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Chapter 7-Pirouettes

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Kristina experiences something new...

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There was a problem with my plan that I hadn't thought of earlier. I'm wearing a skirt, how am I supposed to play soccer? How stupid of me... That means I have to just hang around and do nothing for a while since I can't go home yet. I sat down on the bench near the bus stop and twiddled my thumbs. Of course, my neighbor couldn't just let me sit there in peace.

"Hi Kristina!" he said, sitting down next to me.

"Hi Pete..." I said not as enthusiastically.

"You're not playing soccer?" he asked.

"Well, I'm kind of wearing a skirt,"

"Right...well do you wanna hang out then?" he made a hopeful face.

Oh my goodness, why is he being so annoyingly nice? Bleh, maybe I should just accept that he wants to be friends with me...

"Sure," I accepted.

"Great!" he grabbed my hand again, "C'mon!"

"Let go of my hand," I didn't have the energy to pull away from his grip.

"Sorry," he looked hurt.

"Fine..." I gingerly took his hand and we walked to his house.

His parents weren't home so there was no awkwardness about me being there. I bet they would think I was his girlfriend since I was holding his hand. He led me up to his room. Surprisingly, it wasn't that room I was in with the pictures of swimsuit models.

"Hey, if this is your room, who's room was the one I was in earlier?" I was curious.

"My brother's...he's crazy..."

This room was much more to my liking. Especially because there were two posters of Joy Division. Pete caught me staring at one of them.

"You like Joy Division?" he asked.

I nodded, "Almost as much as I like soccer which is a lot. I wish Ian Curtis hadn't killed himself..."

"Me too...did you know that the three remaining members, New Order, are doing a concert in Chicago? It's this Saturday."

"Yeah. But I can't get tickets...they're Sold Out," I said.

It was kind of disappointing. My favorite band is so close but I can't go see them.

"Oh...well do you want to go with me? I could get tickets since I know the guy who organized this whole thing,"

I gaped, "Wow! Are you kidding me?!"


"That's so cool!" I exclaimed.

" I'll pick you up at 6? The concert's at 7..."


I was confused. Was Alicia right? I hope not, because I don't like him back... Though he's been very nice to me lately. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all. He certainly wasn't the jerk who kept addressing me by my last name anymore. I decided to just ask him.

"Pete, do you like me?"

He looked taken aback. "I...uh...what?"

"Never mind. What time is it?"

"4 PM," he replied, glancing at his watch.

"Oh...ugh...I have to stay here for like, another hour," I realized that what I said made me sound ungrateful and mean. It was probably the skirt and its girly meanness, rubbing off on me.

" you want anything?" Pete asked hesitantly, as if in the next instant I would slap him.

Of course, I didn't. "I would like some pants!"

"Ha-ha...I meant any food," he clarified.

Pete probably had people food at his house. I'd really like to eat some ice-cream. Or maybe potato chips. Oh and pizza! And I've always wanted to drink soda. Some Cheese Doodles would be nice too. I've been jealously watching Alicia munch on them during lunch for the past few weeks. She never asked if I wanted any.

"Okay. Can I go rummage in your pantry?"

"Of course...and we also have a few more cabinets filled with food, in case you wanna look,"

I graciously accepted his offer, and by graciously I meant ran downstairs and checked every food cabinet I found. Minutes later, I sat at the kitchen table munching on these little chocolates called 'Pirouettes'. They had a hard white top and it was filled with rich, dark chocolate. As soon as I took just one bite of it, my taste buds jumped with excitement. I can't believe I've been missing these all my life! I closed my eyes to savor the taste. Mmmmmm... I opened them when I heard Pete laughing.

"You're acting like you've never had chocolate in your life!" ha-ha, how right he was.

"Well, they're just really good,"

I don't like telling people that I've never had any junk food in my life. They get creeped out and call me weird. Then I'm forced to be rude to them, which I don't enjoy doing except in some cases. I took another chocolate out of the box as Pete laughed again. Boy, he laughs a lot!

Hope you liked...I'm running outta ideas which is why my chapters are getting suckier...I'm really sorry! I promise you, next time I write, there will be much more...betterness. Please review!
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