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Celebratory Dance

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They go to starbucks and they Dance!!!

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Hi second chappy!!!

Kitty's Pov
I awoke with a start when I heard a crash and then someone say "shit I broke a plate damn it . I sighed I had only just got to sleep and now I am awake cause jenny by the sounds of broke a plate. I haven't been sleeping very well lately ever since my parents died in that car crash. I am not really sure why I am so upset I never liked them that much but then they always paid for what I needed they paid for my flat, my car and my new house well a quarter of it. You see I share this house with my best friends Ali, jenny and Sarah the house isn't in London we live in Birmingham (I moved woo) but I miss London like HELL. I met the girls at collage. There not like me at all. They are basically girly girls, well jenny and Sarah are, ali not so much.
I yawned, stretched and looked over at my alarm clock 6:45 hum might as well get up. I swung my legs over the side of my bed and turned on my lamp, which blinded me for a second but I rubbed my eyes and smiled as I looked at the five pictures on my bed side table. The first one was of me and my parents on my 11th birthday, the second one was of my grandma and my friends that had introduced me to mcr, the third one was a picture of me, ali, sarah, jenny, Cameron, james and Christian at my 21st birthday, the forth one was of my old best friends that I miss like hell but we all went our separate ways. Emma went to Japan to study fashion designing, amsy went to Canada cause she just loves Canada, remi went to Italy to be with her family and Charlie went to some university for boffins. The last picture was from five years ago it was taken from the London eye and it is of me and a guy. I am the only person who knows who the guy is, my friends have no clue who he is. They think he is an old boyfriend because we are standing so close, but really he was just showing me a building. It's the best picture of me ever my black and pink hair was styled around my shoulders and my eyes are staring dreamily at the building, I am smiling slightly I love it so much the guy looks seriously mysterious his hazel eyes look green and his face looks very tanned he is also smiling, you would never guess that this guy was Gerard way. I have a few other pictures of Gerard in my room but they are posters I got from magazines and in most of them his band are with him. I still love mcr but im not the obsessive I used to be I guess my meeting with Gerard showed me that he is just like other people but with nice hair. I haven't been to another concert yet cause they have got so famous after the release of there new album the black parade. I looked at my calendar and crossed out another day Oh its Saturday today YAY. I looked into my cupboard and pulled out some black skinny jeans and a black tank top. It's June but not very hot but quite hot so I will wear warm trousers and a cold top. I walked into my on suite and turned on the shower. I slipped in and let the warm water wash all the thoughts of sleep away. I turned on out shower radio and started dancing a bit while I washed my hair. I will survive came on so a grabbed the shampoo and started singing into it and waving my arm a bit. If anyone was watching i think they would be very worried,but no one can see me so who cares. The song finished and I stepped out of the shower laughing slightly. I dried my and pulled on my under wear and then my skinny's and my tank top self and looked in the steamy mirror my auburn and black hair fell around my shoulders framing my face. I smiled and got my make up bag out from under the sink and pulled out my eyeliner ringing my unusual grayie silver eyes with pitch black eyeliner. Adding some mascara I smiled at my reflection I put the towels on the radiator and walked out the room. I dumped my Pj's on my bed and walked down stairs.
Morning, I said walking into the kitchen as jenny swore as the egg she was trying to cook exploded. I laughed as she turned around glaring at me her new top covered in egg.
You might want to go put another top on, I said giggling
YOU THINK, she cried dramatically and she stomped off upstairs leaving the rest of the egg on the floor and the wall. I smiled to myself and walked over to the side and made my self a coffee. At that moment ali walked in.
What the hell did you do? She asked looking at the mess.
I held my hands in the air as to surrender.
It wasn't me?
Well who was it? Just as she asked that jenny came in with a different top on.
We both looked at her.
What? She asked innocently
I laughed and walked out deciding to go and wake up Sarah. I knocked on her door. No answer. I opened the door and creped in. I pulled back the curtains making her shudder and turn around. I then walked up to her and started poking her.
Fuuurrk oorrff she said trying to whack my hand away.
Come on Sarah Its MORNING, I yelled and I pulled off her covers.
OY give them back you penis, she yelled attacking me with her pillow.
NEVER. She whacked me around the head and I ran down stairs with her duvet.
Urm kitty why do you have Sarah's duvet, Jenny asked me raising an eyebrow.
For reasons you will never no.
KITTY GIVE ME BACK MY DUVET SO I CAN GO BACK TO SLEEP I HATE YOU WHORE, Sarah yelled from the top of the stairs.
OOOOOO, Jenny said grinning, I wana join in.
OH WELL I CAN SLEEP WITH MY PILLOW, she screamed stomping off into her room. Jenny followed her and 5 minuets later we heard Sarah scream.
JENNY GIVE ME BACK MY PILLOW and then jenny ran down stairs with her pillow.
We high fived.
We heard some curses and then the shower turned on.
YEY project wake up Sarah complete. Me and jenny did a little celebratory dance.
Which went:
Step to the left
Step to the right
High five
Shake your but
Left kick
Right kick
High Five

