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Did you really think I'd let you kill this chorus

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Brendon’s POV.

“A-a, what?”

“A dog. You know, it barks, has some fur.”

A dog?! A dog. What was I supposed to tell her? No I really don’t want a dog?

“Um, I think we should think about it.” It was all I could manage to say.

“Well what’s there to think about,” she challenged as she sat up on the edge of the bed.

“Well for one, puppies are a big responsibility.”

“You sound like my step-father.”

I sighed.

“We are both really responsible, Brendon.”

“Okay, but what about when we are on tour. We can’t take it with us.”

“We can get somebody to watch it.”

“Like who?”

“My brother.”

“He lives in LA.”

“It’s not that far away. Why don’t you stop making excuses and tell me why you really don’t want a puppy.”

“I’m not making excuses.”

“I know when you aren’t telling me the truth.”

She started to get up.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To take a shower.”

“Ooh, room in there for two?” I asked with a grin.

“Not tonight, Bren,” she sighed.

“Alright well then I’m gonna go give Ryan a call and go to Port of Subs. You want anything?”

She just shut the door and I heard it lock behind her. I sighed and went on a search for my keys. Was it that big of a deal that I didn’t want a dog. Where are those fucking keys? I mean come on it is just a puppy, we can get one anytime. Where did I put them before the tour? I couldn’t really tell her why I didn’t want the dog. Aha found them in some junk drawer. I picked up my new ifone and decided to call Ryan.

“Two hours we’ve been home and you already miss me?” Ryan’s sarcasm already arose.

“Wanna go to Port of Subs?” I knew he would change his mood quickly.

“Meet ya there in 10.”

I pushed my phone back into my pocket and went to go knock on the bathroom door.


No answer.

“Listen I’ll be back soon, I’m just gonna get food with Ryan.”

Still no reply. I hated when she got stubborn. I walked towards the front door and turned the knob. I pranced down the staircase and into a parking lot that held the car I bought months ago, but never used. I plugged in my ipod, found some rolling stones and was off. I pulled into the parking lot only to find Ryan already there and ordering. I walked in.

“To hungry to wait for me?” I asked.

“Yes, especially when you are normally a half-hour late.”

“I said ten minutes and I got here.”

We both ordered and sat down across from each other at a table silently eating our food.

“Alright, what’s wrong?”

“Who said anything was wrong?”

“You got that look, Brendon, and there are very, very few times when you can actually stay quiet.”

“Maddy wants a dog.”

“That’s what’s wrong?”

“Yeah, but I don’t”

“Why not?”

“Promise you won’t repeat anything I say to you?”

He looked at me for awhile.

“Yeah , I guess.”

It’ll do.

“I think that by getting a dog I’m kind of stuck with her.”

“Stuck with her? What you don’t want to be with her anymore?”

“No I do, but I just don’t want to feel like this dog is some kid and I have to stay with her because of it.”

“That’s terrible, Brendon. I don’t understand, you are dating one of the most amazing girls in the world and you are worrying about being too bound with her?”

I just shook my head. That did sound kinda bad when he said it.

“I’m just not sure if she’s the one I want to be with.”

“You wanna break up with her?”

“NO , no. God no. I just don’t know if I will always want to be with her.”

“Well nobody ever knows that.”

“Yeah, well I better get going.”

Ryan’s POV

“Alright man I’ll see ya later.”

I watched as he walked out to his car. Then left in my own. On the ride home I couldn’t help but replay the situation. He doesn’t know if he will always want to be with her? What the fuck did that mean? He had an amazing girlfriend, one that I would kill for and he was thinking of letting it go. He was up to something. Maybe he was cheating on her? No he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t possibly be able to get away with it. I pulled into my driveway and took the keys out of the ignition. I just sat there a minute contemplating things then I got up and walked into my house. I dropped the keys on the table and kneeled down to acknowledge Hobo, my dog. After that I went into my bedroom and plopped down on my bed, with hobo following after.

“Shit Hobo, doesn’t Brendon know who he has. I would do anything to be with her.”

He just stared at me with his big brown eyes.

“Thanks buddy,” I laughed at myself for trying to converse with a dog. In a way I sort of felt like Brendon, but my situation was understandable. I knew I wasn’t going to be with Keltie forever. Things were already starting to turn sour. She just wasn’t the type of girl I thought she was. I was getting tired of thinking about it so I rolled over, turned off the light and just decided to try and slip into a slumber.

Maddy’s Pov.

I was sitting on the couch eating cereal when Brendon re-entered the house.

“How was Port of Subs?”

I decided to talk to him, after all, things could be negotiated.


“You guys were there for a while.” I looked at the clock and noticed he had been gone for four hours.

“Yeah I know I’m sorry we got talking and I lost track of time.”

“Oh, that’s fine.”

“Hey um listen tomorrow I was gonna stop at my parents do you want to go?”

“Sure. Oh but I forgot tomorrow night I will be leaving for La for two days.”

“Oh how come?”

“Just helping my brother out with some things.”

“Are you staying at his house?”


“And why not?”

“Because he lives with his girlfriend and I do not want to hear the sounds that come from their bedroom,” I laughed.

“So then you are staying at a hotel so that you can cheat on me.”

I choked on my cereal.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.” he looked at me in the most serious way I had ever seen.

“Yeah I fucking heard you, but what you said was just completely ridiculous.”

“Oh and why is that.”

“Well one because I would never do that to somebody, two I though you trusted me, and three I’m sharing a hotel room with my mother.”

“I’m sorry for flipping out I’ve just been weird lately.”

“Yeah no shit. You flip out on everybody anymore and at first I thought it was because of the tour but I don’t think that so much anymore. I don’t know what your problem is, but if it’s with me then you better just let me know.” I walked off the couch, threw the cereal in the sink and got a blanket and a pillow.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sleeping on the couch.”


“I don’t know but I know I don’t wanna sleep next to you tonight.”

He started walking towards our bedroom.

“Fine!” he yelled as he slammed the door. I can’t believe he would accuse me of that.

Brendon’s POV.

I slammed the door shut. I felt like I had to break something. I pulled of my shirt and my jeans. I slid into my bed with my boxers on and tried to sleep. It was no use. I couldn’t sleep knowing that I had hurt her like that. I pulled myself up knowing that I would have to work this out. I tip-toed across the creaky hardwood floors and towards the door. I opened it slowly and peeked my head into the living room area. Everything was dark, but I saw her silhouette across from the hallway. I walked over to her and kneeled down. I knew she wasn’t asleep, but her eyes were closed.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I kissed her forehead.

“It’s fine, it just hurt that you could think such a thing.”

“ I know. I feel terrible, but I just get jealous sometimes.”

“Jealous of what baby? I don’t hang out with any other guys other than you, the band, pete and my two brothers.”

“I know. It was a stupid thing for me to assume. Forgive me?”

“Of course.” she pushed herself up and gave me a kiss.

“In that case..” I said as I picked her up bridal-style and hauled her into our room. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she entered into a fit of giggles and we laid down and went to sleep.
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