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Burning Underground

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Tseng and Rude get clues... Elena is left alone or so she thinks

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“Elena!” Tseng shouted and Rude looked at his boss and shook his head. The shouting would no doubt encourage more things to come out from the dark. “Well where the fuck did she go?” He asked Rude agitated.

“Sir we really should consider moving on now.” He sighed. “Do you want to go across on the lake or do we continue through the woods?”

“Lake.” He muttered and stalked back. He found Reno’s coat on the side strung in a tree. He didn’t know why he did it but he passed what was left of it over to Rude. The spare torch might be of use if nothing else.

The boat didn’t look too sturdy and they made a search of the area in case Elena had wandered off but there were no signs at all of her or any struggle. They moved to the boat and Rude mumbled. The oars were small and there was no clear pathway over to the other side. There was however a small light so he had to go with that.

“We have no idea where we are going so this could just make things worse.” Tseng voiced both Turk’s thoughts. “I can’t just sit around though.”

“Sir why not go back in to Silent Hill?” Rude asked and removed his shades, he had no idea what they were doing but the dark areas made it harder to see. “Then again we have no idea where the President went.” He pulled up the oars.

They began to row over and Tseng kept his sword to hand as they made slow progress towards the one small light across the boating lake. The ash fell around them and Tseng wondered why they had been brought to this place. He had never heard of Silent Hill which he had mentally rename Silent Hell. He was sick of the constant fear and lack of people to speak with or to interrogate. He needed information and the other side might have more to offer.

They alighted to find themselves outside a small building advertised as a summerhouse. Tseng wondered if summer had ever come to the town. The building doors had been smashed in long before their arrival and they stepped in to it to find that apart from the mess outside the inside just looked relatively untouched.

“Don’t come any fucking closer or I blow your head off.” Came the growling threat from behind what looked to be a mini-bar.

“Would you please tell me who the hell you are?” Tseng ordered and the guy poked his head up. It looked like a young member of Soldier but he couldn’t be sure.

“Tseng?” He stood up and relaxed a little. “Holy shit where are we? This place… it’s fucked up.”

“We’re in Silent Hill and how did you get here?” He asked him not sure what to say apart from that.

“I’ve found this diary about some people and the town but it’s a bit of a mess. I woke up here Sir.” He added and threw the diary over. “It talks about the whole town being on fire underneath and that’s where the ash is coming from. It says about people running scared for their lives from monsters. There was just so much that could go wrong and people evacuated.”

“This information… it’s good.” Tseng complimented opening the book. “The town is on fire still? How long ago did this happen?”

“I can’t be sure but I think about twenty years ago at least.” He said as Rude checked the area and they sat down.

“Have you seen a female Turk dressed in a blue uniform?” Tseng said as he flipped through the book.

“No sorry.” He said and they settled up for the night to keep guard as Tseng worked at looking for more clues. The Midwich Elementary School, the hospital and various places were mentioned as hotspots. None of them however explained how the hell the Turks were involved and why the hole had opened up in the middle of their world.

Elena stumbled to her feet and looked around. She had blacked out and she had suddenly appeared in the streets of Silent Hill. Strangely it was raining but not ash. She looked around to see that the place was still abandoned however and there were no signs of life.

“Oh for Shiva’s sake.” She picked herself up and looked around. Her phone rang, she answered it.

“Elena?” It was head office. She grasped the phone.

“Oh god you have to get us out of here.” She sighed so glad to hear another voice. “We’re in some place, Silent Hill… it’s a mess here and…” the phone began to break up, “we need to get out please!”

“We’ll see what we can do.” The phone clicked off and she stood in the street with rain pouring down. She was alone, it was worse than being scared with the others. At least she had someone to watch her back.

“Reno! Anyone! Please…” She sobbed. She didn’t spot the figure coming up behind her. She didn’t notice the sound of the footsteps and by then it was simply too late.
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