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Chapter Two: This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race

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A short sing along, Bob wants Ray's Big Mac, The Judge makes her decision, Pete isn't happy... how typical.

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The man walked to the front of the courtrooom and stared at everyone.

Pete coughed. "Uh Patrick? What are you-"

"THIS AIN'T A SCENE IT'S AN ARMS RACE!" yelled Patrick Stump.

Everyone stared at him as if he was a retarded hobo.

Patrick shrugged his shoulders uncomfertably.


"WOO!" yelled a man from the jury.

"Uh huh, that's right, SING IT!"

Everyone stood up and swayed side to side while repeating what Patrick sang.

Gerard looked at his lawyer, who was doing the robot. Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman were break dancing while Frank Iero and Mikey Way head banged.

"ENOUGH!" yelled the judge as she slammed her wooden hammer on her desk.

Everyone looked up at her.

"Party pooper..." said Bob Bryar quietly.

"Who do you think you are to come into my courtroom? This not the place for a dance club!" yelled the judge to Patrick.

"Well judge, I have a solution to these two rockstar's bickering." informed Patrick.

"Oh really now? Tell us all your ingenious idea."

"Well, maybe Gerard and Pete could live together-"

Pete spitted out the water he was drinking.

"What's wrong with you, you pervert!" yelled Ray Toro from the jury section.

"I'm not finished, dumbass!" poor Ray sunk low in his seat... and then ate Big Mac he had been saving in his hoodie's pocket.

"Yo, man give me some of that." whispered Bob to Ray.

"No get your own!"

As the two of them faught, Patrick continued with his BRILLIANT idea. "As I was saying, maybe if they live with eachother they can befriend eachother!!"

"Why the freak would you want me to to be friends with that!!!" Pete stared at Gerard

"I think a little friendship s good! Don' you wana make a friend out of this enemy,Pete? I'll tell you what, Judge, if they can go two weeks without hurting each other, then you take off the charges! If not, then you can send them both to jail!

The judge stared at Patrick as if he was mentaly retarded. "Okay they shall live together for two weeks, no fighting. I will install the camaras into there house. And where will they be staying?"

"They can stay in my apartmnent!!!" yelled Joe " And I can stay with Patrick" Joe winked at Patrick, aaand Patrick smiled back.

Pete and Gerard stared at them both in discust. "Yes! So, two weeks starting today!?! Patrick said.

"Two weeks starting today!" The judge hit the wooden hammer on the table "Court dismissed"

Gerard and Pete stared at each other in discust.

Patrick walked up to Pete and and put his arm around him "I got you away from trouble!!" He sang with no music

"NO YOU DIDN'T!!!You just made the next two weeks of my life hell! I haved to live qith him, thats awful, and if I cant even hit the little bitch, that worse!!!Just look at that freak!!!"

They both glanced over at Gerard, who was Talking to Bob, Frankie, Ray, and Mikey, laughing and dancing, possibley mocing Patrick!

"It's not that bad , Pete, he seems nicer than he is!"

"Patrick, that doesn't make any sence!" said Pete as he turned around to find Patrick wasnt there.

Pete and Gerard went home there heads down to pack the bags. Pete picked out 14 hoodies and 12 pairs of jeans to wear for the two weeks he'd be in Joes apartment, living with Gerard.

All of a sudden Patrick poped his face right into the window " Two more weeeeeks my foot is in the door , YEAH!"


"You've gotta admit, this song is great for your life now..."

"Yeah..." said Pete turning aroung to find Patrick wasn't there.
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