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Mall.. or not?

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Frank’s Pov
The next morning I awoke with a strange feeling. Not the type of feeling you get when you eat something that looked nice but you had gotten it off the ground, but the feeling you get when you wake up with your arm wrapped around the one you had loved for so long’s waist. I looked down as she stirred a bit in her sleep, her hand gently resting on my bare chest. I cocked my head a bit and smiled as I watched her, she looked so peaceful when she slept, like she was in another world and nothing was going to ruin her time with the happy little elves or whatever she sees in her mind at night.
I kissed the top of her head softly and started playing with a random strand of hair, when slowly her eyes blinked open and she smiled.
“Morning.” She said. I smiled and kissed the top of her head again.
“Good morning.” I watched as she groaned and pulled the blankets over her head.
“It’s so early.” I heard, muffled from wherever she was hiding. I looked over at the clock on my nightstand and sighed.
“It’s 10:00 Dumbass.”
“My point.” I laughed and pulled the blankets back off again.
“You know you love it.” I heard some mumbled reply to this and caught a couple of swear words, so I laughed and grabbed her hand.
“Come on.. we’ll go get some breakfast.” She stopped for a second and the edge of my bed to yawn, stretch and rub her eyes. She’s so adorable when she does that. I watched as she blinked, her eyes only opening half way and sniffed.
“Agh. I can’t wake up, so I give up.” She fell backward onto the bed and closed her eyes. I laughed again and walked back over, kneeling over and straddling her on the bed before placing my lips to hers.
“Awake now?” I asked. She nodded, sleepily and smiled.
Once I had achieved my goal of getting her out of bed we went into the kitchen to pour ourselves a couple of bowls of cereal. I sat down on the white bench top, legs crossed while she sat at the seat next to it.
“What do you want to do today?” She asked. I shrugged and played a bit with the spoon and cereal in hand.
“We could go shopping?” I suggested. She pondered it for a little before nodding and taking another spoonful.
“Sounds Great”. When we finished we went and got ready to go.

She looked beautiful in whatever she wore obviously, made me feel completely underdressed.
“Ah There he is!” I heard a cry from behind the bed as I had walked out of the bathroom after getting ready.
“Who? Me?” I said, smiling. She laughed and poked my stomach.
“You’re so sexy Iero. Rawr.” She said, clawing her fingers and walked into the bathroom, swaying her hips. I laughed.
“Retard!” I called out. I heard her laugh again from inside the bathroom. She was hell quick, about 3 minutes later she was out and dressed. I smiled. She was wearing the shirt I had gotten her last Christmas.. One with the Pacman ghosts on it, reading, “Bite Me.” She raised her eyebrows for half a second before she picked up her bag and began her way out of my bedroom door.
“Wait up!” I called, laughing and picking up my jacket.

Normal Pov
I watched him as he drove, he was so cute. Looked like he was going to hit something at any second.
“Aww. Loosen up a bit.” I said. He smiled.
“I don’t want to die. Remember it’s me driving.” I laughed and started to watch the road in front of us.

We got to the shopping centre in about 20 minutes tops, and I smiled as he drove into the parking lot.
“Oh my god. Is that?”
“Is that what?” I turned my head to see what Frank was looking at. Um.. cars?
“That’s Mikey’s car!” He said, parking next to it and getting out quietly. I mouthed an, ‘Oh.’ And followed suite. He tiptoed around to the side of the car and in a flash had the door open and a very welcoming, “Hey Fuckers!”. There was a high pitched scream from inside the car and I jogged up and peered inside to see who it was. Alexis and Mikey were lying down on the car seat, obviously a mess.
“Wow you can scream loud.” I said to Alexis. She threw me a quizzical look.
“I didn’t scream.” Frank and I looked at each other, than at Mikey and burst out laughing.
“Mikey you scream like a chick!” He managed through laughs. This just made me laugh harder.
“Guys shut up I hear a phone ringing!” Mikey yelled. We put our hands to our mouths to stifle the laughs and indeed, heard a phone buzzing from the front console of Mikey’s car. He leaped to the front of the car and smashed his head on the steering wheel, before opening the phone and putting it to his ear.
“Owww. Hello?” We heard some excited yells from the phone and I gave Frank a weird look.
“What?!” We all yelled at once. Mikey had the biggest grin on his face. Really big.
“We got… signed Frank. WE GOT FUCKING SIGNED!” Frank’s face immediately turned into the same look I saw yesterday.
“FUCK YES!”. He yelled, before picking me up and kissing my cheek.
“We’re signed! We’re fucking signed! You know how fucking.. ahh! Emily! Emily!” He was jumping up and down with his hands on my shoulders and I laughed.
“I know. Congratulations both of you.” I said, grinning ear to ear. He embraced me in the biggest hug and then turned to Mikey, who had kept talking on the phone.
“So.. like, do we have a tour?”, He asked. Mikey shrugged and asked Gerard.
“He said that he has a whole new album worth of songs, and for that one, when it’s released we go on a 2 year tour.” Frank nodded and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the car.
“We so have to get home and celebrate!”, he said. I laughed and got in next to him. We drove straight back to his house, him laughing and turning the radio on full blast the whole way. Personally.. I haven’t seen him this happy, ever. When he stopped the car in his driveway he got out and ran around to my side, to help me out and swoop me up in his arms.
“I fucking love you. You’re my good luck charm, you know that?”, he asked, touching my nose with his as he climbed the stairs to his house.
I giggled as he set me down to unlock the door.
“I love you more.” I said, watching as he opened the door and turned to face me.
“Bullshit.” He said, poking out his tongue and running inside like a lunatic. I couldn’t help but laugh, he was so cute.

These were the moments that mattered.
I loved him.
He loved me.
It was a perfect teenage love story..
I hoped it had a happy ending.
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