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X Chapter four X

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"Okay, if any of you guys have a thing about 'honourable killing' then say so now" Said Patrick, turning to face Gerard, Frank, Ray and Bob. They looked at eachother for a second before looking back at Patrick.
"You mean like, not hitting someone when there back is turned?" Asked Bob. Patrick nodded. They all shook there head.
"Good. Because first we'll go on the roof and kill some through the top windows. When they notice will drop down and fight properly" Said Patrick.
"How are we meant to kill them through a window?" Asked Frank. Patrick grinned, he turned round and took something out of a nearby bush. They looked like crossbows.
"With these. They fire mini stakes. Pete made them, when we drop from the windows we'll leave them on the roof" He said. Each man took one, examining them closely. "Alright? Then lets go" Patrick lead the way to a building that looked like an abondoned factory.
"I thought you said it was an underground club." Said Frank. Patrick nodded.
"It is. Its underneath the building, but there'll be vampires in the actual building aswell, we'll use these to shoot them. Saves some of our energy, not that it matters to you Frank" He said, grinning at Frank who grinned back.
Once on top of the building, they scaled down the walls until they reached the highest windows, which, thankfully, were open. They all chose a window each, there was only about 10 vampires in the main building, so it was only too easy to take aim and kill them. One each, and then Pete and Gerard killed another one each. The vampires lay dead on the floor, they hadnt even had time to shout a warning to the vampires under the building. For a while, they stayed staring through the windows in case they had missed anyone, but once it was clear that they hadnt they dropped the crossbows and dropped through the windows. It was quite a long drop, fatal to a human, but to a vampire it was nothing. They landed catlike on the cold floor below and straightened up.
"Everyone ok?" Asked Patrick. They all nodded and looked around them. It was an abandoned factory by the looks of things, old machines that probably didnt work any more covered the room. And there were taped off areas on the floor, aswell as overalls and goggles hanging in a corner.
"I think it was a car factory" Said Patrick as they walked around, looking for a way underground. They found a trap door after 10 mintutes of walking, it was lucky they had found it. You could barely see the tiny handle on it, and it was the same colour of the floor. If Frank hadnt tripped over his own shoelace and landed on it, then they wouldnt have noticed it was there.
"Clever Frank" Said Gerard sarcastically as Frank sat up grinning sheepishly.
"Did the floor sound hollow to you?" Asked Bob. They looked around where Frank was sitting and found the handle.
"Its a trap door! This must be how we get underground" Said Patrick.
"Ok, but Frank, tie your shoelace first" Said Gerard. Frank instantly began tying his shoe.
"Yeah, and double knot it this time" Sneered Pete. Frank did as he was told and stood up.
"Ready!" He said excitedly. They opened the trap door, revealing a staircase down into darkness. They could hear loud music coming from down below. With one final look at eachother they descended the staircase, running their hands along the wall to guide them. They had to go in single file as the staircase wasnt very wide. Patrick went first, then Gerard, then Pete, then Ray, then Joe, then Andy, then Frank, and finally. Bob.
They reached a door, Patrick put his hand on the handle which shook from the bass of the music.
"Ready?" He asked. They all nodded and Frank shouted out a happy - "READY!" Patrick nodded, took a deep breath and opened the door. They entered the club and looked around for a second, it was like any normal club only everyone had fangs. There was a DJ, a bar, and seats where vampires were sat. Others were dancing on the dancefloor. Once Bob had entered the room, they seperated wasting no time in starting the fighting.
Petes temper rose once he got hit in the nose and he was almost invincible, killing anything and everything. He jumped over the wall and knocked down the barman, he pressed both hands on the barmans chest, burning him until he died - the only way to kill a vampire other than a stake. Then Pete was back over the bar, killing another three vampires with ease.
The element of surprise was paying off, as Bob grabbed one vampires face and burning it as he tore there head off. Then he turned to an aproaching female vampire and grabbed her throat. She screamed loudly and bared her fangs, but then her scream ended and she fell limp, Bob dropped her - dead.
Frank was just as energetic as ever and was hopping from table to table whilst grabbing vampires and burning them to death. Everything was going great, they were all killing the vampires with great ease and were sure they were going to win when Pete got hit and he got flung backwards, knocking Gerard over and accidently burning his arm.
"Shit! Sorry!" He cried, moving out of the way of Gerard who had given an angry cry. It had only been a moment, but had been enough for vampires to surge round them and attack. Pete and Gerard got up and fought back to back. Burning as many vampires as they could but there was too many. Bob was backed into a corner by a big vampire who just wasnt dieing. Ray and Joe were both fighting a group of vampires and struggling as much as Pete and Gerard. Patrick was on the floor with a vampire leaning over him, he was still fighting but wasnt getting the chance to get back up. Andy was in a corner un -able to get up from a burn on his leg. Frank was still jumping along the tables but was struggling a lot more. Bobs vampire finally died but Bob had suffered a fair few burns, he was wondering whether to help Ray and Joe or Pete and Gerard when he heard Frank give a cry of pain. He spun just in time to see him falling from the table he was on. A female vampire moving in for the kill. Bob knew there was no way he could get there in time, but he had to try. He took a step forward when the female vampire fell back, a man who had stood behind her killed her instantly and stood up looking pleased with himself. Bob and Frank stared in awe as he held out his hand.
