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Chapter 27 - Damn That Sexy Man!

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*A/N: Sorry about the wait everyone a close relative passed away and I’ve had to deal with some things but I’ll be hopefully updating on a weekly basis. It’s almost over and I’ve already made up the first chapter of a new story… I’ve had a friend read it and she loved it so hopefully you all will too =) But in the meantime I’ll shut up and let you all read in peace.

I’m starting off with a recap where we last left Jane… But Frank’s point of view will be where we left off with them that night. Thanks everyone and enjoy! --Christiexox

**Recap: “We’re not going to have you doing anything bad now, are we not?” he asked calmly, kneeling down beside me.
“ Yes,” I mumbled crying. He chuckled a bit before getting back up.
“ Just to make sure of that you’re staying in my sight from now on because I don’t feel like I can trust you right now. And that’s what a marriage is based upon, is it not?” He lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder.
“ I think we’re going to get along just great when we’re married don’t you?” he asked sarcastically.
“ Fuck you,” I told him as I could feel the fresh wounds start to bleed. He just laughed as he walked along. I started to get light headed and before I knew it I was unconscious.

* End Recap*

Jane’s P.O.V:

I woke up leaving my eyes shut as I gasped at the terrible pain I felt. ‘If I’m in pain then I must still love him. That’s just fuckin dandy,’ I thought to myself as I tried to move my arms. I found was in shackles once again on the side of a stone wall. But this place was different. It was a spacious room with a long table in the center and a fireplace on one wall with candles everywhere throughout the room.

‘ I was here before. I don’t really know how or why I just know that I have been here once before. Strange.’ I heard Anthony chuckle from the other side of the room.

“ Seems the precious princess has finally awakened from her slumber. I didn’t hurt you that bad, did I?” he said laughing at his own sick joke. I closed my eyes and prayed that it would all end. I knew it was too good to be true though.

“ Don’t worry, in less than 24 hours you’ll be my wife.” I looked up at him wide eyed. ‘ I was out for a little more than a day… fuck! Well there still no sign of Gerard thank god. Gerard…’ I sighed at the thought of him. He’s coming and I can’t do anything to stop him…

Frank’s P.O.V:

I started to walk down the hallway towards Natalie’s room thinking to myself.

‘ Okay Frank, you can do this. Just say hello and say that… you’ve gotten bored or… something. Shit I don’t know what to say.’

“ Maybe something along the lines of why you’re contemplating on how you’re going to talk to me.” I spun around and found Natalie standing there with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.

“ Ummm I was… just…” I stuttered out. She giggled a bit.

“ That’s what I thought,” she said before walking onwards to her room.

“ Wouldyouliketogohavedinnersometimewithme?” I asked her all in one breath.

“ What?” When I felt her gaze upon me I looked at my feet and tried to reply to her what I had just said.

“ Would you like to go have dinner sometime with me?”

“ Get some rest because we have a ways ahead of us that we need to cover tomorrow.”

“ You can’t ignore me forever you know!” I said to her with a small grin on my face as I walked backwards towards my room. I turned around and started to open my door.

“ Oh yes I can,” was all I heard before she left the hallway.

Natalie’s P.O.V:

I closed the door behind me.

“ Oh no I can’t… Damn that sexy man! Oops… did I just say that?” Frank opened the door to the room laughing.

“ Oh yes… you did,” he replied in between giggles before closing the door.


Gerard’s P.O.V:

‘In your dreams…’

I sat up as realization hit me. When I was a boy I had reoccurring nightmares of these two people. Both of them oddly resembled Jane and I. ‘ But that could never happen to her. No, I won’t let it happen,’ I thought angrily to myself. I fell back onto my bed as the dreams I had and the thoughts I have now fought in my head for the rest of the night.

The next morning we awoke, got packed, said goodbye to Persuaisia and thanked her before leaving.

“ Don’t even thank me. It was the least I could do. Be safe, young ones,” she said. We started to venture further again. I could sense something from Frank but I couldn’t really make it out.

“ What’s up with you Frank? You seem really weird.”

“ That’s because…” was all he got out before Natalie took over.

“ Say another word and it will be your last,” she told him sternly. We continued on in silence before arriving at the woods. We all got this gut feeling that something was in these woods. But we all kept to ourselves and started to wander further. For Jane.

We were walking for about five minutes in the forest when Frank said something.

“ Does anyone else feel as if something is here with us?” I looked at my surroundings.

“ This was in a dream I once had,” I whispered more to myself.

“ Stay close,” Natalie told us taking out her bow and an arrow. I decided to take out my sword as did Frank. We got about an hours in when all of a sudden a tall, thick and dark creature that looked like an Ogre sprung from the dark and knocked Frank out cold from behind.

“FRANK!” I turned around as Natalie was hit. Then, in a swift movement it punched me, making me topple to the ground. As I tried to stand up I fell back down. I felt scared and useless. I saw Jane’s face as I breathed out deeply, closing my eyes.

*A/N: Hahah you all are probably angry at me XD Don’t worry within the next week a new one will be posted. It’s almost over.
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