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Chapter Four.

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Gerard looked around the dim hallway he was in. His footsteps were muffled by the years of dust on the ground. He disturbed nothing as he silently shuffled past doorways. He had disappeared down a different corridor than the others, and he heard nothing. There was such an eerie silence through the house.

He decided to go into a room. He picked the nearest one and hesitantly laid his hand on the cool doorknob. He turned it, listening to the creaking hinges as it swung open lazily. He fumbled for a light switch over the dusty walls. "Man, this place could use a good cleaning." He finally found a small switch and turned it up. All he heard was a click of the switch, nothing happened. "Well, that sucks. I can't see."

He sighed and walked a few steps into the room. He heard the door swing shut with a 'click' announcing it had locked. He swivelled and quickly went over to the door. He tried turning the knob with no luck. "Alright, alright, calm down. There's nothing here but me", he tried to calm himself down. His heart was beating crazily as he looked around the room. His eyes adjusted, but he still couldn't see anything.

The room was pitch black, he couldn't tell what was where, nor if anything else was in the room with him. Gerard let out a small shaking breath, "It's okay, it's okay. I'm not freaking out. There's only me in this room, there's nothing else. It's just really dark and I can't see anything. The door isn't locked, it's just shut and a breeze made it swing shut. Yeah...that's it."

"If I'm the only person in here, why can I hear something else breathing?"

He gasped as he felt something fuzzy brush against his left leg. He jumped forwards and heard a low growl. He whimpered. "What's going on?! What's there!?" He felt an animal's hot breath on his face, he cringed. He couldn't tell what it was, or if he was hallucinating. "Surely this isn't real? Surely I'm dreaming? Right?"

He heard another growl and stepped backwards, feeling the door behind him. He grabbed the doorknob and tried to get it open again. He heard a 'crack' of metal and felt the doorknob break off in his hand. He let it drop, hearing it roll across the dusty wood floor. He whimpered again, starting to freak out more. He didn't want to make any sudden moments, but at the same time felt like running. Something came at him, he heard it 'swish' and he put his arms in front of his face. He felt a stabbing pain in them as they were slashed open. He cried out, falling to his knees. He looked up.

He saw something glint in what appeared to be moonlight. The curtain was being pulled back, but by what? He looked around, his eyes adjusting to the dim lighting. He saw nothing in the room, other than furniture. What was glinting had been a key. "A key! Maybe to the door?" He picked up the fallen doorknob with a wince. He held his left arm close to his body, it had gotten slashed worse than the other. He walked over to the bedside table carefully. He grabbed the key and heard something laugh cruelly. He froze. He looked around again.

What he saw this time scared him. As he turned slowly, he saw something glint. This time it was no key. He looked wide eyed into the face of a huge lion. This was no ordinary lion though, it was black with red eyes. It had white teeth, with what appeared to be red stains. Gulp. The lion had a floating look about it, almost like it was deceased. Like a spirit, it was floating. Gerard looked at this lion and lost all track of time. He saw the lion and froze. The lion smiled eerily and then gave forth a low throaty growl.

Gerard felt the key and doorknob drop from his shaking hands. He screamed as the lion lunged. He cringed downwards, hugging his knees close. He stayed like that for a while, shaking. Eventually he wondered why it was taking the lion so long to kill him. He looked up, shaking still. The lion was gone, the light was on, the curtain was untouched and the door was wide open.

He shakily stood up, his arms throbbing. They were still slashed open, but everything seemed normal. "Did I just imagine that?" He walked over to the door, trembling. He walked out into the hallway, holding his arms close. Then it hit him, his arms were bleeding. "Shit!" The pain washed over him, his mind coming out of it's numb state. "Guys? Hello?", he whispered, leaning against the wall in the hallway. He had blood all down his front and it was dripping onto the floor steadily. "Guys! Answer me! Please!", he was scared and hurt. He fell to the floor in a crumpled heap as tears fell down his cheeks.

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