"Come on Frank, up and adams!" He cried with a grin. Franks mouth opened and closed like a goldfish as he clutched the mans hand and he was pulled up. "Well dont you look glad to see me?" He said. Frank seemed to regain the power of speech and yelled at the same time as Bob - "MIKEY!"
Mikeys grin widened, his vampire fangs glistening. "The one and only!" He said. Frank pulled Mikey into a bone clenching hug. "Agh! Ok ok! Nice to see you too! AGH LET GO!" Cried Mikey, Frank let go and beamed at Mikey.
"Your here your here your here!" He cried.
"Yeah, one moment!" Mikey raced to the other side of the room and kicked the vampire off Patrick, he burned the vampire before practically leaping to the group of vampires surrounding Gerard and Pete, he grabbed one round the neck and burned them before going for the one next to it. Bob and Frank came back to their senses and ran off to help Joe and Ray as Patrick helped Mikey, Gerard and Pete. Gerard was fighting a vampire when he saw a misfits trainer fly through the air and wack a vampire on the back of the head.
"HEY THAT WAS MY TRAINER!" Shouted a familiar voice, Gerard heard a cry of pain as another vampire was burned. "That'll teach you!" Said the same voice that had shouted about his trainer.
"Nooo, it cant be..." Mumbled Gerard, absent mindedly killing the vampire he was fighting and turning to kill another one. By now only three vampires remained alive. Gerard killed his as the same time as Pete killed his. And then there was final cry of pain as Mikey burned a vampires chest and then there was silence. They stared around the room grinning, they had done it. They had killed the vampires. Gerard, Ray, Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy stared in shock as the youngest Way stormed across the room mumbling -
"I mean, what sort of fucktard grabs a guys trainer and throws it to the other side of the room? Its stupid, what? Did he think that he'd kill me by throwing my shoe? Jesus! I must of looked like a complete dumbass - killing vampires whilst wearing one shoe! And I only bought these yesterday!..oh well, still ok." Mikey examined his shoe before deciding it wasnt damaged and putting it back on his foot. He sat down so he could tie the laces, un - aware that everyone was staring at him in shock.
"M...M...Mikey?" Asked Gerard. Mikey looked up.
"Hm? Oh, hi Gee. You ok, I was worried for a moment there, I was sure you were gonna get killed. Good job I showed up huh?" He said getting up and walking over to his brother.
" had HBC, you couldnt come!" Said Gerard. Mikey grinned.
"Yeah well, I got better. And its a good job I did other wise they would have kicked your sorry behind!" He laughed. Gerard stared at Mikey for a second before giving a happy cry and pulling him into a one armed hug whilst ruffling his hair.
"HAHAHAHA! YOU CHEEKY SOD!" He laughed, Mikey struggled to get away from his older brother.
"AGH! HEY HEY HEY! MIND THE HAIR! MIND THE HAIR!" He cried. Gerard let go of his brother and beamed at him.
"You sound like a girl - Mind the hair mind the hair!" He said in a high pitched voice. Mikey pouted but was soon pulled into hugs by Ray, Bob and Frank...again.
Once they had all got over the fact Mikey had turned up they left the club. Feeling extremely happy with themselves. But outside they saw a little girl wearing a pink victorian style dress. She was crying and they could all see two pointed fangs. She looked up and saw them, snivelling she wiped her eyes.
"Can you help me?" She asked.
"What?" Asked Patrick, un - sure of whether to trust her.
"I've lost my mummy. A man pulled me away from her, he bit me and threw me at a wall. I woke up out here. I dont know where I am..." The girl burst into tears again.
"Should we help her?" Asked Bob.
"Is she lying?" Asked Pete, looking at Andy for the answer. The vampire who had blooded Andy had the ability to tell when people were lying, once blooded, Andy had picked up the ability.
"No." Said Andy simply.
"We should take her in, its dangerouse to leave her out here now she's a vampire. She needs someone to guide her - she's only a child" Said Patrick. He walked over to the girl and knelt down.
"How old are you?" He asked.
"6 and a half" Said the girl wiping her eyes.
"Whats your name?"
"Well Lucy. I dont know where your mummy is. Why dont you come live with us?" Patrick asked., Lucy looked at each of the men, clearly wary of them, but there was nothing else she could do. So, slowly, she nodded her head.
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