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the opposite of faith

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[#33] Lunamaria on Shinn, during their academy days.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Shinn Asuka, Other - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-07-21 - Updated: 2007-07-22 - 500 words

Lunamaria had decided, quite early in their friendship, that Shinn must have been dropped on his head when he was a child. Oh, he could be absolutely brilliant when he needed to be (though those moments were spaced very far between), but generally, Shinn was an idiot and that was that. If he graduated a Red, Luna thought, it would be partly because he kept stealing her notes.

"I hated the war," Shinn said vehemently. He was in one of his moods; Lunamaria thought that one of the classes had set him off. He had stormed out of the lecture hall when their classes had ended, and she had exchanged looks with Rey before rushing after Shinn. When she found him, he was staring off into the sky, lying on the lawn near the edge of campus, his uniform wrinkled and his hair tousled. Of course, Shinn's uniform was always wrinkled and his hair was always tousled---he was not Rey, after all, but the sight made Lunamaria shake her head and smile. A slight frown marred his forehead, and Lunamaria sat down beside him, offering him a juice box. He took it and nodded his thanks, still frowning as he bit at the straw. Two mobile suits were zooming off into the distance, and Lunamaria wished that they'd get a chance to pilot one soon. Classes and books and practising their marksmanship were essential, she knew, but things were getting boring.

"Most people did, Shinn," Lunamaria said, as gently as she could and in the most practical tone she could muster. Shinn lost everything in the war: his home, his family, probably his sense of being. She shuddered. She couldn't imagine how she would feel if she lost Meyrin and the rest of her family and friends, and she didn't want to. She joined ZAFT to protect them, and Shinn joined ZAFT because there was nothing left. Shinn wanted to protect what was left of the world, she supposed. To make sure that what happened to him never happened to anyone else. Shinn was hardly selfless---he just wanted peace.

Shinn gave no response to her words; he seemed intent on staring at the clouds, as if they hid all the answers he had been searching for all this while. Luna thought about Shinn and the cute cellphone he had with him all the time and the voice of a little girl telling her that she'll get back to the messages after the beep. She'll never have the chance to do that, will she now? Such a morbid reminder. She hoped Shinn would never be stupid enough to try to be alone, to keep them all at a distance, forgetting that there were still other people there for him. "You still have us," Lunamaria said quietly, and Shinn glanced her way, meeting her gaze. Shinn finally smiled. It was a crooked smile, and it did nothing to the angry lines around his eyes, but it was something, at least.
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