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New Beginnings

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Ryan learns that Brendon's a hard nut to crack and he doesn't seem to get anywhere fast.

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Chapter Two New Beginnings

I stared hard at the files in front of me, doing my best to show no interest in my new "partner". What was my boss thinking? Was I slipping up? I was so sure I wasn't. I've been doing so well lately. All of my cases, I always got them done, always solved every single one. I didn't sleep until my job was finished. I was the best! The best doesn't need a partner!

In front of me Ryan was going on and on about how excited he was to be helping me and it was getting old. I asked him to help decrypt files not give me his entire life story and then some. "I used to do this, my sister told me that, this once time I", it was getting old fast. Who was I to think a little girl could keep her mouth shut when asked to? She was twelve, twelve year olds don't keep secrets, not from anyone. The whole world most likely knew my name now.


Ryan looks up from the file in front of him, a large smile plastered on his lips. My eyes stared at him for all of three seconds before his smile left his face. I really didn't think anyone was capable of talking so much and being so happy, it was giving me the largest headache known to man.

"I'm sorry, ya know Brend. I really-"
"Please, no nicknames. Really, now. We're partners not friends. You're not helping me, you're working along side me. Your sister was just another case for me to take care of, okay? I didn't do anything I wouldn't normally do for any body else."

My new partners mouth was slack open as if he was at a loss for words, which really was okay with me. It was about time. He hadn't stopped talking since my boss left. Which was, glancing at the clock now, only ten minutes ago. Time was not flying by fast enough for me.

"Just... Just another case? Brendon... Urie, sir.. ermm, partner.. sir"

Ryan fumbled with his words before rolling his eyes and clearing his throat.

"My sister's twelve! How can that be just another case? She was tied to a pole and was being stripped by... by disgusting, drunk, assholes! How is she just another case?"
"Well, Ryan"

I didn't know how to go about this. I didn't know how to break it to him so, well... breaking it to him in a blunt way would have to work. As if I knew any other way to be. Working as an agent does things to your heart and your mind, it changes you. You end up seeing things that you couldn't believe, things you didn't want to believe. I was definitely changed by my job, I'll admit. I was harder, more of an asshole at times. I can't help it. It's who I am now.

"She isn't my sister and for the record, I'm glad. She was sweet, she was lucky, I did my job, maybe you or your mother shouldn't let her wander around Las Vegas like it's a giant play ground because during the day or at night, the streets are only home to guys like that."
"But what if she was your sister?"
"She wasn't, that's all that matters."

Ryan's eyes are narrowed at me now and as always, I realized I had said a bit much. I clear my throat, take a sip of my coffee and go back to looking through the files.

"So, you got anything yet?"
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