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It Always Haunts You

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Kaiden faces the facts

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"No, NO! I- I can't just go on a date with some random ass guy!" I protested against my egar friend. "Come on. You're going to fucking love him. I swear to you!" Sara shouted at me. "No! Sara. I'm not going out with some random guy." "You're technically not dating, just meeting." "Stop being a smart ass Sonny. I'm not going. Thats the fucking end dude. I'm just not going." "Why the fuck not Benj. Why? You've been stuck in this fucking house ever since Johnny split it off with you." "Yea...I know..." "Why?! Why are you so damn afraid of finding someone else?" "Because dude....John really fucking hit a nerve...I actually loved him...and he dropped me just like that. I should've never told him I loved him...never." I got up and walked back in my room. I laid back across my bed and stared up at the off-white ceiling. "Something up there?" Sara said sitting beside me on the bed. "No..." I answered with a heavy sigh. "Benj...honestly. You gotta get back on the horse. Not every guy in the world is going to be a complete dick to you. And fucking trust me on this one....You're going to fucking love this guy...He's liked you for the longest time." My eyebrow raised "Really now Sonny. Really now. And who is this fucking mystery man?" "That I cannot tell you. You need to find that out on your own. You will piss yourself. Now get dressed and lets go. We have roughly 45 minutes." "Argh al-fucking-right. I'll be out in like 20 minutes. Classy or casual?" "Mix the both." "Okay. This should be interesting" Sara got up and left me to get ready.

Some background info for you crazy people. My name is Kaiden, but everyone calls me Benji for some cracked ass reason. I don't know why...but it just stuck and I have everyone calling me it now. My best buddy/room mate is Sara, but we call her Sonny. She has some weird ass obsession with Sonny Moore. There's that explaination. We're both 23 years old. We have a similar taste in music. Most being Metal, Pop-Punk, Punk, and some actually good Emo bands. Those are extreamly hard to find. Yea. So I was recently taken out of a 4 year relationship with the bassist of Avenged Sevenfold. Me and him went to high school together. Been going out since our Senior year. Not once through our whole 4 years had John told me he loved me...not once. About a week ago I just finally told him that I loved him...I really fucking much...he just broke my heart and told me to find someone knew...someone who felt the same way. It fucking sux...and every so often it makes me cry a little. Just something I'm going to let time heal.

I walked out into the living room wearing a pinstripe Tripp dress, black fishnet stockings, combat boots and a black cami under the dress. My black hair was straightened and down. I had my eyeliner on thick like usual with red eyeshadow around my eyes. "So, is- is this okay?" I asked Sonny doing a little turn. She just looked at me like 'JESUS CHRIST!' "Damn Benji, Yes. He's going to rape you. You're going to like it. How is that for a plan?" "Uhhhh I guess thats a good answer. Ready to go? I wanna meet this fucking man." "Thought you would never ask. Lets go." Sonny said getting up and grabbing her keys. We walked out into our parking garage and went to get in her Escalade. She has the white one, I have the black one. We got in the car and Sonny's sidekick started blairing Little Things. I sang along untill she answered. "Yes...Dude We'll be there soon...Benji took fucking forever to get ready. Is everyone there? Alright. sweet. be there in a few. Peace." She hung up and shoved the phone back in her pocket. "Who was on the phone?" I asked looking over to her. "Someone we're meeting tonight. Not your date. But a friend." "You're going to hell for do realize that right?" "If only I believed in that bullshit my dear...If only." We both laughed. Cause its the truth. Sonny pulled out of the parking space and made our way to the restaurant.
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