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Fear Is Only In Our Minds

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Killian and Frank are finally reunited for the first time since Killian was changed, but there is no time for the two to be reaquainted...

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Claudius finally stopped at an old-looking tavern and he held the door open, motioning for me to go through first.

I sighed and walked through the open door, finding the small tavern to be nearly empty, and smoke circulating around the bar.

I could tell that the change had done something to me. It had heightened my senses. I could hear almost every conversation in the bar, though I know they weren't talking above a whisper. I could see so much sharper than I could as a human, and I could feel the vibes of the people around, the aura of the enviornment.

Claudius led me to a table in the farthest corner of the bar where He sat, eyes lit with anticipation.

"Frank, I'm glad to see your very early," Claudius said, a smile on his ancient features.

"I couldn't stay was too boring," he said, standing up to greet me.

It felt the same, but it felt different at the same time. It seemed like the emotions were ten times greater now than they were when I was human. He looked far more perfect now than he did when I was human.

I smiled and he touched my face, his eyes burning and searching my eyes.

"They turned violet," he said, his voice soft.

I only smiled, not really caring what he had said. I was just happy that he was here with me.

"I hate to be the one to bring the reunion short, but we have some pressing matters to attend to," Claudius said, his voice gentle, but his face pressing.

I took a seat next to Claudius and I waited.

"It seems like the time couldn't have been more perfect for us to have changed you," he said, his blond hair moving as his head turned to a set of prying eyes.

It was a young woman, maybe in her early twenties, with red hair and a velvet smile. I'm guessing she found something she liked about Claudius.

Claudius gave her a simple smile and turned back around.

"Like I was saying, a clan in London has just reported to Vlad who has sent a letter to me, stating that a neigboring clan has just been killed off. They believe because of the foul stench that was left behind, it was Untouchables. Also in France, there has been mass kidnappings. Everything that our elders have been warning us about has finally come to happen. Time is wearing thin and we must find out more of how you're supposed to help us," Claudius said.

I nodded as Frank shifted in his chair. "Now, the Untouchables have always been a bit less clever than the vampire hunters, so maybe if we send a few dispatches to London, we could help kill the group of Untouchables that did it," Frank said, his voice low, but I still heard clearly.

"I suggested that to Vlad, but he says that it would be too impulsive on our passionate. He's sent a letter to one of their elders and has notified him of the changes that must be made so that none of his kind suffers. It's like playing chess at this point," Claudius said, slightly frowning.

"Wait, what about the pact? What about the stuff that says that no one can attack anyone? Can't we get in trouble for killing them?" I asked.

"No. The moment Elijah sent for you and you entered our world, it was a breech of the pact, but that was only a simple breech. The Untouchables have killed a whole vampire clan and are suspected to be responsible of mass kidnappings. This is a major breech of the pact and therefore breaks it. The pact is no longer the only thing holding any of us back from killing others. It'll go back to how it was before the pact had ever been made," Claudius said, his eyes grave.

Suddenly, I began to get a strange feeling, one that was starting to make me stand. It felt like something was coming closer, something horrible...something we should be running from.

"Killian?" Frank said, looking at me awkwardly.

"Something is coming," I whispered, my eyes darting around the room.

"What? Can you hear something we aren't hearing?" Claudius asked.

I shook my head, because I couldn't hear anything...I could just feel it.

"I feel's moving fast and it's close," I said, still whispering.

"You can feel it?" Claudius asked, his voice now curious.

I suddenly looked at Claudius who had a worried expression.


"You don't think that she's-" Frank began.

Claudius gave him a sharp look and turned to me before something crashe near the tavern door, making me tear my eyes away from them and looking at the enterance into the tavern.
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