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The Best Of The Worst

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The Dream night could turn into a dream nightmare

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-07-11 - Updated: 2007-07-11 - 633 words

It was finally 6:50 pm. You had been waiting outside for what seemed like forever. It hadn't been a total drag though, you actually quite liked the people you met in the line-up. Julie was hilarious, and Jake and Chrissy were nice people too. You never ended up talking to the guy giving you weird preferred not to know what he was thinking.
The doors were finally opening, yes, you thought. All of you went running towards the doors, only to be stopped and searched by security. They checked you ticket and in you ran, straight to the front. You couldn't believe you were actually at the front. They were gonna be arms length away from you.
The opening band went on, and they were okay, you couldn't really focus on anything other than the fact that MCR would be on soon...well that and the people squishing you from behind. Is not being able to breathe worth it?...yes, you laughed to yourself.
The opening band finished, and you knew it was only a certain amount of time until the band came on. As the crew was setting up you picked at your black nail polish. This is going to be the best night ever.


"Alright boys it's show time!!" yelled Ray bursting into the dressing room.
"Damnit Gerard! How much make-up do you need?" asked Frank, "I just wanna do a little bit...can i just...?" Frank reached for the make-up.
Gerard pulled it away quickly, "Learn how to run faster Iero."
"Guys," Mikey suddenly appeared, "We're literally on in 15 minutes...hurry it up."
"I'm trying here but SOMEONE is too much of a beauty queen," Frank said sitting down on the chair rolling his eyes.
"Oh don't cry princess there you go," Gerard said handing the make-up to Frank. Gerard had two big black circles around his eyes. Hey looks pretty cool, he thought.
Once the guys were ready they moved into the hallway for a pre-show ritual.
"Alright guys," starts Ray, "These fans are here for a good time, and so are we. Let's have the best fucking night of our lives!"
"YEAHH!!" they all chanted.


The lights went out; you're heart skipped a beat. Here we go. You saw them walk on the stage...they were right seems as though you lost your breath. But you didn't care...this was your dream.
They played the first few songs and it was unbelievable. They were so down to earth, especially Gerard, since he did most of the talking.
"You guys are amazing," Gerard shouted into the microphone, "This next song, is for every person that's ever been looked down upon! YOU ARE NOT LOOKED DOWN UPON TONIGHT!! Stick with us my friends, and we'll make it together...this one's called Our Lady Of Sorrows!"
They're really gonna do it. You put your hand in your pocket...your note was still there. You pull it out and hold onto it. As the song started tears came to your eyes. As Gerard sang the chorus he looked straight at you...and winked. I think I'm gonna melt, you think. Things couldn't have gone better. It's exactly what you needed.
The mosh pit was really getting crazy behind you. People falling everywhere. Normally you'd be right in there...but you didn't want to leave the presence of the band. "Woah! Pick that dude up!!" Gerard said in the middle of the song.
The song was almost couldn't believe this was actually happening, now this is what life is all about. But then all of the sudden
WHACK... something hit you in the back of the head.
What the...everything's so fuzzy...What the... Val turned around and tried to grab you as you fell to the ground.
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