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In The Beginning

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Brendon's always been about being the best and being alone. He's the best secret agent to step out of vegas. He didn't know getting assigned a partner would make his life do a 360. written with Jae

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Chapter One: In the Beginning

For as long as I can remember I have worked alone.I'm one of the youngest secret agents you'll ever meet but rest assured,I get to the bottom of every case.
When they first asked me if I wanted a partner I answered with a flat out no.I don't need a partner I work alone and I always will. Currently I am walking down the grundgy
streets of Las Vegas. As usual something illegal was taking place and I had to put a stop to it. Being a teenager myself, I fit right in and was easily able to put a stop to it.

I finally arrived at the location of the illegal happenings.A group of intoxicated guys had a single girl tied to a phone poll, attemping to strip her and she was screaming. As small as this may be, it was still illegal. I walked
over casually. "Hey what are you guys doing?"I ask.One of the guys slured into my face. "Havvvvvvvvvvvvvving fun". I cringe the smell of his breathe nausiated me. Another one a somewhat muscular one
came up to me."What's it to you?" He slurred out and then went to grab me. However my training and soberness allowed my small eighteen year old body to move out of his way. Next step I reached into my
holster and pulled out my gun. "Everyone on the ground NOW" They obedied, surprisingly. "Don't any of you move." I said still holding my gun in my hand. With my free hand I grabbed my cell phone. I punched in
a number. In the distance you could hear sirens. Everyone glared at me and said things like. "You're a freak!" "Who are you!" Ignored them and kept them at gun point.A few minutes later my back-up arrived and one by one the intoxicated fools were carted away. I went over to the girl and and un-tied her. "It's alright they'll be in there for a long time." I said putting my gun back into it's holster. "Please tell me your name" she asked. She couldn't have been older than 12. "Promise not to tell anyone but the name is Urie, Brendon Urie" She smiled and started to walk home.

A few months later

I admit I had it good. I got all the glory. Everyone was amazed,I was an eighteen year old secret agent that worked alone and succeeded everytime. If only I had known that these days were not to last.


I groaned and removed my red frame glasses I was trying to decrypt something. "It's open" I sigh and turn as my office door opens.There's my boss standing there and he has a young male with him "I know I had you working on decrypting those files Agent Urie but I would like you to meet your partner. " He indicated at the young male next to him. I had began to sip my coffee and I ended up almost choking on it. Partner?Didn't I say from the beginning I never wanted one. I,however couldn't throw a fit in front of my boss.I just nodded calmly, or as calmly as I could get for the moment. "I want you to train him,you are the best and the best disserves the best partner" He closed the door leaving me alone with my new "partner". "You saved my sister, I just had to join to work along side you." He exteneded his hand. "Ryan Ross" I shook it firmly. "Brendon Urie. Learn one thing you aren't going to have time for games anymore or the life a normal teenager. You can start by helping me decrpyt these files" He took a seat on the opposite side of the desk.

I didn't know it yet, but from that day on my life would never be the same.
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