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9 Months. (You People are Sick.)

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"Wow." I said softly, looking at my calendar. It has now been 9 months since I'd left Jersey.. Which for me is a long time. Its gone so quickly..
"Whats wrong Emily?" A hand met my shoulder and I turned to find Andrew looking at me with an expression showing understanding.. got to give the dude credit. He has a hell good memory.
"9 months.. Do you think he even remembers me?" I asked. He gave me a, 'Are-you-fucking-serious?' look and patted my shoulder.
"I think you need more help than I thought you did." I laughed and smacked him playfully.
"Fuck you Andy, I'm serious!" He rolled his eyes.
"I can see that." I crossed my arms and he shook his head, "You were best friends for 4 years straight.. Like hes going to forget you in 9 months! You are SO over reacting and if you are that worried about it.. ring him!" He said, turning around and walking over to his bed.
"I… I want to see him but I can't."
"I told him I loved him when I left! Like it's going to be a good conversation starter next time I see him!" Then, he smirked. I've grown accustomed to that smirk.. and it meant he was up to something.
"Ray's doing a show tonight, yes?" He asked. I nodded, then raised my eyebrow.
"But Frank wont be there.. Ha! Imagine Frank in the same band as Ray! They play completely different styles of guitar."
"Okok, getting back onto subject. If youre going to see Ray tonight then ask him how Frank is!" He said smiling, like he had just saved the world or something. He was adorable.
"Look, If I go. You go with me. And if I ask, You better fucking be there. Understood?" I asked, he nodded and ran over hugging me. I checked my watch from behind his back and I had about 4 hours until Ray's show was starting, I'd better just get some clothes ready before I get all my homework over and done with. Andrew went to his computer and started an assignment that was due tomorrow, yeah did I mention he was organized as well? I laughed silently and walked to my wardrobe, opening to find.. clothes. Big shocker there! I went through it, and found a Nirvana t-shirt with some plain black skinnies. This would do.. but I'd need maybe a wrist band.. or a pair of arm warmers. Yeah, I still did it. I wasn't proud, really, I tried to stop but it's like some kind of weird addiction, and every time I do it.. I think of Frank which just makes me want to do it more. Andrew knew.. he knew everything. I couldn't blame him, he practically lived with me, and he's good about it. He's not happy for me, but he tries to move my mind onto something else whenever he can. I walked to my bed and sat down, bringing up my laptop. I had about 3 lots of homework to finish and 4 hours.. easy. I started typing and had about 1 and a half lots done in 2 hours.

By the time I reached the 3 and a half hour mark I had done everything I needed to do and Andrew was showered and dressed. How he managed to do his whole assignment in 3 and a half hours I will never know. I got up and closed my laptop, walking into the joining bathroom where there was a huge mirror over the counter as soon as you walked in. God I hate mirrors, they always show the worst side of people. If they showed the inside of people then maybe it might look a bit better.
I got dressed in my shirt and jeans, and did my make up in about 2 minutes. Yay! I'm still fast at getting ready.
"Gosh You take forever in the bathroom." Andrew said sarcastically as I walked out, I flipped him off and went to the door.
"What's wrong with getting ready faster than men?"
"Nothing.. Especially when the men wear more make-up than you do." I rolled my eyes as he followed me out the door and I closed the door behind us.
"To my car!" Andrew shouted, putting his arms forward like superman and running toward the red Honda. I laughed and jogged to keep up, finally reaching the car.
"You idiot."
"You're just jealous."
"Oh you wish!" I said getting in and doing my belt up. He followed suit and got in, turning the radio on as he did the car. We drove out of the car park and to the small concert hall used for local bands that play every Friday night. We got there in about 10 minutes before pulling into the old car park and finding a spot about 30 meters from the door. I got out with Andrew and grabbed his hand as we walked to the front door, he smiled reassuringly at me and pushed open the door to reveal an already forming crowd. I had rung Ray earlier today and told him I might pop along so he should know I could be here. We walked into the middle of where everyone was standing and looked around. It was like a bar, but had a huge floor in the middle and a stage up front where obviously the bands would be playing, I think Ray's was called something like.. My Chemical Romance? Good name anyway, it's shocking it hasn't been used before.

