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hey dad.

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a girl named emily. frieds with sonny. (yes, sonny moore) she writes to her dad, who she wasnt talked to in five years. YES! it will get better! mcr will be in there! big mcr! so read!!! and c...

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Hey dad. Fathers day, 2007

How are you? what you been up to? I hope you and your fiancé are going good. Kerry isn’t it?

Wow. Im so bored.
Sorry. Im not so good with the writing of the letters. Actually I really suck at it.

Omg! There is this band. Whom without them I would be nothing. My Chemical Romance is the name of this awesome quintet. I just recently found out they are touring Australia. I got so phsyced and I went around telling everyone. Then I went on a website to find out the dates. And it says they aren’t coming to WA! I cannot believe it! I cried and cried for four nights straight. I just cannot believe it.

The guitarist. Frank Iero. I am head over heals in love with him. I mean, I would just drop everything to be with him. Im being serious.
He has the most beautiful brown eyes. They change from light to dark chocolate colour, depending on his mood. His smile, god, there is no amount of compliments or kind words that can amount to one smile from this beautiful man.
Franklin Anthony Iero is his full name. cute isn’t it? He was born in Belleville, new jersey, on the 31st of October 1981. he is currently 25, but will be turning 26 on Halloween. I think that is the best fucking holiday ever!
He is currently engaged to Jamia Nester. Everybody thinks they have kids. But im not so sure on that one.
Frank has many tattoos. He has Halloween written across his knuckles. (the two ‘l’s are on one finger) when he first joined the band, he got a tattoo of a scorpion on his neck. So he couldn’t get a real job. He has ‘NJ’ on the inside of his bottom lip. Which stands for ‘new jersey’. On his upper back, near his neck, he has a jack-o-lantern with the words ‘keep the faith’. He also has more tattoos on his arms.
Frank has the left side of his lip pierced once and the right side of his nose once. He also has stretcher in his ears.

Yeah. I know a lot about Frankie. I know a lot about Gerard Way, the lead singer and his brother Mikey Way, who is the bassist. Ive been told im obsessed. But when any of the band members get a new girlfriend, im extremely happy for them, I mean, they’ve been through a lot of shit, they definitely deserve someone to love and care for them. It sickens me to hear people say, ‘oh, im the biggest mcr fan.’ And then minutes later you hear them bitching about their girlfriends and what not. Its just not right. If you were a true mcr fan, you would just be happy they’ve found someone special, just for them.

I guess ive changed a lot, in the four almost five years since we last talked. That is both a good and a bad thing. One good thing about it is that ive got a much better taste in music, and guys. one ‘bad’ thing, is that I have a lot of feelings and emotions, that I don’t understand yet. They seem a lot more powerful then I can handle. I wont go into detail though.

Oh yeah, guess what? Im learning drums! And im learning bass too! How cool is that? Lol

Yeah… that’s about it…

Well… im off now… hopefully we shall talk again soon…

Love ya. Gemma. Xo

as I finished the letter and licked the envelope, Anna, walked in. “don’t know why your writing to that prick. He’s never done anything good for you” I wrote
his name and address on the front of the envelope and looked over at her. “oh yeah, except for bring me into this world.” She rolled her eyes and Amery walked by. She walked back and stood in my doorway with her stupid daughter. “is she writing to her father?”
“yeah, she thinks he is going to change, and look after her like he should have in the first place.” They both laughed. God I hate them.

{oh, btw. Amery is my mothers lesbian girlfriend. Anna is her daughter. And me, I’m Emily. }

“you guys do realise, I am here. Right?” they both stopped laughing and looked around like they were searching for a stray fly. “do you hear something?” Amery smiled at her dumb daughter. “uhmm… no. do you?” Amery shook her head “nope!” they both burst out laughing and walked away.

“do you hear something?” I mocked. I got up off my bed and shut the door. I fiddled with the lock until I heard it click. “fuck them all.” I muttered to myself.

‘they carved the message deep within, a broken heart that’s failed to mend!’
shit. My phone is ringing! I ran over to my bed and searched through the ruffled sheets. ‘make out kids never had a chance to be best friends!’ finally I found it under my pillow.
Caller id: sonny :)

I flipped it open and waited a few seconds.

“emi!” I heard a squeal from the other end of the line.
“sonny! How be you on this shitty arse day?” I heard him chuckle.
“meh. Ive been better. You?”
“same.” I heard a door shut and a click. He must have gone into his room for privacy.
“so… hows the move going?” I sighed and laid on my bed, reached on hand up behind my head and crossed my ankles.
“pretty gay. I got the basement like I wanted!” I heard a little woo-hoo.
“yeah. I guess so.” I mumbled.
“what’s up Emily? You don’t sound to happy?”
“mmm. Its just Amery.”
“why? What’s she done now?”
“well… today I found out that while I was at the shops with mom, Anna and her went through my room.” I heard him gasp.
“they did what?! Did they find anything?”
“oh… only the condom me and you got from the chemist in like, year seven, and the pornos you left here.” He giggled a bit.
“sonny, this isn’t funny. She went and told mom and now they are taking my computer, my phone and my ipod!”
“my bad.” I heard a hint of guilt in his voice.
“no your not. You don’t love me!”
“yes I do! I love you! I do!” he confessed.
“ok. Maybe you love me a little?”
“me love you a lot! Me love you long time!”
we both laughed and sat in silence for a few minutes.
“Emily! Dinner time!”
I heard mom call form upstairs.
“well I gotta go now. Dinner time.”
“ok then. Ill see you at school tomorrow?”
“yap. Another gay day of school.”
“what are you going to wear?”
“prolly just skinnies, korn shirt, connies and spenders. What bout you?”
“skinnies, bring me the horizon shirt and connies.”
“ok then. See ya tomorrow!”
“bye love you babe.
“love you too!”

I flipped my phone shut and headed up the stairs to the dining room.
When I reached the table I found my mom sitting next to Amery. And Anna sitting next to her friend Eliza. I looked around the table for a free spot. I sat at in the corner opposite Eliza.

Blegh! Corned silverside. Gross!
I sat and stabbed my fork at my mashed potato.
“honey. You need to eat.” I heard mom say. What was that? You mean your actually thinking of someone other than yourself for once?
“im not hungry.” I looked up a bit, to see Eliza staring at me. I death stared her and mouthed “what?!” at her. She shuddered and stared at her plate.
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