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Chapter Five

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The Sequel to Woverin Domination

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They traveled for days, trying to find Vasilis or his men. Finally one of the trackers picked up the tracks of many horses.
"My lord," he said pointing.
Micah knelt beside the tracker and looked at the tracks. He whitened with fear when he realized that they were leading back to the city.
Quickly he leapt up and yelled, "we must return to the city, Vasilis and his men are going to attack it."
As he mounted his horse, the only thought he had was of Delta and her safety.

Delta walked out onto the balcony of the suites she and Micah shared. Something didn't feel right, although she couldn't place what it was. She looked toward the open country outside the city and grew pale. A group of mounted horsemen were bearing down on the open city gates.
"Close the gates," she yelled, then screamed when an arrow hit the guard as he ran to follow her orders.
Delta ran back into the palace and down the hall toward the seraglio, gathering up the servants as she found them.
Bursting into the main chamber, Delta quickly ordered them to bar the doors.
What's going on?" Halie asked with concern in her voice.
"The city is being attacked, "Delta answered
Halie turned pale and dropped onto a couch, "Lucien is out there." She whispered.
Delta hugged her, "he's an experienced solider, he'll survive." She said soothingly, praying that the solid doors of the seraglio would hold.
"We need to deliver a message to Micah's mother and stepfather." Delta told Melina, "do you have a way?"
Melina nodded her head, "we have pigeons just for that purpose."
Quickly the two women climbed the stairs to the roof where a cote filled with pigeons sat.
"Write a message my lady, and we will send it to Lady Kendra." Melina said, Delta quickly wrote a message telling that the city had been attacked and aid was needed, then Melina strapped it to a pigeon's leg setting it free to fly toward the renegade village.

As they descended the stairs, they heard a banging noise.
Halie ran over to Delta terrified, "their trying to break in," she said as she clutched Miles to her chest protectively.
Delta knew it was a matter of time before the doors were breached, she also knew that they had no chance of fighting the enemy off.
She clasped hands with Melina and Halie, as the pounding grew louder.
"I am a wife of a great Woverin lord," she whispered, "I will not fear death."
Suddenly the door burst open and five men poured into the seraglio. Delta cried out as the male servants were cut down, then she was herded out the door along with the other women.
They were forced into the courtyard, where the ugliest Woverin Delta had ever seen stood.
"These women were hiding in The Great Eminent Lord's palace, my lord Vasilis" one of the men said.
Vasilis turned and looked at the tiny group of women huddled together.
"I had heard that the new lord had married a human," he said with a sneer. "I am finally the lord of this city, having lord Micah's wife would make it even sweeter." He turned to the group of women, "tell me which one of you is wife to lord Micah and I'll make it easier on the rest."
Rasing her chin, Delta stepped away from the other women and said, "I am Lady Delta, wife of Lord Micah, true Eminent Lord of the city."
Vasilis looked down at her with a leer, "so the human has pride. Well we'll take care of that." He turned to one of the mercenaries. "Lock her up and the rest of the women. I'll deal with her later."
The women were taken to a small windowless building and thrust inside, as soon as the door was slammed shut behind them, Delta started pounding on it.
"It's no use," a voice said behind them, Halie gave a glad cry when she realized it was Lucien.
He gingerly got up off the wooden seat, embracing Halie and Miles.
"Where are the other men?" Delta asked when all she saw was a Woverin.
Lucien's jaw tightened, "I was the only one they let live. That bastard told me he was saving me for entertainment, later." He nodded toward the Woverin, "he was in here already, he hasn't said a word."
"I managed to send word to Kendra and Aaron," Delta said, "I worry about Micah though."
The Woverin's head shot up when he heard Micah's name mentioned.
"You know Lord Micah?" He asked in a voice that was raspy as if it hadn't been used in a long time.
"I'm his wife," Delta said looking hard at the Woverin, he looked familiar, but she knew she had never seen him before.
The Woverin smiled slightly, "so Micah took a human woman as a wife." He said quietly, "I knew he would, giving Kendra was one."
"You know my husband," Delta asked, moving closer to the Woverin.
"Of course I know your husband girl," the man said impatiently, "I'm his father."

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