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Chapter 1

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Lorretta is a 14 year old girl going into high school. This is a diary of her teenage life. Romance drama, and humar, all this girl needs. Lorretta is having a makeover. But will Tayler and her me...

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Chapter 1:The Worrying Tuesday,
August 23 My Room
School starts soon, and I'm very nervous. What if I don't make a good impression, what if trip and fall in front of tones of people and make a huge fool of myself!? A good first impressions means everything, I mean if I hadn't made a good first impression with Brian, we probably wouldn't be dating now! And what if I say the wrong thing, it could be a disaster. What about in class?! I could say the wrong answer and then everyone would think I'm an idiot. What if I dress wrong? The way you look is very important in high school, and if you don't look good, you're considered kind of lame, but not by everyone, only the people who are so hypocritical that they believe everything they see on TV or read in a magazine. Wait a second. Why am I so scared of these people? High school can't be that bad? I mean, Delilah and Nick are doing just fine. And Nick will try to be there for me, he's so great.But seriously, I'm worried about my look. I'm so plain, and tall. Sure I have very nice eyes, but that's as good as it gets, I think. That's it! I'm bringing in the experts! I have to call Amanda and Nicole. Later On... Before, my look was very plain, and relaxed. I would have worn very casual clothes and neutral colours. I would have worn little or no make up what-so-ever. My shoes would always have been flats, flip-flops, or running shoes. My hair would be either in a pony tail or just down around my shoulders. But with Nicole's wonderful ideas for fashion and a great eye for colour, and Amanda's great esthetic talent, I officially have a new look. "I hate how I look," I said quietly. "How can you say that?" Amanda asked, very shocked. "Yeah, you have a dream bod, great hair, and those perfect eyes!" agreed Nicole. "Because, I'm so plain, and I look like my Grandmother. I can't see how great I am," I sighed. "Well, your wardrobe is a little out dated. And you could use a little more make up." Amanda said thoughtfully."We could help you with a new look! I think you would look great in autumn colours." Nicole said, getting excited. "You have really nice legs so skirts would look great on you, and with those fashionably big belts, you will look fabulous!" "So let's get started!" I replied, with a hint of new confidence.Things started off a bit rocky, seeing as I have no make up other then some lip balm, and an odd wardrobe. But then we started to get creative. We got out some of my moms sewing scissors and began cutting up some of my older clothes to make them more stylish."I think we need to take a trip to the mall," I said a little flushed from the excitement, "I have no make up and these clothes just aren't enough." Nicole was grinning and Amanda just looked her confident self. When she started a make over, she had to finish it."Don't forget the make up," Amanda said, and with that she grabbed our hands and dragged us out of my room. I quickly told mom where we were going and we'll be back soon. We caught the bus downtown then headed off to the mall. Once we arrived, I was dragged to the nearest esthetics shop. I saw all the products and panicked. I can't do this, I thought, there's just so much! I won't remember all the steps, and what goes where!"I have no idea what to do though," I said quietly, I was kind of embarrassed about it. "Don't worry," Amanda said with a smile, "We do, and we'll help."And then it started. I was tested, poked, prodded, plucked, and tweezed. The things were applied to my face that made my skin look very clean and clear. I think its called foundation, and its very light and powdery. After I was thoroughly dusted, something was dusted onto my eyes that made the blue of them stand out. Liner and mascara was applied, and my lips were glossy. When I finally looked in the mirror, I was surprised to find that I still looked natural, but still very pretty. "Wow!" I was completely astonished. I had no idea that make up could make me look like this. "OH MY GOSH! You look amazing," Nicole and Amanda said together. I just laughed, because I did look good. "How much is this going to cost? I only have so much money you know," I said, almost worried. 'Don't worry, it's not much. You don't really need the foundation because you already have very nice skin," the woman doing my make up said, "and the mascara is on sale. The shadow on your eyes is $5.00, and the lip gloss is $3.00. So your total is $15.00 with tax."
