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Chapter 11-The Concert

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Kristina and Pete at the concert (what exactly is the point of summaries?)

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Several minutes later, Pete and I were in a deep red SUV owned by Todd. He had to drive us because Sami was busy with work. It was not as if I minded though. He could make excellent conversation. We talked about Led Zeppelin, then AC/DC, and then a whole bunch of other bands we both enjoyed listening to. By the end of the ride, I was sure this guy was my clone or something....but we didn't look at all alike. I was a little sad when we finally got to Chicago Theater where the show was to be held. Todd was chivalrous enough to hold the door open for me since I was sitting in the front. I smiled. He grinned back, flashing very white teeth.

"Ok, I'll pick you guys up pick you guys up at ten...have fun!" I waved as his car sped off.

"Kristina?" I heard a voice mumble from behind me. Pete! I almost forgot about him! He hadn't talked for the whole car ride.

"Yeah? Are you okay?" I asked with concern.

"Sure...but I have to tell you something,"

The line leading into the theater was pretty long and we had only fifteen minutes.

"Tell me while we we're in line," I suggested.

"We get to go through the back entrance. And once the concert's over, we can talk to the band,"

I gaped, "THAT IS SO COOL!"

Pete half-smiled and took my hand, "C'mon,"

We found the way to the back entrance, passed through a few security checks, and were about two feet away from the door when Pete stopped me.

"Now I have to talk to you," he said.

"But I don't wanna be late!" I whined.

"Is a stupid concert really more important than me?" Pete looked hurt.

I sighed, "No, of course not. Talk."

"Okay...well last year on my birthday, I didn't want a huge party so..."

"Oh my god! I really don't wanna miss the concert for a birthday story!"

"Listen! Don't interrupt. Ok, so I took my girlfriend out for dinner. Except Todd had to drive us, just like with you and me today. I really loved Allie and I was pretty sure she loved me too since..." he paused, "...never mind. I just really loved her. She hadn't met my brother before that so I thought it was normal for her to be acting all friendly with him. But then..." he stopped again, "Let's just say two days later I broke up with her,"

"What happened?" I whispered.

"She...she was...she was cheating on me....with my brother." He looked away.

I gasped, "What a--!" I started.

"Don't call her names, it won't do me any good. I'm just trying to say that if you like my brother, I would rather you broke up with me than cheat on me," His face became hard.

I blushed, feeling a little guilty but not enough to keep me from being upset, "You really think I would do something like that? Do you think I could ever do that to /anyone/, let alone you? You don't trust me!"

His expression softened, "I do trust you...I'm sorry. I know you would never cheat on me, you're way too sweet,"

I smiled and felt a kiss ahead. I closed my eyes and felt Pete take a step towards me. Then we both jumped at a voice.

"PETE!" a man yelled, waving frantically.

"Hey Sam," Pete waved back.

Sam approached us from his post at the door, "Sorry to uh...interrupt but the show's in five and you guys have to come inside or you'll be locked out."

"Yeah...right..." Pete nodded, blushing, "Well, Sam, this is Kristina. Kristina, this is Sam, the man you should thank for the tickets."

"Thanks...and hi," I said.

He said hi back and subsequently told us to go in. Pete took my hand and we walked towards the door.

"Is that why you looked so worried before?" I asked while we were waiting for the concert to start.

"Because Sam's the one you should thank for the tickets?"

I gave him a look that said "You know what I mean."

"...Yeah," suddenly he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

I smiled and gave him a long kiss until Bernard Sumner started announcing and the rest of the band began to play. Then we both screamed along with everyone else until our lungs gave out.
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