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Too Good To Be

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Gerard picked me up and sat us on the couch together. I hadn't said more than two words all night. Sonny hasn't returned from work yet, she's probably out with Frank. Gerard finally ended this silence "Are you going to press charges on him?" "I can't...Zacky needs him...Just because we fucked up doesn't mean I can fuck up their lives either..." "Kaiden! He'll fucking do this shit again!" "He wont..." "How the hell do you know?" "Does he know where you live?" "Not since I" "Then how is he gonna get me?" He let out a heavy sigh "I don't know...I guess he can't, but you should still do something about it..." "I'll call Zacky and let him take care of everything." "I think that's a smart idea" "I hope so.." "So when do you wanna pack everything and come home?" "I dunno...You wanna get started now?" "I wouldn't mind at all. Lets go" We walked back to my room and packed most of my clothes in a bag or two. Turning everything off in the house, we then left for our cars. I followed him to my new home. I know it won't be for long, just until things blow over... Johnny has always been known to come back.

Gerard and I walked into his house. We took everything up to his room and I hung my clothes in the back of his walk-in closet. I didn't want to take up too much space. I walked back out and joined him in watching TV. He put his arm around me and kissed my forhead. Later we fell asleep. For the next few days Gerard and I just chilled at his place, we didn't really leave much unless it was to hang with Sonny. When I told her about Johnny, she just about flipped her shit. The rest of the guys in the band were pretty pissed as well, but they were all there for me making sure I was okay. I figured soon enough I was gonna have to call Zacky and tell him what has been going on...I really haven't spoken to him in 2 weeks. So I waited until Gerard was in the shower tonight. I laid across his bed and grabbed my new sidekick since Johnny fucked my other one up. I called my big brother.

"Hello?" Zacky questioned, I supposed he didn't know the #.
"Zack...its Kaiden...."
"Holy shit! I thought you died! Did Gerard tell you to call me the last time?"
"Yea...I just never got the chance to...sorry."
"Awe thats alright...So what have you been up to?"
"Not a lot can I talk to you about something serious?"
"Of course! Whats up?"
"Are you alone?"
"No the guys are right here."
"Go as far away out of the bus as you can..."
"I can't...we're moving...Why?"
"Just go in the back then....You're gonna wanna think of your own game plan..."
"What? Okay..." He huffed as he got up. I heard the back door close. "Alright, Whats up?"
"Well....did Johnny go missing the other day?"
"Yea! For a few hours actually...why?"
I burst into tears
"Kaiden! Whats the matter?"
"He came over..."
"I told him to get off and he just kept hitting me....Zacky I was so scared"
"That mother fucker did what?! Why the fuck?!"
"I told him that I found someone knew...and I didn't love him. He just went off on me so bad.."
"I'm going to fucking kill him. You just fucking wait."
"I just felt like I had to tell you..."
"I'm glad you did...Everything will be fine...Wait." He put the phone in his pocket and began walking out to the rest of the guys.

"Johnny....Come here." Zacky sounded PISSED. "What?" Johnny asked I think getting up. The next thing I heard was a fist to his nose. "YOU MOTHER FUCKER! DON'T EVER FUCKING TOUCH HER!" Zacky continued to beat Johnny. And I'm on the phone for all of this, a smile couldn't help but fight my tears away. Now I heard the guys jump in on it. "Zacky! Back the fuck off! What are you talking about?!" Mat pulled Zack off of Johnny. Zack continued to yell profanities at John. "Get the fuck off of me man. Shit" Zack said agrily and stormed off to the back.

"I swear to god if he touches you again"
"You'll obviously be the first person I come to...Thank you so much Zacky."
"Any time babydoll."
"I love you Zack.."
"I love you know I'll always be your big bro and look out for you."
"Yea... one of the many reasons why I love you."
He laughed "So where are you now?"
"Gerard's place. We didn't wanna risk Johnny coming back and getting me again...So I live with him until it's safe"
"Thats probably one of your better ideas."
I stopped and thought about that then laughed a bit "Yea...I think you're really right about this one."

From the background I could hear someone come in the room and begin yelling at Zack. "Look damnit! You don't know what the fuck is going on. Get out of my face." Zack yelled back.

"Hey bro...I'mma go and let you explain shit to them...I love you. Thank you."
"Alright. Love you too. Bye"

We hung up and I laid back on the bed. Ugh shit...Why does life have to be so gay sometimes?
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