero!" Bert replied to her. They hugged again. Gerard cleared his throat, "ehm, I organized this little get together, don't I get a hug?"

Tossico unwrapped her arms from Bert and threw them around Gerard and kissed him on the cheek over and over again and then on the mouth. "I love you Gee!" She squealed.

"Everyone does." Gerard smiled. "No way. Everyone totally loves me more!" Frank protested. They began fighting. Mikey walked in-between them "Hey hey hey guys, no need for fighting! We all know everyone loves me the most!"

Tossico shrugged her shoulders and walked over to Bert, "Wanna get some ice cream?" She suggested. Bert smiled and linked arms with her and they skipped away together without anyone noticing.

* If only she had stayed happy like that. If only she had held on to her sanity tighter, if only she believed that she was beautiful like she truly was. The fact was, she was beautiful. She was stunning infact. And a lot of people hated her for that fact, so they tore down her self-esteem hoping to make themselves feel better by killing another individual inside.

If only they could see her know.


"Uh, look. It's Tossico Marvel. I hate her. She thinks she's so great because she's so good-looking" Stephanie scoffed. There had never been a person in the world more jealous of Tossico then Stephanie.

"Hey Steph, why don't we go have a talk with Tossico?" Paris asked holding up a electric shaver and spray paint, and her other friend, Bethany held up a pair of scissors and permanent marker.

Steph smiled and walked over to Tossico. "Hey Tossico? Can I have a little talk with you?" She asked cheerily with a fake smile plastered onto her face. Tossico nodded and got up and followed her and her friends.

She followed them out onto the roof and they turned and looked at her, all there hand behind their backs. "You know Tossico, there something about you that I just hate. Maybe its the way everyone likes you, maybe its the way that you smile and act so nice to everyone. But you really piss me off. No one would like you if you didnt have that pretty face of yours. And you know what? You shouldn't be this pretty, because youre an ugly bitch." She hissed at her. She nodded and her friends, and they pulled out things from behind there backs and got to work.

They left her on the roof after about and hour and a half of torturing her. They shaved a huge line down the middle of her head, and wrote LOSER across her forehead in permanent marker along with a sad face.

They cut up her clothes leaving her mostly naked. They spray painted all of her body and remaining clothes, laughing the whole way and her tears fixed with the spray paint. She sat there weak and breathing heavily. Before she knew it she was passed out from the fumes from the spray paint.
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