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Ch. 10 - New clothes and cigarettes

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We stopped at a mall that was just opening up. It was 8:30 AM.

" foot hurts real bad. Do I need to go in?"

"Not really. Just write down your sizes. And I'll get them for you." Gerard told me. Gerard and I were still the only ones awake.

"Alright. Gimme some paper and a pen."

Gerard handed me a piece of paper with some small scribbles on it and I wrote down my shirt and pant size. I handed it to him and he looked over it.

"Wait don't you need underwear?" He asked.

I was mortified. I didn't want him knowing my underwear size. I hesitantly wrote it down. He disappeared with promises of returning.

Sure enough, after an hour consisting of me being bored and James waking up then going back to sleep, Gerard came back carrying two bags from different stores. The bus jerked into movement and he handed the bags to me and I opened the biggest one first, a hot topic bag. I pulled out two shirts and held them up. They were both My Chemical Romance shirts. I looked at him with my eyebrow raised.

He shrugged, "I figured you'd like them both, and I couldn't decide which one to get...and uh...there's something else in the bag."

I peeked inside once more and found a small My Chemical Romance bag...and a pair of underwear with skulls on them.

", Gerard. Really. Even if you are vain." I smiled, and he smiled back.

I looked in the other bag, it was from Wet Seal. They were a pair of blue jeans. "You went into Wet Seal? Why is that impossible for me to imagine?"

He looked at me with a grin, "Well it was really weird. The music for one. And then when I was looking at the jeans, this girl came over and asked if I needed her help. I told her I needed help finding a pair of jeans for a friend of mind. I think she thought I was shopping for my girlfriend because she pressured me into buying those jeans because 'they make anyone look great'" He explained.

I raised my eyebrow.

"Not that you don't look great. That was just her explanation. I think you'd look great in any pair of jeans. Not that I'm implying that-"

"Thanks Gerard," I said softly as I got up to go give him a hug.
I wrapped my arms around him as he bent down to hug my 5'2" frame.

I accidentally let out a sigh, and felt his arms tighten. I pulled back. This hug was going on for too long.

" can change into those now and take a shower here, or wait until we get to the hotel to shower. I uh...couldn't book you a flight in time. So I'm flying you back either Friday. Or Saturday maybe." He whispered.

"Um. Okay." I was stuck in this.

"Oh yea. Cigarettes." He handed me a pack of Newports.

I smiled gratefully at him.

"I suppose I'll just take a shower now. I feel gross. Um. I need my other clothes, too. My um...bra is there..." I told him.

He went over to a pile of clothes and I expected him to hand me my wad of clothing, but instead he handed me my pink polka dotted bra. I felt my face go red instantly. I limped the few steps to the bathroom and before I opened the door, Frank called my name and looked at him.

"You don't need help undressing do you?" He had a shit-eating grin on his face.

I hurriedly shut myself in the bathroom and took my shower.

About a half an hour later, I opened the door in my new clothes. Dark jeans with a black parade shirt on. I towel dried my hair and grabbed my belonging and placed them in my new My Chem bag. This was unreal I laughed to myself.
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