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Everything is making sence

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Cecile tells Kris the stories, and Erik finally comes back

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I told him everything my mother had, he seemed shocked with each passing minute of how his stepfather had tried to do everything he could just to have the hand of my mother. I knew my mother was leaving out details, things she wouldn't tell even the wisest of men, but i could understand, some things were better left unsaid.

"He really made her choose between him and that other guy?" he said rethinking everything.
"Yea, she even wanted to choose him, but she said something happened, and Erik made her and my dad father leave. She gave back the ring that the phantom gave her, and ever since she tells me that she regrets it." He sighed, still overwhelmed. A light bulb then went off on his head.
"Wait, i know where the ring is!" He got up and started walking down a hallway, and through impulse i got up and followed him. He opened a door and it was a small room with a tiny bed and a desk, she assumed it was the boy's room. He stood on the chair and pulled out a brick from the wall. "I was messing around in here one day and i saw that this brick was sticking out further than all the others." On the top of the brick was a hole, and inside there was something shining with the little light that was in the room. He picked it up, and it was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen.
"Wow" was all i could say to the sterling silver band and all the tiny diamonds that surrounded the huge one in the center. He perked his head up from the ring for a second, and quickly shuffled to put the brick back. "I hear Erik, he's returning" i carefully listened and couldn't hear a thing, it amazed me how acute his hearing was. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the main room, and sure enough the ripples in the water began to grow larger. Kris suddenly realized he was still holding onto my hand and he blushed, taking his away. i soon figured out what had just happened and i flushed as well, then the tip of the boat was coming into view, i finally was meeting face to face with the man in all my mom's stories.


As Erik docked the boat and stepped out, he looked rather happy, i had never seen him so pleased before, but this was different. this wasn't the kind of pleased i had seen when he was teaching me, this wasn't the kind of pleased i had seen when he was writing a new piece, this was...different. "Cecile" He said softly as he approached us. She looked nearly ready to faint again, and i guess after hearing all those tales and never meeting the man she was in a bit of a shock. It didn't surprise me now hearing those things about him, i was aware he was keeping his past from me, and knowing all of this didn't change how much i admired him. "Cecile, it's a pleasure to finally meet you" he stuck out his right hand to her. She sheepishly took it and shook his hand. She almost looked scared for some reason, and i think Erik sensed it too. I wouldn't know why, the good things that she just told me about him, why would she be afraid? "I understand it you have an amazing voice" She blushed again.
"I am no where near as good as my mother" I was confused.
"Your voice is the most beautiful thing i've ever heard!" i spat out without thinking. Now i was turning red again. Erik laughed.
"I figured you two would be singing eventually. Kristopher, play the tune i was teaching you last year if you remember it, 'Think of me' it was called." I walked over to the organ. I thought for a second about it, and then I began to play. Erik motioned for Cecile to start singing, and at first from nerves she forgot the words. I started over, and i turned around to watch her close her eyes and sing a bit more boldly. If she couldn't see anyone it seemed, she didn't care who else was in the room to hear her sing. That voice again... i was taken aback so much i almost stopped playing so the music wouldn't drown her singing. I turned to Erik as well, he was watching her, studying her, much like he did when i was performing for him, but a gleam showed in his eye halfway through the song, he was thinking back in his memories. When it finally ended he raised his hands and softly applauded her.
"That was spectacular my dear. Your mother has been teaching you the basics. Still some work to do, but there is a lot of raw talent to work with" I wanted to spurt out 'i don't think i've ever heard anything so wonderful in my life' but i was still recovering from my last outburst. She went even redder. "Those clothes of yours are probably still soaked, aren't they? I'll check the old costumes and see if there is anything for you to wear. Kristopher, there are still those errands i asked you to run earlier" I suddenly remembered everything that had happened before Cecile came in, and remembered we needed new paper and some groceries. " I guess i have to go then" I gave a glance at Cecile, and then stepped out onto the boat as Erik went down one of the many hallways. As I began to row out, I saw Erik come back with a few dresses that were used for peasant roles for her to try on. She looked up at me as i was rounding the corner and down the waterway's, and i turned away. This girl was so different from any other i had met. What was this i was feeling?
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