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My way home is through you

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I couldnt get him out of my fucking head.
The way his hands touched mine.
The way he smiled.
The way he giggled.
The way his skin was so soft.
The way he wrapped his arms around me.
The way I loved him.

Gerard was on my mind from the moment I woke up that morning. I couldnt help it. I even tried banging my head on the table where I was sitting drinking my coffee and eating my toast.
I think Im falling for him.
I grabbed my bag and headed out of the front door, shouting goodbye to Frank who was laid out on the sofa playing video games. It was his day off today.
Me and him both had jobs, even though we were only 15. We worked at a little cafe on the corner of our street, where we would collect dirty cups and plates for a bit of money.

I skipped down the street, but soon stopped when I saw our neighbor Fredrick Parker, staring at me out of the window. Nosey Parker more like. He was always wanting to know other peoples business. I waved at him, smiling sarcastically.
I was in such a good mood.

I got into the cafe and dumped my belongings in the back room.
I saw my boss standing by the side of the counter, wearing a black suit.
"Hey Mr Jones," I smiled pleasantly "your looking smart today, expecting a special customer are we?" I asked.
"No actually. Im going to my great aunties funeral in a few hours, and I had to drop in here to make sure work was going smoothly." He replied.
Shit. I had really put my foot in it this time.
"Oh Im so sorry.." I paused "are you alright?"
"Yes, thankyou for asking Sarah." he said, looking down at his feet. "well, I had better get going, wouldnt want to be late."
I smiled and waved at him as he exited through the door.

All day I couldnt concentrate.
I dropped and smashed 4 mugs, and a plate and dropped about a thousand knives, forks and spoons on the floor.
"What is with you today?" Sandy, the girl I worked with on thursdays, sighed, looking concerned.
"Oh nothing, nothing" I said, nearly dropping yet another piece of cutlery.
"I think you should take the rest of the day off. Your not yourself." she added.
"No really. Im okay." I grinned, as a naughty image of Gerard popped into my head.
"I insist you go home. Go!" She said, pointing her index finger at the door.
I went into the back room where I had left my belongings, and collected my bag and jacket. Then I took off my apron, and hung it on a peg on my way out of the room.
"Bye then.." I smiled at sandy. A little girl sat in one of the booths shouted "bye miss cake server lady" making my laugh as I left the building.

I felt the need to sing and dance around the street, but being in New Jersey, I thought it would be best if I passed on that one.
So, instead, I hummed the tune of a song I had heard Frank singing earlier on. It was a sweet tune, giving me the urge to dance again. I span around on the spot, swinging my bag high, and getting hit in the face with it as it flew back down.

I put my key into the lock of our door, turned it quickly, and fell into the house.
It was silent.
Frankie must have gone round to the guys' flat or something, Hhe will have left a note, I thought.

I got the fright of my life when I entered the living room, still humming the same tune, to find Gerard sat on the sofa reading a comic book, and sipping coffee from one of our white mugs.
I jumped and gasped.
"Fuck you, you scared the living dalylights out of me!" I sighed.
"Oh, sorry." Gerard smiled. "Frank and the guys have gone to some music store, I said I didnt want to go. Im happy with a cup of coffee" He held his mug of coffee in the air "and a comic or two" he waved the comic book that he was reading in the air.
"Sit." he gestured towards the seat next to him.
I placed my self down on the sofa, grinning, trying to think of something to say, which was not a load of shit.

"You.. Ermm.. How... Well.. " I gave up. What was the use? I just spoke shit when I was talking to him.
"Why are you back so early?" Gerard asked.
"I was sent home. 'Not myself' apparently," I laughed.
He smiled, "coffee?"
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