In about 5 minutes the floor was full.. that's right FULL. We were stuck in the middle of the mosh, not that we minded. We loved mosh.. it was just surprising that this place could get so full so quickly. The bands that play here must be good. I looked up as someone walked on stage and set up a microphone in front of the instruments up the back.
"Ok guys, the first band that we have tonight is called The Used. GIVE IT UP!" He shouted, the crowd screamed and 4 teenage boys ran up on stage.
Let me tell you, they were fucking excellent. From the minute they started and from the last song they played I loved the whole thing and I'm pretty sure Andrew did too.. but I seemed to have lost him half way though. The crowd settled down a bit as the guy came back up on stage again to introduce the new band.
"Ok dudes, we have a special band up for you next that I'm pretty sure you will love. Give it up for My Chemical Romance!" He said. The crowd still shouted and screamed even though they didn't even know who the band was. I skimmed the stage and saw Gerard run up and take the mic. Oh my god.. that's the Gerard I knew and loved! I smiled wide and next saw the boy on the tricycle with glasses hop up and take bass, then Ray jogged in with his guitar. A man with shaggy hair sat at the drum kit and said something to Ray, who nodded and looked out at the crowd. He spotted me almost straight away and smiled. I grinned back and Gerard spoke into the mic.
"Ok rockers out there, we have a little song we'd like to call Our Lady of Sorrows.. If you please." Ray immediately started playing, along with the bassist and drummer. Gerard did a bit of a hop on stage and started singing. They were even fucking better than the last band. They were fucking AWESOME! And My brother was lead guitar! That is only too cool.
The song finished and Gerard wiped some sweat from his forehead.
"Ok, now we have another song called Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us. But we need our other guitarist for this one.." As soon as he said that I turned my attention to a figure that walked on stage with their guitar and set up next to the bassist. I think my stomach just dropped to the floor and died. There was Frank, just as perfect as the day I first laid eyes on him playing guitar for my brother's band.
This was going to be awkward. He started playing and my brother followed. During the song he would do a few screams into his own mic which just made the song fucking wild. The crowd was going crazy and there was still no sight of Andrew anywhere. The atmosphere was awesome though.. best concert I'd been to by far.
When they had finished the crowd cheered and I caught Ray's eye, he made a signal to his right where I turn toward to see a door, obviously leading backstage. I pushed and shoved my way to the door and he opened it from the other side. I only got caught of his huge hair before the door closed behind me and I was pulled into an enormous hug. I smiled and hugged him back, grinning.
"I missed you big bro."
"I missed you too! You've grown!"
"Oh don't start mate!" I said, hitting him on the chest, he laughed and grabbed my hand.
"Here, come and meet the rest of the band." I stopped in my tracks and looked at him.
"Look, I heard about what happened when you left. Frank told me, and don't give me that look I forced him too. He wasn't proud of it either, just talk to him ok? You'll understand then."
"Understand what?" But before he could answer he had pushed open a brown scratched door to reveal a kitchen like room, white. Not a white, like you can't see anything and your blinded just like you've seen God, But.. white. I smiled when I saw Gerard and ran over to hug him, he smiled and hugged me back.
"Haven't seen you in a while!" He said. I nodded and he pointed over to a chair where a blonde girl, with her head bent over a book and scribbling furiously sat. I grinned and ran over, basically jumping on her back. She screamed and sat up to see who it was, I ruffled her hair and she smiled, getting up to hug me.
"How are you!"
"I'm alright, been better." I said, Pulling away and smiling. She nodded and smiled back, sitting down again to continue her work. I looked around and looked at Gerard, who smiled and started the introductions. He walked me over to the small boy with glasses, who was drinking some water.
"Mikey… MIKEY!" The boy jumped and his water spilt all over his shirt. He went a deep red and looked up.
"Yeah Gee?"
"This is Emily, Ray's sister. Emily, this is Mikey, my little brother."
