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I'll never trust boys again

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Ummmm this is my first story go easy on me. I know its kinda short but the next one will be longer.

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All that I remember was sitting in the plastic chair waiting for the nurse to call me. The office smelled like any other one of its kind. It was very cold but no windows were open. A sick feeling stuck in my stomach and didn't go away. My father had given me the money in a small brown envelope it was all there every last bill. Myself only sixteen at the time and mother had no clue. I shook the silver baby rattle in my hand. It was light and shiny. I wasn't going to tell my mother or any one else for that matter. I was the good girl. I got good grades in school I went out with the right boys and l never ever would screw up in any way. To every one I was perfect. Capital P to the T. But....they didn't know my deep dark secrets that I hid from the world.

Finally the nurse called my name and took me to a small white room. It smelled like the waiting room. She gave me a white gown and told me to take off all jewelry and anything that may get in the way. The gown was thin and over-sized. I hugged my body wishing for warmth. A doctor came in and told me to get on the table. He told me not to be scared that he was going to put me to sleep and I would not feel anything. Pain was the last thing on my mind at the time. I just wanted it to be over so I could forget about everything that happened. Soon enuf I was put to sleep and the procedure began.
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