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Character Desciption

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urm description of the characters yay

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Hey people thanks for waiting so long I just kinda couldn't be arsed to start writing but now I will. This story is for remi cause she made Fing my phone you get my number in a book for me and I will treasure it forever LUFF U REMZ THNKS!!!! If you haven't guessed already this is the sequel to Find my phone you get my number so if you haven't read it I would strongly recommend you read that first!!! Well hope u like it!!

Character Description- there are some new characters so here they are.

Kitty (she has changed so I thought I would change it a bit)
Gender: female
Age: 22
Hair colour ad length: Shiny red hair (natural colour) with small black streaks not as long as before half way down her ribs
Nationality: English
Eye colour: a shimmering silver colour (same as ever)
Figure: Skinny and short quite curvy.
Face: Pale skin smiles a lot big eyes small nose and smallish mouth
Fav colour: Black
Fav food: salad (she is vegetarian)
Fav band: MCR (my chemical romance)Still loves them.
Fav clothes: Black footless tights, red and black checked skirt, mcr tee and a plain black hoddie
Loves: Still Gerard Arthur Way lead singer of mcr and will never ever forget the time she met him
Make up: Black eyeliner and red lipstick(sometimes to make a statement)
Nick names: Kitten, Kit kat, Kool Kat and Wotsit(cause of her hair colour)
Personality: Kind caring quite depressed some of the time but she can be bloody hyper when she wants to be loves her friends more than anything in the world (well maybe not more than gerard)

Gender: female
Age: 22
Hair colour and length: light brown bottom of her hair is dyed a light pink
Nationality: Australian
Eye colour: greeny Blue
Figure: Slim quite tall curvy
Face: medium eyes small nose tanned very smiley
Fav colour: Pink
Fav food: Pizza
Fav band: doesn't have one but she only likes about 2 of mcr's songs
Loves:her boyfriend james
Make up: pink eye shadow, foundation ,lip gloss, blusher and mascara
Nick names: Sarie, Sarie warie, Nigel strawberry(means loner in australien but she is not a loner)
Personality: Hyper or tired. She switches tiredness with hyperness and random times really nice and helpful

Gender: female
Age: 22
Hair colour and length: Dark brown with blonde highlights down to her waist
Nationality: South African
Eye colour: light blue
Figure: Slim tall curvy
Face: medium eyes and medium nose brown freckles
Fav colour: bluey purple
Fav food: Ice cream
Fav band: the killers
Loves: Her boyfriend Cameron
Make up: purple eye shadow, foundation, lip gloss and mascara
Nick names: Ali Wally Alexandra, Alls megerbitchian
Personality: Kind and generous always looks out for her 5 best friends and her boyfriend. Can be so very hyper

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hair colour and length: blonde and wavy shoulder length
Nationality: Swiss
Eye colour: bright blue
Figure: shortish curvy
Face: her eyes are not as big as kittys but they are quite large
Fav colour: pink
Fav food: pasta
Fav band: doesn't have one
Fav clothes: Pink mini skirt and a white strappy top
Loves: Her boyfriend Christian
Nick names: Jen, Jen Ju, Jenifer
Personality: VERY funny, loves imitating people and gets hyper and its very funni but she is so nice whenever someone is hurt or upset she is always there to comfort them but she is very nosey

Gender: male
Age: 22
Hair colour and length: blonde down by his ears messed up.
Nationality: Australian so he is tanned
Eye colour: light brown
Figure: Tall and slim
Fav colour: red
Fav food: Pizza
Fav band: Red hot chilli peppers
Fav clothes: light blue jeans and a gray tee shirt with "surfer dude" written on it
Met girl friend: In Australia when they were both on holiday and realised they both lived in England and very close to each other and they still do.
Loves: Sarah
Nick names: JJ, Jamy, Jame
Personality: Out going, amusing, show off and he loves his friends and family. When exited he is rather hyper

Gender: Male
Age: 22
Hair colour and length: Brown short and spiky
Nationality: French (but doesn't sound it at all) he is very tanned
Eye colour: dark Brown
Figure: tallish and muscley
Fav colour: Dark blue
Fav food: Ice cream and pie
Fav band: Automatic
Fav clothes: Dark blue jeans and a brown tee with "frrancais what the hell does that mean" written on it and it has a picture of a frog on the back.
Met girl friend: Walked into her when she was walking along the street and once he had picked her off the floor he asked her if she wanted to got for a coffee he lives with James and Christian.
Loves: Ali
Nick names: Cam, Cammy , Camz, Camera
Personality: Polite, kind can be very hyper loves he m8

Gender: male
Age: 22
Hair colour and length: Light brown
Nationality: einglish
Eye colour: blue
Figure: tall and normal
Fav colour: Red
Fav food: pasta
Fav band: Artic monkeys
Fav clothes: Middle blue jeans with rips at the knees red top saying Skater Boi
Met girlfriend: In collage everyone says its an odd couple a girly girl and a skater boi but they are perfect for each other
Loves: Jenny
Nick names: Chris, Chrissy
Personality: VERY funny, kind lovable gives great hugs always there for you, can be hyper

This one was written by jenny and her baby sitter as a joke it's very funny
Gender: female
Age: 3
Hair colour and length: pink spikey short
Nationality: antartican
Eye colour ;purple
Figure. runner bean
Face: furry
Fav colour: see through
Fav food: Cardboard
Fav band: Cheetah girls
Fav clothes: i dont wear any
Loves: myself
Nick names: Princess, hedgehog, hoggy

Anyways lmao at that last one hehe
The other guys (eg emma Charlie amsy and remi) will come in later but just to inform you kitty hasn't seen her old best friends in about 4 years and she lives with jenny, ali and Sarah in a medium sized house.
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