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Chapter Seven

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The human race becomes dominate to a half man half wolf breed of species. Two people fight to survive while being hunted as renegades. Please R&R.

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"Are you sure we can trust him?" Aaron asked me later, as Micah and his friends set up camp.
I turned and looked at him, "Micah gave a vow," I said. "The Woverins may be barbarous, but they do have a strong sense of honor."
"Are we going to the village?" Aaron asked me, his unspoken question being. Now that I found my son, did I still want to marry him.
I cupped Aaron's face in my hands, "I still love you." I said, "finding my son doesn't change that, I do want to ask him to come to the village with us. Would he be welcome there?"
Aaron grasped my shoulders, "Kendra," he said slowly. "You have to realize that Micah is not a normal Woverin. One day he'll be in a position of power. He'll have to continue his father's work of wiping out the renegades. I can't allow him to find out where the village is located."
I stepped away from him, "I thought you loved me." I said in a shaky voice.
"I do love you Kendra," Aaron said, "and I know you love me. Micah swore to protect you. That doesn't mean he won't do what he sees as his duty."
I stared at him with tears in my eyes, "are you asking me to choose between my son and you?" I demanded.
"I'm asking you to come to the village with me. I'm asking you to marry me." Aaron said kneeling before me and taking my hands in his. "But I can't allow your son and his friends to come with us, I'm sorry."
I pulled my hands out of his, backing away. "I can't go with you if it means leaving my son."
I turned away and began walking toward Micah.
"Kendra wait," I heard Aaron call. I stopped and waited without turning to face him. "I love you," he said.
"I love you too," I told him as tears ran down my face, "but I guess that's not enough."

Aaron left soon after, I sat by the fire and watched him disappear into the woods. He never looked back. That night after everyone had gone to sleep, I lay there awake with tears running down my cheeks. I didn't know what to do, if I returned back with my son and his friends I could still be charged with murder. But I didn't want to leave Micah and now that Aaron had left me, I had no one else. I soon fell asleep, but I dreamed about Aaron.
When I awoke, Micah was sitting beside the smoldering fire, "why didn't you leave with Aaron?" He asked when I sat up.
"I just found you," I told him, taking his hand in mine. "I lost you once, I don't want to lose you again."
Micah brought my hand to his face, rubbing it gently. "I know that the reason he didn't want us to continue, is because the village is full of renegades." He said softly, "I have a duty to wipe the renegades from the earth. But I also see how miserable you are without him, and I know as much as I love you. There is no place for you in my world." He looked at me with tears in his eyes, "I want you to go after him mother. As much as it pains me to lose you for a second time. It would hurt worse knowing that I am the source of your unhappiness." He stood up, pulling me to my feet.
I hugged him tightly, remembering cradling him as an infant. "You have become a fine young man," I whispered, "I hope Kel is proud of you."
Micah smiled at me and called to the other Woverins, "we leave now." He turned back and pressed something in my hand, before wordlessly following his friends into the trees.
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