After about 20 minuets Ali had cleaned up the egg and Sarah had got her arse downstairs FINALLY, we all decided to go to starbucks, And the great part about the starbucks we go to our friends Sam and Millie work there so it means HALF PRICE COFFEE'S I now like coffee which is weird but nice. We walked down the drive and got into Sarah's baby pink beetle. I sat in the front next to Sarah me and Sarah are like best best friends and I like jenny more than ali jenny is just so MAD. We got there and got out of the car (I tripped over the pavement which was FUN) we then walked into Starbucks.
Hey Guys, Sam yelled jumping over the counter and running towards us. We sat down and he skidded in next to me and put his arm around me and kissed my cheek.
Ewwww SAM, he grinned and hugged me. He asked me out a few months ago and I refused I'm not sure why I just did. He's still a great friend. By this time Millie had walked over.
Hey Guys, she called
Hey, we all said.
Ok what do we want, Millie asked us
Urm can I have a café Verona please, I said smiling sweetly at her
Urm same please,
Who was that sorry who wants the same, mille asked looking around the table.
Oooo ok sorry I couldn't see u.
Can I have a Espresso, jenny asked looking down the menu and then whacking sam on the head with it. They started having a menu fight.
Millie gave them a exasperated look.
Ali what do you want?
Can I have a Kenya please.
Sam stop it and come on, Millie said grabbing his hand He gave jenny one more whack over the head then followed Millie off.
We talked about crap until our coffee's arrived.
Here you go, Millie said giving us the coffee's.
OOOO guys would you like a special starbucks scratch card, sam asked popping his head over Millie's shoulder.
Whats the prize, I asked uncaringly.
A trip to London and you get to go VIP up the London Eye. You get a free stay in a hotel and a lots of fancy meals AND FREE STARBUCKS and its for 9 people!
YEAH can we have one I always wanted to go to London, Sarah yelled
Hum ok but we wont win, I grabbed one and gave £1 to sam.
OK who has the best luck here cause I think they should choose it,Ali said frowning.
OO I once found a penny in my shoe, Jenny said smiling
Fairly lucky, ali said
I am not lucky, Sarah said shaking her head
Well I never win competitions, Ali said
They all looked at me. Hum when have I been lucky oooo I no Well I could Say I MET GERARD WAY but I wont cause they wont believe me.
I was hit by a car and I survived, I said grinning.
I reached out and grabbed a piece of paper Every one crossed there fingers.
Guys were not going to win, I said laughing at there faces.
Hurry up my fingers hurt, Jenny whimpered
FINE, I grabbed a pound coin and scratched the gray thing.
I scratched the last gray bit off and SCREAMED.
AHHH I WON, I yelled doing the celebratory dance.
I will tell u again how it goes:
Step to the left
Step to the right
High five
Shake your but
Left kick
Right kick
High Five

Your kidding, Ali said grabbing the ticket thing.
WE all cheered.

HOPE u liked it sorry it was so late i had MEGGA writers block!
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