"Oh, good," I said smiling. I paid for my new products then walked out of the store, and almost crashed into Taylor. "Watch where you're going! Oh my-gosh, looks like someone tried playing with her mommies make up. Nice try Lorretta, but it doesn't make you any better." said Taylor, in her usual rude, self obsessed way. Then I could feel her coming out. I tried to hold her in and not let Taylor get to me but I just couldn't. She was to strong. Stone Face came out and my face suddenly showed no emotion. Taylor smirked with satisfaction, and walked confidently away. I turned and looked at my friends. "Do I really look like that?" I asked quietly, and suddenly Stone Face was back inside and tears weld up in my eyes. "No of course not," Amanda said soothingly, "She is just jealous of your wicked new look." "Yeah forget her; we still have shopping to do!" Nicole said grinning, "Common you were doing just fine, don't give up now" "Well... I guess so. As long as it's nothing to drastic" I said with a small smile. So we started our shopping. We went in every store in the mall that was trendy, but Taylor- less. By the end of the day I was so tired I could barely climb into bed. I had gotten some great new clothes for my new look and they looked wicked on me. I hope. I have to sleep now, or else I won't be able to get up at all tomorrow Wednesday, August 24,
My Room
I can't believe I slept in so late. It's almost 4:00 in the afternoon. But then again I am a teenager, and practically nocturnal. I wonder if I'll be invited to any parties in high school. It would probably be a lot of fun. If there's drinking I hope I'm not forced to. But then again I might buckle under the pressure. Maybe I'll just have a little then stop, so I'm cool, but I'm not drunk. What do I have planned for today... OH MY GOSH! Tonight is Greg's gig! Thank goodness it's not until 7. He's playing at Gravity. It's this coffee shop we all go to, and the have live performances there. They've even done some poetry readings and it really makes you think. Some people are just so talented. I might try to write something, but I'm not sure if I want to read it in front of all those people. It's just to nerve racking I should shower and get ready. But first I need something to eat. I'm starved! Maybe there's some left over pizza...
5 minuteslater
OK. I have pizza in my hand and my new wardrobe laid out in front of me, so I have to figure out what to wear to the Gravity gig. My new look is kind of earthy artistic, because that's who I am. So I'm thinking I should wear my patch work jeans, with my casual brown halter. Hmmm... (trying on, I like it. Now for make up. How did that woman do it again?)
30 minutes later
There I'm done, with time to spare. I'm showered, dressed, and have make up on. And if I must say... I look good =)So I should get going now, its 6:30, and I half to meet up with Nicole and Amanda. I'll bring you (diary) with me, incase something major happens, which I doubt.
Later On...6:55
Gravity Club Bathroom It's crazy out there; I've never seen it so packed! I guess the word got out that Greg was playing (he was pretty popular at our old school) and people wanted to see him. I wonder what song he's going to sing. I hope it's the one where it's like "Never tell me I'll be ok cuz you know it's not true", it's a slow song but it's still really good....Nicole just came in and Greg is about to go on so I'd better go watch.
7:30 Still at Gravity
Greg didn't sing that song, but the one he did sing was really good! It was called Tomorrow is Only Today But Later. It was all about looking into the future, and hoping for the best. It was really amazing. I'll have to get the lyrics from him. Oh, and Brian is here, he came to support Greg too! Isn't that great of him? Oh, I like him so much, and I don't think I could be happier with anyone else! And guess who just walked in. Taylor, of course! I'd better go before she has a go at my new look.
10:45 Home
I cannot believe she did that! That little witch! I let her get away with it too = (. I was about to leave the bathroom, since Taylor, Brianna, Hailey, and Kayla had just walked in and then they started talking to me. This is how the conversation went: Taylor: Hey Lorretta, I love your new look, it's totally awesome.Brianna: Yeah, it's very natural. It suits you.Hailey and Kayla together: Yeah. Taylor began to reapply lip gloss, and walked towards the mirror I was by, when she "accidentally" dropped the sticky red goop all over my new top. "Oops! She said sarcastically, "My bad" and they all laughed and walked away. My furry began to build up and then she came out again. Stone Face appeared and all my emotion was gone. I tried to get the glossy red goo off my new halter but it just stuck to it. So I gave up and walked out of the washroom, trying to keep to the shadows as much as possible so no one would see the mess. I was almost at the door when I heard someone calling my name. I looked behind me and to my dread, it was Brian. I didn't want him to see me like this, but I didn't want to seem rude. He had already seen me looking at him, so I couldn't pretend I hadn't heard him, so I braced my self for the question he was about to ask. "Hey," he said with a smile, "Why are you leaving so early?" Thank goodness! He hadn't noticed the stain, so I quickly answered. "Oh, I'm just tired." I am such a liar; all I wanted to do was stay. 'Oh, all right. But at least say a proper good bye." And with that he kissed me, light and soft. It was pretty good right then, so of course it all had to go wrong. He had pressed up against me, and now his shirt would be covered in gloss. "Oh" was all he said. "I am so sorry! I.." "It's OK," he said cutting me off, "It'll wash out." He said goodbye once more (but this time with words) and turned and walked back into the crowded club.I am so embarrassed, angry, and sad that there wasn't anymore! I'm tired so I'd better get to sleep, more tomorrow, and good night.
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