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Lorretta is a 14 year old girl going into high school. This is a diary of her teenage life. Romance drama, and humar, all this girl needs. This was written by my sister anonymous. READ AND REVEI...

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Stone Face

My name is Lorretta. I'm 14 years old and I go to St. Gregory James High School in Victoria, BC. I have a fairly normal life. I have a mom and a dad. I also have a sister Delilah who's 15. She can be mean to me sometimes but my brother Nick always stands up for me. He's 17 but he still loves hanging out with me and we often play sports together. He doesn't have a girlfriend, but I know lots of people have a crush on him, especially Taylor, miss popularity witch, but she'll never get him because he knows she's such a whore.
I have some good friends; my best friends Nicole, the artist (like me), Amanda, she's such a good singer, Adrina, the fun one who always makes us laugh, and James, my best guy friend since kindergarten. Then there's Justin, he can be so funny, Greg, he's such a great guitarist, Danny, he's weird but also a lot of fun, and Katey, she's so out there and wild, I wish I could be more like her. And of course my enemies: Taylor (the meanest girl in the whole school, yet somehow she's still very popular) and her evil little minions; Brianna, she's Taylor's closest friend (if it's possible for a witch to have friends), Kayla, (she gossips so much), and Hailey, the back stabber who is way too vain. We all used to be friends, but in the fifth grade they all changed. They all started wearing bras and kissing boys. They thought that it made them better then anyone else, even though it didn't. They became very popular and my real friends and I got left out. We may not popular but we aren't losers.
I have a boyfriend, Brian, he's so great. We were friends at first but then I realized I really liked him, so I asked him out. We've been together for a year and a half now. I think Taylor might even be jealous of what we have, mainly because she can't keep a boyfriend for more then a month.
I play on a soccer team called the Stallions, in the local travel league. I play center midfield, and we are defiantly getting better as a team. During my first year on the team (I've now been with this team for three years) we didn't work well together and it was really affecting our games. But now it's getting better. My coach is really nice; we have parties at his house all the time. You may think, wow what a good life, but at times it gets pretty bad. During these times, another part of me comes out. I call her Stone Face. She usually comes out when I'm very sad, angry, or depressed. She got her name because, whenever I feel like this, my face shows no emotion, like stone. She's been inside of me my whole life and she would come out at times. But ever since I started high school, she's been coming out a lot. It could be the stress of starting a new school or it could just be puberty, I'm not sure which.
This is my diary of my teenage life. I wonder what will happen...
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