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Chapter Three: Dead on Arrival

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Chaotic adventure with Patrick as he and Gerard goto Joe's house.

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Gerared peacefully slept in his bed. It was the last time he'd be in his house for two weeks, while he stayed with that freak Pete Wentz. Gerard opened his eyes and gasped.
"Holy crap!! What the fuck!?" he yelled as he he saw Patrick sitting at the end of his bed smiling at him.
"I set my clock early cause I know I'm always late!" sang Patrick.
Patrick stared at Gerard smiling.
"WHAT?!" screamed Gerard.
Patrick giggled. "There's something in your nose."
Gerard blushed "How did you get into my house?! Why are you here!?" yelled Gerard in Patrick's innocent face.
Patrick looked guilty. "I was just stopping by to give you a ride to Joe's apartment...remember?"
Gerard felt bad for acting so mean to poor Patrick. "Hey man, I'm sorry. It's just, it's scary to wake up to a strange man staring at me."
Patrick grinned and said joyfully, "It's okay buddy! I'll be outside waiting in my car!" Patrick happily walked out of Gerard's bedroom.
Gerard's clothes was already packed. He wore a black long sleeve shirt and his ripped up jeans. He didn't bother brushing his black hair.
Gerard went to Patrick's pink convertable...err, ok. Gerard sat down in the passenger's seat and looked out the window. Patrick began to drive his car. Gerard naturally doesn't like silence, and no one was talking so he said "I like your car" in a low voice.
"Really?! It's new, I bought it yesterday! I can't wait for the rest of the guys to see it." it was clear in Patrick's voice that he really did love his car...even if it was pink.
Gerard could tell Patrick was looking at him. He tried not to look back, but it was getting annoying.
"You smell like cigarettes."
Gerard sighed. "Uh..thanks? You smell like...uh..-" Patrick looked at Gerard, waiting for him to reply. "-you smell like...vanilla." Gerard gave a cheesey grin.
"Why thank you!!!" Patrick almost yelled out of happiness.
Patrick kept Gerard "occupied" as he shared his life story.
"I use to have a pet llama named Burger. I miss him." Patrick said.
Gerard actually thought Patrick might cry. So awkward. Gerard wished he could be anywhere but there. He wanted to be at home eating his mom's outrageously good German Chocolate cake. He loved that cake, even though he was Italian...but still. The way it was decorated with those colorful tasteless sprinkles on it...oh yeah. Oh god, and the irrisistable creamy chocolate. Hell yeah.
Gerard began to drool as he thought of it.
"YO! We're here!" yelled Patrick.
Gerard groaned and stepped outside of the car.
"AH!" gasped Gerard. Patrick appeared in front of him with his suicase.
"How'd you do that?!"
"Do what?" asked Patrick.
" were sitting in your car and then you just poofed right here!"
Patrick and Gerard walked into the apartment complex that Joe lived in. Joe's apartment was on the 13th (and highest) floor. Patrick bursted through the doors.
"WE'RE HERE!!!" screamed Patrick.
"Oh god! What's that smell?" Gerard gagged while covering his nose.
"You" said Pete as he walked past Gerard.
Patrick rolled his eyes and some Fre-Breeze air freshener magically appeared.
"Joe, I told you to use the fre-breeze that I bought you!" yelled Patrick as he sprayed the Lavender sented fre-breeze.
The lavender smell mixed in with the nasty smell...which wasn't to pleasant. Gerard would have to get new lungs when this was over with...if that was possible.
Joe's house was actually very pretty and fancy. The kitchen/dining room was spacious and the living room had a large window that looked out into the large city.

Authors' Note: Hey guys!
We're sorry we haven't updated in so long! We've been busy with our lives and have never really had the chance to write more. You should still keep reading because its getting better!
-Hobbit and Clinga
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