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Chapter Five.

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yay I suck at summaries!! :P

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007-08-26 - Updated: 2007-08-26 - 512 words

Hey Guys, sorry it's taken me SOOOOOOOOO long to update [what two days?], but I got sick. :( Annnnnd, today's my birfthday!! YAY! Hm, maybe this year I won't be sick on Halloween. Haha, see cause...every year I'm sick on Halloween. :( And I USUALLY only get sick [badly] once a year. And this time it's on my birthday! Soooo, maybe I can go trick or treating this year!! :D guys probably don't care. Oh yeah, the best chosen one was A. So, we're going with Mikey & Frank. :] Alrighty, enough of my talk! Enjoy!!

Frank let out a squeak and clung to Mikey. "Would you let go?! It's only a coat rack!", Mikey was trying to get out of his death grip. "Can we go home yet?", Frank asked. He jumped as he heard a scream. He tackled Mikey in a death hug. "AGH!", Mikey cried out as they fell. They landed with a dull 'thud' on the dusty floor. Mikey sighed, "Let go." Frank shook his head.

"Frankie come on let go! Please!", Mikey started pleading with him after a few minutes. Frank finally loosened his grip and sat up. Mikey stood up carefully. He brushed all the dust off of him. Frank stood up, looking around the dim hallway, "Can we go now?" His voice was timid. "No, we have to find the others first", Mikey looked at him. "But, but, but no!", Frank whined. Mikey crossed his arms, "I am not leaving Gerard and the others here alone." Frank whined. "No." Frank whined again. "No Frank." Frank whined a third time. "Frank! I said no." Frank stayed quiet this time. He was looking ahead, shaking some. "C-can...we...r-run?" Mikey looked at him, "Why, what's wrong now? Sure this place is creepy, but it's not THAT creepy." Frank pointed behind Mikey at the huge lion that stood there. Mikey turned and stood still.

The lion was sitting at the far end of the hallway, staring at them. Mikey and Frank were staring right back. They were all in a dim hallway. There was a dusty carpet under them, doors leading off to rooms and various art pieces on the walls here and there. The only lighting was that of the moon. There was a window at each end of the hallway, letting in a soft light. The lion smirked.

Frank was pulling at Mikey's sleeve, "Hurry up!!" He was starting to freak out. Mikey was just standing there. He was confused. Frank was freaked out. "Come on!! Let's go!! Stop staring dammit!!", he was trying to pull Mikey away from the spot, but Mikey wouldn't budge.

Oh no! They need help. Wanna help them guys? Quick before the lion gets them!!

A- Help Frank out!! Push Mikey away!!
B- You're in too much awe to move, thus, you stand there like Mikey.
C- You seriously want to meet Jimmy the goldfish.
D- You really, really want to go pet the little poodle over there in the corner.

Sorry, it's kinda short. :( Hope you enjoy your picking freedoms!! :D
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