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Well I said hey, hey hallelujah

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I woke up with the worst headache that I have ever had in my life.
Remind me. How much did I drink last night??
Gerard looks about 18, even though he is really only 16, so he was able to get away with buying alcohol at the little shop around the corner, without being asked for any ID.

I tried to move my legs, but I found that Frank was sat on them. I was just about to kick him, when I heard him say, "So, guys, what do you think of my sister?"
I figured that if I closed my eyes, and pretended to be asleep, I could listen in on their converation and find out what they really think of me.
I shut my eyes tight and listened in.
"Shes awesome!" two people said together.
"Cool." another voice said.
I couldnt tell who was who by just their voices, seen as I had only met them yesterday, and had the worst hangover in the history of bad hangovers, like ever.
But the next voice I recognised immediately. Gerard.
"Is she asleep?" he asked Frank politely.
Frank poked me in my side. I wanted to laugh so much, but I had to resist it if I wanted to know what Gerard though of me, so I held my breath and bit my lip until I heard the leather on the sofa squeak as Frank turned back around, to face Gerard I assume.
"Yeah. She's out of it, I guess its because of last night. Not used to drinking that much, shes not." I heard Frank's voice.
"Well, shes cool. I like her. Yeah I like her a lot." I heard Gerard say quietly.
"Touch her and I will fucking kill you!" Frankie joked. "Joking dude. Im joking" he laughed.
I heard Gee's girly laugh. It was so sweet.
"So Gerard, would you ever consider.." Frank began, but I kicked him to let him know I was awake before he could go any further. I had a rough idea of what he was going to say.

Frank stood up to free my legs, and I turned over to face everybody, as I was facing the back of the sofa before. I found I had a random comic book stuck to the side of my face the I had been laying on. Gerard stood up and carefully peeled it off me, smiled, sat back down and begain reading it.
"Coffee anyone?" Mikey asked, standing and heading towards the door.
"Sure," Ray, Frank and the other dude, Bob I think his name is, all chorused and followed Mikey out of the room and into the kitchen.
"Im going outside for a fag, coming?" Gerard looked at me and asked.
"Errm, sure" I said, even though I didnt smoke.
We leant against the wall outside, and Gerard lit a cigarette.
"Want one?" He asked.
"Sure," I said weerliy. I had never tried smoking before, but what harm could one cigarette do, I thought.
I took the long white roll of paper from Gerard. Our hands touched, his skin was soft.
"Light?" He asked, smiling faintly.
I held out my cigarette for Gerard to light.

I took one drag of the cigarette, and nearly choked. I seriously thought I was going to die for a moment.
I felt Gerards hand patting my back as I coughed and spluttered.
I finally managed to catch my breath, and I felt really pathetic, that I couldnt even smoke a cigarette without making a fool out of myself.
"You okay? You worried me." Gerard looked concerned.
"Im fine" I replied, taking another drag of the cigarette . I needed it after that shock.
We stood in the freezing cold smoking, when I started to shiver.
Gerard saw me shaking and rubbing my arms trying to keep warm, and he took of his leather jacket.
"Cold?" He laughed, and wrapped the jacket around me.
I snuggled down inside of it. It smelt of fags and booze, but I didnt care. It smelt of Gerard.
"Thanks" I smiled, pulling the coat tight around myself.
I felt something wrap around me, and squeeze me tight. Gerard had put his arm around me, and was holding me close to his body. I felt so safe in his arms.

I took a last drag of the cigarette, and was lead back inside the flat by Gerard.

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