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You're getting closer and closer to the night of your life, while the band prepares backstage.

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The three of you were in the car on your way into the big NYC. Val was driving, after all she's the responsible one.
"So who is this band again?" Val asked as you guys drove down the highway.
"My Chemical Romance," you say rolling your has to be the tenth time she's asked that, "Here...we'll listen to them." You put in a mix tape you have made from their CDs. Headfirst for Halos comes on; you sit back, put your feet up on the dashboard, and start tapping the side of the car door.
"This is actually pretty good," Val says.
"Well what were ya expecting?" you ask. The two of you laugh.
"I'm really excited that I get to see Mikey! I think he's so cool...I mean he's no Adam Lazzara or anything...but he's alright," says Angel from the back seat.
"Haaaa....haaaa Angel," you say sarcastically.

In about a half an hour you guys pull into the parking lot of the night club. This is so unbelievable you think to yourself.
You're not the first ones there. There's about ten kids sitting outside the venue entrance. That's okay by you... you're actually excited to meet them.
The three of you walk over to the entrance.
"More fans!!!" A girl with bright pink hair yells at you.
"We sure are," you say and smile. One of the guys in the line up is looking at you funny. What is it now, you think, sorry I'm not beautiful.
"My name's Julie!" the pink haired girl says rather enthusiastically, "That's my friend Chrissy over there with the blue hair, and that's Jake beside her...they kinda got in an argument with some old lady...she was trying to tell them My Chem was the devils music...lunatic."
"Ha, people just don't understand," you say looking over at the two kids trying not to yell at an old lady, "I'm (insert your name here) and this is Val and Angel."
"Nice to meet yous! Excited?"
"Definitely." Like that even comes cloes to describing what I feel, you think.


"Ohh's gonna be crazy tonight, i can feel it!" says Mikey once everyone is back in the dressing room after sound check.
"Since when do you have feelings Mikey?" teases Gerard.
"Since I slept with your mom," says Mikey.
"DUDE! You have got to stop using those jokes," Gerard shakes his head.
"Sorry Gerard... I guess you have to be over five feet to get them," Mikey teases back.
"HEY!" yells Frank, "no picking on the midgets."
Gerard smiles. Mikey goes back to reading a book. Bob and Ray are trying to see who can eat the most ice cream in 30 seconds. We're so productive, Gerard laughs to himself.
"So dudes, listen up," says Frank. Bob and Ray look up unhappily, ice cream dripping from their mouths. "Gerard's having a bit of stage fright," continues Frank.
"Ohhh man's okay I'm fine, "says Gerard.
"Why man?" says Ray.
"I dunno," lies Gerard, "It's just a normal thing...but I'm okay...really."
"Alright dude, if you say so," says Bob, " Kay Ray... now the chocolate ice cream...READY GO!"
Maybe I should tell them Gerard thinks. Nahhh... they might not get it. Gerard sat there and thought. I don't know why I still get this feeling sometimes, I guess those little insecurities never really go away.
"Hey Gerard," Frankie interrupts, "Come help me with something."

Gerard follows Frank out into the hall. "What's going on?"
"I was gonna ask you," Frank says.
"Well, i dunno dude. I have these little insecurites... that still kind of linger around from high school. Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of what people think, and I don't care what people's just somewhere deep down i still get that insecure feeling sometimes," Gerard replied, now looking at the ground.
"So that makes you have stage fright?" Frank replies puzzled but caringly.
" kind of. Okay here's what I feel. A show is the best outlet for me. When I'm around fans, I feel like nothing can go wrong. As I've said before, I love surrounding myself with fans because it makes me feel like I'm not going through it alone. And playing shows makes me feel invincible. Except...I'm always afraid...that there's that one person in the crowd going...ew...what a loser. Then i start thinking too much and it scares me sometimes," Gerard says.
"Well...that's understandable... you've been through a lot's only natural to have lingering feelings," Frank replies while patting him on the back, "But all I'm gonna say is that there are hundreds of kids who are coming out here tonight who you have touched and inspired... even saved. So YOU my friend, are gonna play a kick-ass show for them."
"Yeah, you're right," says Gerard. Good old Frankie, he thinks, Now I'm ready.
"Besides," Frankie laughs, "Do you really think someone who doesn't like us is gonna pay money to come in, stand there, and think about how they don't like us?"
Gerard laughs realizing this is very true, "Right again Iero...right again."
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