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Too Beautiful Not To Kiss

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okay, here's where the... event happens. please, PLEASE read!

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The minute I was alone and had time to think I decided that things between Frank and I simply had to change, especially if I was going to ditch college on a whim and join the tour. I knew it would be bad for my grades, but I couldn’t back out now. Besides, there was no way that I would let Amanda and Lisa slip from my life again. I just wasn’t prepared for that. I sighed, not coming up with a plan at all, and walked to the studio area of the bus. Frank was sitting on Gerard’s lap, they were cuddled together in front of the TV on an armchair. I plopped down on a couch and tried to focus on the TV as well.

A few hours later, Gerard left the room. Frankie looked at me nervously. I sighed, “I’m sorry.” I said softly, looking down at my hands and then back towards the TV. I heard him getting up and sitting down to the left of me on the other end of the couch. I tried not to squirm with my discomfort.

“It would be nice to know the story.” He finally said. I looked at him warily, it must’ve been obvious that I hadn’t been getting proper amounts of sleep for a few weeks by the circles forming under my eyes that I tried to carefully and unsuccessfully conceal.

“It’s a long story.” I said carefully, he just looked at me, waiting. Fuck! Why did he have to be so damn adorable. I sighed and started, “When I was 13, well, you know that the three of us were obsessed with My Chemical Romance. I particularly was crazy about you.” I looked down at my hands again uncomfortably and continued. I didn’t want this to be a long story and cut it short. “I guess I’m just a bit embarrassed about it, now that Lisa and Amanda are friends with you and I was just kind of left behind and you’re with Gerard. I mean, it’s been years but I guess it still affects me a bit. I guess it’s hard to forget about some things.” I sighed again and after a moment’s hesitation I said, “I must sound pathetic. Really, I’m sorry that I can’t act normal around you.” I finished, the volume of my voice dropping. I looked at him with bright eyes, hoping I wouldn’t cry. Fuck hormones!

To my surprise, he nodded knowingly. I began to get up, wanting to be anywhere but here. “Stay.” He said to me. I looked at him and sat back down. He didn’t say a word, but I hoped to God that he was forgiving and understood the situation. I really hoped he did. Frank didn’t say another word, he just lay down on his back with his knees up so as not to hit me and began to sleep. I looked at him, amazed at how he was taking this. I simply took the remote control, changed the channel and watched TV for a good hour.

It was extremely late, Frank was sleeping for sure. I couldn’t really hear anything else on the bus; not even the sounds of the TV at the front of the bus being watched by Amanda and Jenny. Slowly, I stood up and his feet extended along the couch. I sucked in my breath, sat down on a little piece of couch next to him, and leaned down over Frank’s dreaming face. I stared for the longest time, just drinking in his face. I couldn’t stop myself from bending down, my lips ghosted his and then they lightly brushed. Without thinking, I kissed him gently, and then I felt him twitch. His hands became tangled in my hair and he kissed back to my sick and delighted surprise. Even though he probably didn’t realize who he was kissing, I didn’t stop him or myself from deepening the kiss. That was when we both heard a gasp and looked up to see Amanda, staring at us like a deer in the headlights. She began to speak in single words. I couldn’t blame her. My face turned a bright shade of red and I ran out of the room to the driver’s compartment.

I barged in and was silent as I took a seat next to Lisa. What I had done dawned on me and I was horrified, positive that he must’ve caught a glimpse at who he was kissing when I rushed out of the room at least. Even if all he had seen was a figure with long hair, he couldn’t mistake me for Gerard. The ends of my brown hair were blue, I knew that I had been caught. I urged myself not to let silent tears escape, Lisa looked over at me with a concerned look on her face.

“Are you okay sweetie?” she asked me. I pursed my lips and put my head in between my bent knees and covered my face with my arms. I heard Amanda yelling, and I heard Gerard’s voice. I heard everything. Lisa had too and looked at me.
“I did something bad.” I said, my voice choked but I still held back the tears. Before either one of us could say anything else, the door opened and Amanda was standing there. It seemed as if she was towering over my small body. Tears silently slid down my face as I looked from Lisa to Amanda’s enraged face before I slowly stood up and followed her to the studio.

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