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Words I thought I'd never speak

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An interiew can change everything

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You were pinning up the last shirt when Gerard came up to the table.
"hey, Brian needs you and I to go to the interview on Friday early."
"wait what? I'm confused, why am I going?"
"oh, here um let me start from the begining. Brian wants me to go and be an audience member to check out the show/interview to see what kind of questions they ask. The reason why is so that we all will be prepared and no one will get upset this time when a question is asked."
"ok, but why am I going?"
"your going so i'm not as easly reconized"
"Gerard, not to sound weird or anything, but if I'm there people are going to be looking for you since they think we are dating because of an earlier interview"
"I never thought of that. well what if you bring a friend too, that way you can sit with her and then I can still sit next to you , but you can just talk to her so people aren't looking for me. does that make sense?"
"kind of, I'll see if Heather wants to go. And I'll still talk to you, but it will have to be whispering. What are you wearing?"
"I really don't know."
"come here"
with that you took Gerard back on the bus, and helped picked out his clothes to make him seem like an every day guy just going to see an interveiw. In other words, gerard was not wearing any black, and he was wearing a hat and sunglasses. He didn't stand out at all.
"hey, not bad, thanks care"
"yup, thats what I'm here for. to help." you said with a smile.
"and you do a fine job" he smiled back.
Then suddenly he grabbed your shoulders and pressed his lips to yours. You just stood there for a moment until you realized what was going on, then you wrapped your arms around his waste and kissed him back. Soon you broke free to breath, there was no tounge used, but you still needed to be able to breath.

There was silence for awhile before gerard started to talk again.
"listen Carrie, there's something I wanted to talk to you about. When you left I..."
"Hey guys." Frank ran up to the both of you interupting Gerard.
"Hey Frank" you said and gave him a hug.
"So Gerard you were saying?"
"oh, never mind, I'll just see you tomorrow bright and early. We can pick up Heather and then go, sound good?"
"yup. See you in the morning"
With that Gerard walked to the bunk area and left you and Frank sitting on the couches.
"what was that about?"
"I dunno" 'I really want to know what he was going to say, it seemed important and after that kiss. oh that kiss, I never felt anything like it.' you thought to yourself.
"any way, so tomorrow for the interview they are probably going to ask about your sickness, is it okay for us to tell them your back and working again?"
"oh yeah, def. You don't have to hide anything about me from them since there really isn't anything to hide."
"ok good, just wanted to make sure."
"ok, well I'm off, like Gerard just say I have to get up early."
"alright, night care"
"Good night."

you went and walked over to your bunk, grabbed your pajamas walked to the bathroom changed and then hopped into your bed. You noticed that Gerard's bunk light was still on so you whispered "gerard, you still up?"
but there was no responce so you hopped down and looked and saw that he passed out with the light on. You smiled leaned in turned off his light and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before climbing back into your bed. What you didn't know was that Gerard was still awake, and was thinking about how he was going to ask you out tomorrow and when he felt that kiss you just smiled and knew your answer would be yes.

The next morning you woke up to Gerard rubbing your arm.
"ok, ok, I'm up, geezz"
"good, not get ready and dressed, we leave in an hour"
so you got up, put baby powder in your hair to take the grease out, brushed your teeth, got dressed, and put on a little bit of make up. By the time you were done Gerard was ready and you two went off to get Heather and to go to the interview. When you got there you took your seats in the third row, you in the middle of both of them how it was planned. People were looking at you and were seeing if Gerard was with you but no one reconized him and you both were thankful for that.
By the time the interiveiw was over you could see the other guys backstage getting their make up on when the interviewer said "thank you for watching, stay tuned for another interview with My Chemical Romance. We have some questions to ask them about their new record, and some gossip questions about their love lives, we know one is engaged, and two are taken, but what about the other two? Have they found love yet, stay tuned for the answer" you looked at Gerard and he looked at you. He gave you a don't worry about it, I'm ok to answer that question kind of face and you just nodded and smiled.

An hour later the audience left and new ones arrived during that period Gerard, Heather, and you went and stayed back stage. As the guys went and finished getting ready you and Heather stayed over by the side to see the whole interview.
"and were back, today we will be interveiwing the band My Chemical Romance, guys will you please come on out."
with that all of them walked past you two grabbed their mics and headed towards their assigned seats.
"thanks for joining us today"
"no problem" gerard said

As time went on you were getting even more nervous because you knew that they relationship question was coming up, and you didn't want to see Gerard get upset when all of a sudden you heard it.
"well guys we know that you all have had or are in relationships but has anything changed since the last time we have talked to you?"
"well Mikey's engaged, and Ray and Bob are still in their relationships, Frank and I are still single, but there is some one out there that has my heart and I'm hoping soon that I wont be alone." while he was saying that he looked straight at you and said that looking right into your eyes. As he was saying that the interviewer noticed that same thing and looked at you too and you had stars in your eyes and you were blushing. You just smiled at him and nodded your head yes and then his face turned into the biggest smile. What you didn't know was that the camera man put the camera on you.
"well there you have it, Gerard is now a taken man ladies. and the lovely ladie looks just as happy as he does" the interviewer said as she said that you looked at and saw the camera on you and you ducked behind Heather so that all they could see was her and not you.
"it looks like she's shy, well thats all the time we have for tonight, thank you My Chemical Romance for coming here, is there any thing else you would like to say before we turn you lose to your concert tonight"
"yes, we just want to say thank you, thank you to our friends and family and fans for believeing in us, for helping us, and for making our dreams come true. We love you and we hope to see you tonight" Gerard said.
with that the band got up and left. You waited for gerard on the side of the stage and he took your hand and lead you back to the bus, once there you got inside and you wrapped your arms around his neck and he and you shared the most passionate kiss you have ever had in your life. The whole band walked in and all you heard was.
"FINALLY!" You unlocked lips and turned to looked at the guys. They all walked past you with smiles and then you saw it Frank had a fake smile on. 'whats going on with him?' you thought to yourself. So you went to find Frank to see what was up.
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