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Want A Puppy?

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Something I wrote based on the recent chapter of My Cliched Romance. My friends say it's good.... so read it.

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Okay, before we start. Hi, my name is Emily and I'm close friends with the author of My Cliched Romance. While Ficwad was down she sent chapters to me on Myspace (go read it! it's GREAT!!!) and well, the chapter where I am introduced I wrote this because idk, I guess I was inspired? Yea, that works. So um... this is not perfectly linked with her story but it's close and this is my point of view of the situation. I guess you don't have to read hers to read this, but if you like this you should DEFINITELY read My Cliched Romance. Oh Yea, and if you don't read it Amanda is married to Ray and adopted an 8 year old chinese girl named Jenny, Lisa and Bob are going out, Gerard and Frank are together. That is very important to my story, GERARD AND FRANK ARE TOGEHTER! Without further ado, ze story!

/Emily’s POV/

I sat there at my computer and sighed. Not much had changed since my teen years, other than the fact that I was in college and had had a few boyfriends by now. I still had my same 3 best friends and I was still obsessive about My Chemical Romance, only now I had no one to talk to about it, seeing as two of my best friends were DATING guys in MCR and one of them never liked them all that much.

I looked at my calendar, it was hard to believe that my 20th birthday had just passed a few months ago. I had spent the day with Maria, on the phone. She was in Peru with her family and Manda and Lisa had been on tour again. I hadn’t shared a birthday with them in years, it was getting lonesome. I remember a week later when I visited my mom and she asked if I was slipping into depression. Is that how people see me now?

I thought back to Amanda and Lisa. So many happy memories! But once they got in with My Chemical Romance, I felt so forgotten, like hair dye that’s faded out. I smiled, typing away at my computer, remembering the late-night phone calls until 5 am and our little perverted jokes. I laughed out loud as I remembered a time when we were 13, while we were still only obsessive fans that had never met the band. Amanda had been lying on her stomach on the couch, I sat on her but rolled over so that we were both laying down and it looked like I was spooning her. We called out, “I’m glad that Lisa isn’t here right now!” and she ran in screaming “NO FAIR!” then jumped on us and sat down. She was on my stomach and Manda’s back and I told her that she was crushing the baby, we laughed a bit and then Lisa pushed Amanda off the couch. She landed on her butt and screamed out that she had somehow cracked her ass. It hurt for like 2 days after that.

I sighed, maybe I was becoming depressed, or something near to it. None of my friends were around anymore, they barely made any effort to stay in touch! I went on Youtube and went to my favorite videos, I had never changed my account so my username was still frankieroismylife. Embarassing. I clicked on one video out of habit, it was from July 28, 2007 on the Projekt Revolution Tour. Suddenly Gerard had grabbed Frank and they were kissing, I watched as Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard and the fans screamed and then they pushed apart. A smile spread across my face, it was still nice to think of this as a Frerard moment even though it was now out in the open about Gerard and Frankie’s relationship.

I went to watch the video again, just as they were in the middle of the kiss my phone began to ring. I ignored the Caller ID and said, “Hello?”
It was Amanda.
That was a surprise.
“Hey! Guess what, I have a surprise for you!” she said excitedly. I guessed a few times, she denied every one of my answers and finally asked me if I’d like to have her pitbull puppy, Monkey. I screamed my reply, of course I’d want that beautiful puppy!
“One condition,” I told her, “I’m changing his name to Mocha. So start calling him Mocha so he can get used to it.”
She agreed and it was set that I would pick up the puppy at a MCR concert in Tampa a few days later, it was nice getting free tickets to their shows.

We disconnected the call and I turned my computer off, excited that maybe the puppy would finally put me in a better mood. My mind still felt guilty as I lay my head on my pillow, I mean, I had just watched a video of Frank and Gerard making out. I liked to tell myself that I was over my fan crush on Frankie, but it was really difficult. I mean, come on! This is Frank-Fucking-Iero we’re talking about! I felt horrible that Amanda and Lisa were friends with him and that the rare times that I had seen them, I acted shy around Frank. I was sure that it meant they thought I still liked him, but I just said that I was still embarrassed that I had been so obsessed years before and that I still knew virtually everything there is to know that I can find out from the internet. Now that the circumstances were different, I couldn’t even admit to my best friends that I had memorized every new song they had come out with since The Black Parade. It would just be too embarrassing. I still had those nights where the last thing I saw was Frank, and it killed me whenever I did. Now I saw Frank, but also the 13 year old Amanda and Lisa… and Gerard. I hated myself for being such an obsessive person, I mean, I was fucking 20 years old and I couldn’t get over it! With difficulty, sleep claimed me.

I got to the venue early, figuring I would get coffee and hang out for another hour. I was wearing normal clothes now, ashamed to show the part of my wardrobe that still included MCR band shirts to my friends. Every concert I had gone to and bought a shirt I had to do in secret.

I moved forward in the line a little when someone knocked into me. I turned around about ready to scream my head off when I noticed a tall, familiar face near me. “AMANDA!” I shouted and wrapped my arms around her. She looked so different! In a good way, too. Man, was she a sight for sore eyes.

I looked at the other band members, my eyes lingering a little too long on the shortest member, though he still managed to be a good 3 inches taller than me. Unfortunately I had only grown an inch taller than expected, making me 5’ 1”. I blushed when I noticed what I was doing and turned around to place my order. “Mocha Frap” I told the guy behind the counter, then Amanda went and listed off 8 different orders. I did the math in my head, confused momentarily. 5 band members, 1 wife, 1 girlfriend, and 1 adopted 8 year old. Okay, now it made sense. Amanda and I walked to a bench once our coffees had been made and chatted, but unfortunately my mind got side-tracked. She sighed as she noticed myself subconsciously frowning as I looked at Frank get back onto the bus.

“I know it’s been a long time, I’m just embarrassed about how I used to be about him. I guess I’m just worried that he might think I’m weird that I had been so obsessive about him. I mean, it is weird, ya know? This whole situation sucks.” I finished, sighing and kicking a pebble at my feet.

She nodded and said nothing, the band had to go on soon. I insisted on being in the crowd rather than on the side stage and watched the show like I had back in the day, screaming along to every single line. The only real benefit to being short was that I was easily hidden by the jumping crowd around me, and I made sure that I wasn’t in the very front either, otherwise I would get caught.

After the show I was breathless. Amanda and I talked some more and she finally asked if I’d like to come on tour with them for a little while. I accepted the offer to share her bunk just when Ray came over and smacked a kiss on her lips. I smiled, I mean, I was happy for them. Jealous, but happy. I hadn’t ever been able to have a steady relationship. I’ve had a few relationships, but none of them ended up serious. We got up and started toward the bus, passing Frank. I could tell I was turning white and must have had a look of fear on my face. Amanda grabbed my wrist and mouthed the word “Mocha,” knowing that it would immediately cheer me up. For her sake, I acted like it cheered me up more than it actually did and practically ran back to the bus to meet my brand new puppy.

Uh... review? This was a one shot but it was really, really long so I’m putting it in different chapters. I know where the story ends but if you would like me to continue after that point, feel free to tell me! Thank You, review because I'm DESPERATE to know what you think. Oh... if you don't want to review it, rate it at least! Thannnk You!
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