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X Chapter five X

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It was a week later and clearly Lucy no longer cared that she wasnt with her mother. Patrick said this was most likey because of the vampire who blooded her - whoever they were. Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob were now living with Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy since when they returned to New Jersey they had found all of their houses burnt to the ground with red X's spray painted over the remains. Handy work of vampires, probably revenge from what had happened at East Street. Lucy was close to all of them, but especially Mikey, Frank and Joe. She called them all 'uncle' and she spent most of her time with them. Frank was sat on the couch singing along to his ipod. When the others walked in from checking the area for any signs of vampires. Frank had offered to stay and take care of Lucy.
"Heavens not a place where you go when you die, its that moment in life when you actually feel alive. So live for the moment. And take this advice live for every word, loves just a hoax so forget everything that you ever heard. And live for the moment no - ow." He sang loudly, playing guitar along to it.
"Whats he singing?" Asked Pete as they all kicked off their shoes.
"Oh. Spill canvas., the tide. He loves that song" Said Ray.
"Loves just a hoax? Nice. Depressing, I like it" Said Pete.
"Actually, at the end of the song it says love is completely real...its a really good song. You should listen to it Pete." Ray replied. Pete grinned.
"It says that at the end of the song? Wow, well, if the song wants me to listen then I might" He said. Ray rolled his eyes.
"You know what I meant" He snapped, before walking over to Frank and waving a hand infront of his face. But his eyes were closed, completely lost in the song so Ray nudged his shoulder. Frank started, then smiled when he saw they had all returned. He turned off his i - pod and put down the guitar.
"Find anything?" He asked. They all shook their heads. "Is that a good or a bad thing?" Asked Frank. Patrick shrugged.
"I'm not sure. It seems strange that they've all just...gone. We should be happy but I have a feeling that they're round here somewhere and sometime soon we'll find that out the hard way" He said, Frank raised an eyebrow.
"Wow. Pretty big feeling. Lets just hope thats all it is, I dont really feel like facing an army of vampires anytime soon" He said. Andy limped over and sat next to Frank.
"Your telling me!" He said, pulling up his jeans so he could examine the burn on his leg that still hadnt healed, though it had healed a lot over the week. After the fight in the club, he had been burned right down to the bone. But now it was just a stinging patch of red. Pete sat down, holding a glass of the fake blood he drank. He sipped at it looking thoughtful. He was lost in his thoughts so much that he didnt notice Lucy prance over to him, her long blonde hair straight and flowing behind her. She stood infront of him smiling for a while, getting impatient the more he didnt notice her.
"UNCLE PETE!" She yelled eventually. Pete started and glared at her, since when did she call him uncle? Then he realised she had just wanted his attention which made him even moodier.
"What?" He snapped. Lucy smiled and flicked her hair. "What?" Pete repeated. Lucy rolled her eyes, doing a great impression of Ray, she tutted aswell.
"Notice something different?" She asked. Pete shook his head. Lucy's jaw dropped, she looked angry at this. Everyone were looking at Pete as if he was mental. "My hair!" Snapped Lucy. Pete stared at her for a minute before saying "Oooooh" and his frown turned into a look of understanding. Lucy rolled her eyes again, as did everyone else.
"Oh my god Pete, it was kind of obviouse. She has natural ringlets, dont you think straight hair and ringlets look just a TEENSY bit different!" Said Joe. Pete scowled.
"Well SORRY for not noticing!" He retorted. "How did it go straight anyway?" He asked.
"I did it!" Said Frank proudly.
"Your straighteners" Said Frank. Pete glared at Frank, Pete had straightners for his emo fringe and hated anyone else using them. Patrick could sense an argument coming on and quickly began asking everyone what they had been thinking of the weather lately.

"Uncle Joe...Uncle Joe..." Lucy poked Joe again who was sleeping in his coffin. "Uncle Joe" She said depserately giving him another sharp poke. Joe snorted and rolled in his sleep. Lucy heard the loud bang again and gasped, out of panic she gave Joe a hard slap round the face. "AGH!" Cried Joe shooting up causing Lucy to start and clutch her teddy bear tighter.
"Uncle Joe...I'm scared" She whispered, Joe rubbed his eyes and looked at her.
"Huh?...scared?...why?" He asked still half asleep.
"There's someone in the kitchen...I can hear banging" Said Lucy.
"Its probably someone getting something to eat" Siad Joe. But Lucy shook her head.
"No its not! I can tell" She said urgently. Joe raised and eyebrow.
"What do you mean you can tell?" He asked. Lucy shrugged and grabbed Joes sleeve tugging at it.
"Come on uncle Joe!" She begged, sighing, Joe climbed out of his coffin and followed her through the living room and to the kitchen door. Lucy stopped at it and looked at Joe expectantly. Sighing he pushed the door open. There was someone rooting for Petes 'ingrediant cuboard'.
"See its just Pete" Said Joe to Lucy but she didnt look convinced, so Joe took a step forward. "Are you ok Pete? Didnt have some of that drink like...a couple of hours ago?" He asked. The person stopped looking through the cuboard when he heard Joe's voice and straightened up, they had their back to Joe, but by the long - ish brown hair he could tell that it was Pete.
"Who is that?" Asked Joe, putting a protective arm infront of Lucy. The person turned around and grinned at Joe who gasped.
"William Beckett?" He cried. William waggled his silk gloved fingers at Joe before dissapearing. Joe stared dumb founded at where he had been standing for a second before racing through the house yelling at the top of his lungs - "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! ITS WILLIAM BECKETT! WILLIAM BECKETT WAS HERE! GUYS! WILLIAM BECKETT! WILLIAM WOAH!" Joe tripped over one of Petes trainers and lay winded on the floor for a second as he heard the others getting up.

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