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Chapter Sixteen.

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now what happens?

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Hi again. :] Hopefully you like this chapter...thank you for your reviews Clinga. Nobody else seems to care, but that's okay. You're awesome & you get two treats. smiles hehe, okay, here you go. :]
I own nothing, slavery is bad. :D

"M-Mikey g-go see who's d-d-down there..." Came Gerard's voice in a whisper. Mikey looked at him like he was crazy, "Hell no." Gerard heard the footsteps get closer. He got to his feet, picking up Frank's body. "Come on g-get up Mikey..." Mikey got to his feet as well, "What are you doing?" Gerard looked at his brother, "He deserves a proper burial, not to rot away in this hellhole." "But if we need to run you're going to lag behind." Mikey was worried. "What, so you don't care if he rots here? You don't care anymore!?" Mikey looked down, "No, I never said that." Gerard looked at him again, "Then quit acting it." Mikey stayed silent. "Come on." Gerard nudged Mikey so he would start walking. Mikey did. Gerard held Frank over his shoulder, trying not to break down again.

"Oh come on, not another dead end!" Mikey kicked the wall. "Stupid dead ends." Gerard sighed, setting Frank down against the wall. He leaned against the wall. "What are we supposed to do now?" Mikey looked up at his brother. Gerard sat down, "I have no idea." "Well we need to think of one soon because whoever it is that's trying to kill us can appear."

"Ah yes, I just can appear anywhere you say?" Jade looked at them from the shadows. Both Gerard and Mikey looked up. They stayed silent. "What? Silence is all I get?" Jade smirked. "You're not special enough to get anything else." Mikey looked at him enraged. Jade laughed, "I suppose that's right. But what are you special enough for? Dying? Or to let you die of starvation?" Mikey stayed silent this time. "I see you've been lugging around a dead boy." "Yeah, we have. What's it to you? Why can't you just let us go?" Gerard stood up. Jade looked amused, "Let you go huh? After all this time of hunting you all down and placing you here? I think not." He took a few steps towards them. Mikey stood up. "Go away!" Jade just took a few more steps, "I do not follow commands." He put the sword to Mikey's neck. Mikey stiffened and didn't move. "Oh what? No remarks now?", Jade asked his voice taunting. Gerard stood there, a little shocked. Mikey shook his head 'no'. Gerard tried to buy some time, "Come on, why are you doing this? Why do you have to kill us?" He was a little on edge, scared. Jade looked at him quite amused at that point, "Kill you? I am merely helping you." "Help?! You call this help!?" Mikey yelled to Jade. Jade just put more pressure on the blade, "You deserve no voice." He was looking at Mikey, Mikey cringed some. Finally Gerard gave up and tackled Jade, both of them falling. The sword was thrown, Mikey grabbed it. Gerard was trying to punch Jade, but he kept disappearing and reappearing. They were on their feet now.

Then Jade, being the evil self that he was, did a nasty trick on Mikey. He took the form of Gerard and there were two of his brother's standing there. All three of them looked at each other confused. Mikey let the sword relax in his grip, "Uhh..." "What the fuck?! This isn't possible!" Gerard looked at Jade. "What are you talking about!? Kill him!" Jade pointed to Gerard. Mikey raised the sword. "No no! Mikey, it's me! Your brother, he's not!" Gerard pointed to Jade. They were both pointing at each other. Mikey looked from one to the other.

"This is too confusing."

"Okay, what's happening here?", Mikey's voice didn't come out steady. "I really have no idea, but seriously Mikey, kill him!", Gerard once again pointed at Jade. "Hey! You're the evil one here! Kill him!", Jade pointed at Gerard again. "SHUT UP! YOU'RE CONFUSING ME!", Mikey yelled at them both. Jade replied, "That's kind of the point Mikey, he wants you to kill me, when HE'S Jade." Mikey pointed the sword to Gerard. "No! Don't listen to him! Seriously! He's the evil one! He's the one who's trying to kill us!" Gerard pointed to Jade. Mikey sighed shaking his head, "This is way too confusing."

"I don't want to kill my real brother, what happens if I do?"

Mikey started counting, "Eenie Meenie Miney Moe..." "MIKEY! I HARDLY THINK THIS IS THE TIME FOR EENIE MEENIE MINEY MOE!!!!" Gerard yelled at him. Mikey smiled looking up, "Thank you!" He thrust the blade into Jade's chest. Jade cried out as Mikey pulled the blade back out. Mikey thrust the blade once more into Jade's chest. His body transformed back into himself, as he fell to the floor, unmoving. Gerard stood there confused, "Thank you?" Mikey looked at his brother, "I knew you'd start shouting if I started that." He smiled. Gerard looked at him, "I swear to god if you ever take that long again, you're dead." "Thanks, that makes me feel so welcome." Mikey said sarcastically. "That made no sense." Gerard looked at him confused. "A lot of things make no sense to you Gerard." Mikey looked back at him. "Hey! That was so uncalled for." Gerard pouted. "Oh well, now how do we get out?" Gerard stared back at him, his face blank. Mikey sighed. "This sucks." Gerard replied, "Got that right."

After a while they heard something moving a ways down the hallway. "Now what could that be?", Mikey asked curiously. "Why don't you go look?", Gerard asked Mikey. "For the second time, hell no." Mikey refused to move. They had retrieved the sword, and were by Frank's body.

Finally, a hurt Davey appeared. As soon as he saw them, he fell to the floor. Mikey and Gerard looked at each other. They both quickly went to see what was wrong.

Okay, okay, yes yes. Davey is back. I was going to have him be dead, but he's back. Because I said so. :] Hehe, reviews are nice. Sorry if this chapter was disappointing, but I'm trying to write it the best I can. I don't remember my original plot line, so I had to make it all up again lol. :D
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