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Cell Bound

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Yeah it's another fight :D

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Drama,Horror - Characters: Reno,Rufus Shinra - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2007-08-19 - Updated: 2007-08-20 - 844 words - Complete

The President of ShinRa could not have been more pissed off if he tried. He stormed out of the complex towards the open forecourt. Reno came behind him having made a make-shift field kit from the nurses supplies. He added a few other ‘essentials’ of his own before running in to the back of Rufus and nearly falling down.

“What’s wrong boss?” He asked wiping the ash from his goggles. It struck him as kind of creepy that he was shirtless and wasn’t cold despite the gloomy atmosphere.

“It’s getting dark Reno. We need to get back in the damned hospital.” He grumbled and looked around. “There we’ll go to the other end. I am not risking those bloody creatures.”

“Sir.” Reno handed him the box of supplies and then headed to break in. He popped the lock and slipped through to what appeared to be baths and showers. “Looks okay Sir.”

“Good. Try and find a doctor’s shirt or something. You look a mess.” He said ignoring the blood but seeing the gaping wound Reno had badly stitched on the fly.

They made their way down the large expansive corridors and past turned over rusted beds, rotten mattresses and discarded medical equipment. They heard the sirens go and both of them stopped moving for a moment. Reno looked around and then to Rufus. The sirens were the sign that shit was going to start.

“Where are the sirens coming from?”

“Boss I dunno but seriously we…” Reno spotted a nurses hat in the darkness clearly attached to a head as it bobbed away in to the recesses of the corridor. “Shall I ask her?”

Rufus rolled his eyes expecting Reno thinking that is was likely to be about the woman not the truth of the matter. Reno skipped ahead and Rufus followed the ponytail as it rounded the corner. The Turk was met face to not-face with something that made his stomach roll.

He had tapped her on the shoulder and she turned round. She had looked a promising curvaceous blond from behind! Upon turning however there were no eyes, no mouth and various skin grafts had been pulled across her features. Her mouth was open but had also been fixed from any use by some sort of bizarre and painful looking cage.

“Jenova’s tits!” Reno looked at her amazed. How was it, no wait she, walking? Reno’s shock left him standing there for a while. Sure Midgar, Wutai all of them had some pretty messed up things once in a while but this thing… she looked just… “Gross.” He voiced.

Rufus spotted the scalpel in the nurses’ hand and pulled up his gun. One square shot to her temple and she fell down. Reno let out a surprising scream and fell over her. Rufus went to drag him off the nurse but realised that the reason his panicking had been so extreme was the person he had just shot.

Elena, or what looked like Elena had been shot head first by the Presidents gun. Reno looked to Rufus and shuddered as he picked himself up. He turned to the President and glared at him angrily.

“This is why I tell you to let me sort this shit out!” He erupted. “What fucking point is there in hiring us if you wanna fucking do everything. You’ve just killed one of your fucking own!” He yelled.

“Don’t you speak to me like that or I’ll shoot you too.” Rufus said calmly. Reno opened his mouth and then snapped it shut again.

“Rufus she’s… Elena…” He pointed to the brain-splattered corpse on the floor. He kicked the wall beside him and it connected with the plasterboard. His foot caused a dent and blood started to flow out crawling up the walls like the patterns shattered glass would make.

Rufus didn’t say anything but he looked down at the blond haired nurse. Something wasn’t right. He took her scalpel and removed some of the strange grafting. He found maggots under the layers of flesh and a horrid, acrid smell of rotting flesh.

“Okay if that is Elena either we never noticed her personal hygiene issues or it’s some kind of clone.” Rufus said to Reno who had watched his boss cut open the face of what he still thought was one of the Turks.

“Okay.” Reno said blankly. He must be going crazy that was it. This was a dream and when he woke up he’d realise that he’d been on one hell of a bender, maybe his drink was spiked. That was it… spiked drink! “If I’m late for work tomorrow I am sorry.”

Rufus looked at him quizzically. He shook his head and searched the woman’s pockets. She had her name sewn on to her pocket. Eleanor… close but not quite right so he showed the redhead and Reno breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Can I book a vacation when we get back?” He smirked.
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