"Oi I'm not that little! Nice to meet you Emily." He said, turning to me and shaking my hand. I smiled back and nodded, then as Gerard and I turned around I whispered, "He's a sweetie." Gerard laughed and shook his head.
"Ok, and that… well.. it was Matt." He said, pointing to a the man with shaggy hair that has just jumped up from being on the phone to running out of the room.
"He's stayed out too late, it was his mum!" I heard someone else yell from across the room, everyone else but me laughed. I looked around, to see Frank leaning up against the wall with a cigarette in between his lips. He was laughing at a joke that Ray had just said, but I was too out of it to even hear.
"Emily.. Emily!" I heard Gerard call, waving his hand in front of my face.
"Want to go say hi?" He asked. I shook my head no, and checked my watch. It was still early.. but I needed to save myself from anymore embarrassment.
"Umm, I had a friend here and I need to see where he is. I'll catch you all another time. Great seeing you." I said, waving to Gerard, Ray and Michaela as I walked out. Mikey had gone to the sink to dry his shirt, and I didn't even look at Frank again. I walked out of the door and down the small hallway to the next door.
But when it opened, all I saw was a car park. Where the hell was I? I walked out and shut the door behind me, looking around and bringing my hands subconsciously up to my hair.
"You just went out the back door, were you looking for the other one?" I heard from behind me. I spoke without turning around.
"No, Umm.. I just need to find my-" I looked and noticed that Andrew's car was gone.. fucker. I turned around and jumped back about 2 feet.
"Frank?" He smiled and walked over to hug me. I hugged him back and he smiled.
"I missed you Emily, were you going to leave without saying bye?" He asked, standing back, though his hands were still on my shoulders. I nodded, then shook my head.
"I'm sorry, It's just .. I don't know.. just. I need to go. Nice seeing you." I said, trying to get away but his grip on my shoulders was firm.
"Emily, please, can we talk?" He asked, gesturing toward a random park seat sitting next to the door. I paused, and then nodded giving in. Those damn eyes. We walked over and I sat down, he sat next to me and took out a cigarette. I watched him light it and then turn to face me.
"Why.. why didn't you let me talk when you left?" He asked, looking straight into my eyes. I sighed and looked down at my hands.
"I didn't need to hear what you had to say because I knew already. Is that all?" I asked, preparing to stand up. He froze and stopped the movement of his hand.
"No." He said softly, "How did you know what I was going to say?" He asked. I shrugged, playing with my fingers, a habit I had recently grown accustomed to.
"You were with Ashley, I-"
"I broke up with her the night before, that's why she got so smashed." He said, this time not looking at me.
"What? Why?" I asked, putting my hand on his knee. He dropped his cigarette and put it out, before turning to me and placing his hand behind my neck.
"You don't have a boyfriend do you?" He asked. I shook my head and frowned. He just smiled and leant in, letting his warm lips touch mine as he gently kissed me. I froze.
"Shutup!" I mumbled against his lips. He leant back and raised his eyebrow.
"Eh, nothing. Just.. my brain. Umm, yeah." He laughed and rubbed his thumb over my cheek.
"I love you too Emily." He said, then he placed his hand behind my neck again and leant me backward onto the seat, his other hand reaching to my lower back. I placed my hands on his waist and kissed him back, meaning every bit of it. This was just one of those moments, which were absolutely perfect. Until they are ruined by an applauding brother bursting out the door and a hypo Michaela running over and doing a small dance I'm pretty sure she made up herself.

If you come back to that person that has kept your heart for so long, and see that it has been chipped and broken, yet another heart has been attached to it. You will be sure to expect a pair of arms to slide around your waist, and an, "I love you." whispered in your ear. Because in the end, love is worth everything.

Hey people,
Still a few more chapters to go. Not much to say here. Except..
but I still love you.
And yeah. That's about it. I'm kind of happy with this chapter, dunno why. I love you all. =]=] Thanks for reviewing guys. xD


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