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Ch. 11 - Gerard''s Girlfriend Problems

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A few hours later. We arrived in North Carolina, it was a little after one in the afternoon. When we pulled up in front of a hotel, Gerard told me to stay where I was at and brought the medic on the bus to look at my foot. She gave a few pain killers instructing me to take one whenever the pain was bad, or had to walk a lot, but no more than two every four to five hours. She wrapped my foot and instructed Gerard to help me if need be.

We made our way up to the floor where My Chem and Muse's hotel rooms were at. We were walking with Bob giving me a piggy back ride when a phone rang. It was Gerard's. He answered and slowed down a bit. When we got a few feet ahead, I looked back to see Gerard staring at me.

Bob tossed me on his bed when we got to his and Ray's room. Gerard would share with Frank, and James and Matt would share one, but for now, we were crowded in Ray and Bob's room.

"Thanks Bob," I giggled.

"No problem," He smiled back.

"Hey guys?" I questioned.

"Yea?" Spoke Frankie while tossing Bob's drumsticks.

"Would it be possible to get some pictures with you guys before I leave?" I asked timidly.

"Yea of course!" Ray spoke.


We were all joking around before Gerard came storming in with the most angry look I've seen.

"Hey what's wrong?" Spoke Bob.

"Fuckin' Eliza." He huffed while crossing his arms.

'Oh. His girlfriend. I keep forgetting about her.' I thought.

"What'd she say?" Frank had quit tossing the drumsticks and was fully alert now.

Gerard glanced at me, and I felt myself begin to burn in embarrassment.

"I um...I need to go potty," I attempted to laugh and limped to the bathroom. I shut the door and sat on the tile floor. I felt horrible. I shook my head and placed my head in my hands and sighed. Then I head Gerard's angry voice.

"She called me and at first things were okay, and then she asked why there were pictures of me in Wet Seal on-line, which is stupid to get mad at in the first place. Then I told her about what happened last night and she lost her fucking mind!"

"Did you tell we were trying to help her out?"

"Yea! But she doesn't get that. THEN she had the fuckin' audacity to ask if I fucked her. I'm just like, where's the trust you know? Then she threatened to break it all off and everything. It just got out of hand-"

I stopped listening. I was so embarrassed, I was causing so many problems. Dammit. Then I stubbed my right toe on the sink.

"OWWW!!" I groaned and dropped to the floor holding my foot. Then I heard a knock on the door.

"You okay?" I heard.

"Yea." I strained out, and the door opened.

I looked up while still holding my foot. "Hi." It was Gerard.

He smirked and let out a small laugh. "What'd you do?"

"I stubbed my toe and fell."

"Poor thing, lemme help," He smiled while bending down.

"You sure your girlfriend won't get mad?" I gasped. The words came out before I could even think about stopping them.

He paused but continued to help me up.

"Sorry, Gerard. I didn't mean that to come out."

"No, it's okay. And she'll get over it." He wrapped his arm around me. "She can be a bitch sometimes." He whispered. I felt his warm breath on my neck and ear; I shivered and cleared my throat.

"So, um. If I'm not leaving tonight, what am I suppose to do? Where do I sleep?" I asked once I was placed in a chair.

They all looked at me thoughtfully then Frank spoke up.

"Well. I suppose we could get you a hotel room of your own-"

"No. Absolutely not. I'm not having more money spent on my account. I'll sleep on the bus."

A few of the men looked at me in surprise. "Are you sure?" Bob asked.

"Absolutely!" I lied. But I'd rather them not spend more money on me, and I didn't want them to have to share their beds. Well, that was a lie too, but I wasn't going to suggest that.


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