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Hello There

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Other - Published: 2007-07-16 - Updated: 2007-07-16 - 1105 words

"DAMN! Why the fuck are we eating at the most fucking expensive place in LA dude?!" I asked jumping out of the car. "Because we're not paying for it. Thats why." "Oh god Sonny...They have to be crazy." "No, just rich" I laughed and walked up to the door with her. The man at the little booth thing looked at us and asked "Party's name Ms.s?" "Oh we're with the Bryar party" Sonny said with a smile. "Oh! you are the Ladies they have been asking for every 4 minutes! Right this way." I just looked at Sonny. She smiled and followed the guy. I thought to myself 'who the fuck do I know with the last name Bryar?' didn't ring a bell at all. The guy showed us to an empty table set for 7. Again I looked at Sonny "Okay...who the hell are we meeting up with dude?" "You'll see. I promise you're going to love them. I SWEAR" "Yea, I remember the last time you said that. Remember what happened?" "You ended up punching that guy in the nuts several times for being a perv." "Good, you remember." "This is different." "Sure..." Her sidekick went off again. She answered it "Yes. Now." I just ignored it this time and put my ipod headphones in my ears and shut my eyes. Who ever it is can just wait now.

About 3 minutes later I felt hands go over my eyes. I ripped my headphones out of my ears "shhhhh" Sonny said with a little laugh "Okay, Benji. We're going to turn your head to the right and I'm going to let go of your eyes" "What the fuck Sonny? I'm going to punch you in your ovaries. I swear." I heard a group of guys laugh. Oh shit...There's more than one. I turned my head to the right and she let go of my eyes. I just about pissed myself. "HOLY SHIT!" I sqeeled. He just smiled. Oh god...yesss mother fucker. "Hi, I'm Gerard. Nice to finally meet you." "H-hi I'm B-Ben-j-ji. I love you." he laughed a little. I looked at Sonny. She was laughing so hard. Her and Frank. I had to be every shade of red at this point. All the guys in My Chem were sitting there staring at me. "So yea guys...This is my retard friend Benji. Told you she wouldn't know what to say." I laughed a little "Yea, you could fucking say that again. wow." I looked at all of them. Then it hit me 'Bryar...fucking BOB!' I looked back at Gerard he was still staring at me. "So it's you I'm on a blind date with?" "Yup. Happy?" he asked with a smile. "Hahaha no shit. This is intense." I smiled at him then fiddled with my fingers. We were quiet for a little bit. I just listened to they guys and Sonny for this time. "You- You look really nice tonight Kaiden." Gerard spoke up and flashed another smile. "Awwww thank you Gerard. You look really good too." The waitress finally came over and grabbed all of our orders.

I finished my salad fast and continued to listen to the conversations around me. Gerard seemed to do the same. I looked at Sonny with the 'I fucking love you' look. She smiled and went back to talking with Frank and Mikey. I looked down at the table, then felt a hand upon mine. I looked over to my hand then up to Gerard's face. He looked to me and smiled. Gerard leaned to my ear "Do you have your cell phone on you?" "Yup" "What's your number?" I gave it to him. He had the same sidekick me and Sonny hade. My just has a GC skin on it. He let my hand free and began to text on his phone. Mine began to vibrate in my pocket, I took it out and read the message "Kaiden, I think you're beautiful. I'm sorry if its too early to say anything like that. But you are. Would you like to hang out with me later? Get to know eachother a little better?" I smiled and texted back "I think that would be a great Idea. Thank you. You are extreamly good looking too." A few seconds later he sent me a picture of him making a kissy face. Oh god! he's such a dork. I laughed and saved it and made it the background to my phone. He watched me do this and rested his hand on my leg again. Dinner ended a little bit later.

"So, Sara...Sonny...I'm going to meet up with you tomorrow. We pretty much have the next 3 weeks off." Frank said as he walked us out to the car. "Wait! Kay, are we still going to hang out?" Gerard asked me looking hopeful. "Duh dork! Where's your car?" Sonny looked at me like 'no fucking way' I just smiled and followed Gerard to his car. He put his arm around my waist and walked me to the passanger side where he then opened the door for me. I got in and he shut it for me. Such a gentalmen. He walked around and got in on his side. Maybe this dating thing isnt so horrible after all. We got to Gerard's house close to 30 minutes later. There was so much traffic. The car ride was pretty much silent. It was comfortable though. Gerard turned down a darker street and looked at me. "Wh-where are we going?" I asked a little creeped out. "Short-cut. Don't worry. I wont let anything happen to you. You're safe." "Thats what they all say...Vampires will never hurt your right?" "Exactly. I would never hurt you." I looked at him and laughed a little. He placed his hand on mine again. This is really comfortable. He finally stopped infront of this really nice beach house. "Wait here." he said getting out and coming to my side of the car. He opened the door for me, I got out and stood infront of him. I hugged him lightly and he hugged me back. We made our way into the house and to the living room. I shivered a little. It was getting pretty cold out to be wearing what I have on. "You want a blanket or something? Want me to light the fireplace?" "Sure. both." I laughed. He smiled and fetched a blanket big enough for the both of us. I took off my shoes. Its rude to put your shoes on other people's furnature. And his was definately clean.
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