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I'll take the truth at any cost.(part two)

by xcandix

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Brendon's Pov.

When Pete dropped the atom bomb of bad news Maddy looked like she would faint. I didnt care how mad at me she was, i pulled her into the warmest embrace i could offer and pormised myself that i would never let her go. Pete sat on the couch in bewilderment and shock. He just stared off into the distance. Maddy's body had run cold and her normally creamy coffee-toned skin had gone a ghostly white. I stroked the back of her head as i felt tears trickled fown her face and on to my chest. After about twenty minutes of just holding her, i felt her start to pull away so i let her go. I began to tear up, but was careful not to let Maddy see because i didnt want her to cry anymore than she already had. Aiden and i were friends and i cant believe he's gone. Maddy rose up and kissed my cheek. I watched as she walked over to Pete and placed a hand on his shoulder. he looked up and gave her a hug.

"Your mom, your older brother and you sister already know." he said to her. She responded by nodding her head.

Maddys Pov

"are they okay?" i asked.

"They are very upset, but felt they needed to make the arrangements as soon as possible."

"I understand."

"Listen I'm going to be staying at Ryan's until i hear anything else. Are you gonna be okay if i leave now?"

"Yeah , I'll be okay."

"Alright, well if you need anything just call and i will be right over."

"Alright, Thanks Pete."

"luv ya kid."

"you, too." i replied as i watched Pete slowly rise and walk towards the door. He gave Brendon a pat on the back and walked out.

Brendon's Pov.

When Pete left i watched Maddy as she walked on to the balcony.I walked over to the counter where her purse had been left and searched through contents finding exactly what she needed. I made my way out to the balcony and sat down next to her. She intertwined her fingers with mine and rested her head on my shoulder. I revealed the pack of Marlboro Menthols and the lighter i obtained from her purse. She shook her head furoisly back and forth.

"I'm done with those. They dont help as much as i claim they do."

I nodded my head and shrugged as I pulled out a cigarette, placed it in my mouth and reached for the lighter. Her hand caught mine and i looked into her eyes. i could now taste the mint from the slightly wet cigarette tingling on my tongue.

"What?" i asked.

"Brendon don't" she pleaded.


"They dont help, they are addicting. and you have such a lovely voice. dont waste that on a stupid addiction."

She didnt wait for a response, she just took the pack and the lighter and tossed them over and off the edge of the balcony. She pulled me closer to her. I examined her every feature. Her long, loosely-curled chestnut brown hair, her over-sized brown eyes with the occasional fleck of shimmering gold. She had the perfect silouhette because her body curved in all the right places. She always had the most lively pink color to her bee-stung lips. I noticed today that her eyes were filled with sadness and i knew that no matter how much it would hurt i had to tell her the truth, now.

"Maddy, I love you."

"I love you too, Brendon."

"and because of that i have to be honest with you. I know it's not the best time but still,"

She reached out, grabbed both of my hands and looked me in the eyes as she continued to comfortably caress my hands. I loved the feel and the comfort that her touch gave me. It sent shivers up my spine and i was hoping that what i was about to tell her wouldnt take that away from me.

"go on," she stated.

"Just let me tell you everything before you say anything."

"fine by me."

"Okay, last night i wasnt at spencers i was pissed that you were mad at me."

I searched her eyes for any response. she continued holding my hands and in her eyes i saw a girl whou was sad and lost but willing to listen, understand and forgive. I expected spite and recieved compassion.

"So i went to a club, a um- a strip club. I've always heard other guys sat that lapdances help blow off steam, but they dont. I tried it and i felt completely awkward the entire time, and throughout the entire thing i though about what a mistake i was making. I'm really sorry i did it and even more sorry that i lied."

As i finished we stoled one last glance and then she looked down at her lap.

"Oh god Brendon this is alot to handle right now.," she replied as looked up at me. I nodded my head in dismay and looked back down.

"but," she started and i looked back up feeling a little bit hopefull," I feel that you are truly sorry, and although it took you so long, I'm glad you came clean i love you Brendon and i need you right now."

I pulled her into a hug and furiously started kissing the top of her head. She began to cry again.

"dont worry baby im here and we're gonna get through this."

"Brendon, I miss him so much already."

"I know me, too."

"I just need to go lay down, come with me?"

"absolutely." I said rising with my arms still firmly wrapped around her. She layed her head on my shoulder as we made our way to the bed. We temporarily let go of each other and split to opposite sides of the bed. I sat on my side and removed my shoes and my jeans. I spun around and brought my legs on top of the bed. I watched as she slipped off her dress and slid into the bed next to me. She tangled her aroms around me and i did the same to her. Although her body was still pale, it felt warm against mine.

Maddy's Pov.

As i layed there with Brendon i started to think about how long this day had felt and all the things that took place. I lifted my head over Brendon's shoulder to look at the clock, it was only 8:30. As i went ot lay back down i got a splash of Brendon's cologne, and it smelled so sexy. Then it dawned on me that we were completely tangled with each other and in nothing but our skivvies. I lingered across him for a moment.

"You okay, Baby?" he asked innoncently as his hot breath flowed throuh my ear and across my neck. I turned around and looked him in the eye for a second or two. Then i closed my eyes and leant into him. I kissed him lightly at first, but within milliseconds it had grown passionate and deep. He guided his hands up and down the sides of my body as our tongues danced and fought furiously together, and our lips pressed harder and harder against each other. I broke away from the kiss to catch my breath and then quickly continued to kiss his neck. I tugged at the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off. I kissed my way down his heaving chest and his stomach as our breath became deeper and deeper. With every kiss and every touch i felt like the weight was slowly rising off my shoulders. I met his lips again. I kissed him deeply and slid my hand down his steamy body to the elastic brim of his boxers.

"Help me forget," i pleaded.

"Maddy, stop,"

I looked at him, confused, as he shut his eyes and sighed. This movement lingered for a moment.

"Great nothing like feeling rejected."

"Maddy, it's not like that. Dont get me wrong, it feels good, no amazing, but you are doing this for all the wrong reasons and i love you too much to do this with you unless it's for the right reasons."

He was right, and maybe i should be mad at him but for a second i was truly happy that he cared that much.

"I'm sorry, Brendon."

"Don't be, there's nothing to be sorry about. You are just upset."

I gave him a kiss and placed my head back on his chest. I felt myself start to doze off as his fingers trickled and tangled through my hair.
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