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unpacking to tragedy.

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“im going to bed.” I mumbled as I stood and cleared my plate. “don’t forget were taking your things tomorrow.” I heard Amery call as I trudged down the steps to my bedroom.

I stepped into my room and looked around. “I have a lot to do” I confessed to myself. “better get started.” I walked over to the box closest to me. I peeled off the packing tape and unfolded the cardboard box.

time elapse

I had finished unpacking and I stood at my door looking around my room. “wow” I admitted. I had actually done a good job. One wall was dedicated to mcr. I had all my posters plastered to one half. And then I had all the drawings I had done of them on the other. My double bed was in the corner. And my desk was in the opposite corner. I hung my misfits blanket over the tiny window so that my room was dark. Damn. I HAD done a good job.

I walked over to my bed and let myself fall onto it, messing up the covers. I just laid there, staring at the bats I had hung from my roof. I felt my eyes getting heavy. I grabbed my phone and set my alarm for six thirty. I shut my eyes and threw it in a random direction. I turned off the only source in my room and crashed my head down onto my pillow. I felt my brain shut off as I entered beddy-bye land.

I jolted up in my bed and ran around my room, frantically looking for my phone. “stupid thing!” I muttered angrily as I grabbed the clothes I wanted to wear for today and crossed to the other side of my room to my bathroom.

When I got out of the shower and dried my hair, I got dressed and turned to my mirror cabinet. I opened it and grabbed my anti-depressants. “these things don’t work, no matter what those fuckers say.” I downed them and shut it again. I looked up in the mirror again and got the shock of my life. “how did you get in here?” I turned and hugged sonny. “window was open. Love what you’ve done with your space.” We parted and I turned back to the mirror. “thanks.” I grabbed my eyeliner and as I was just about to start applying, “hey. Can I do it?” I looked at sonny in the mirror, “ok.” I handed him the stick and he told me to sit on the toilet lid.

After sonny had finished my make-up, I grabbed my mcr hoodie and my messenger bag. “lets go!” we both travelled up the stairs and I shut my door.

“when did he get here?” Amery looked real angry. “I let him in this morning when everyone was still asleep.” She cocked an eyebrow and scoffed. “you just wait till your mother hears about this.”
“I already have” mom walked into view. “mom, this is sonny, sonny, this is my mom, Linda.” They both smiled and shook hands. “nice to meet you sonny.” She smiled and then turned to me, “Emily, what have I told you about boyfriends being in the house?” we both giggled a bit. “mom he’s not my boyfriend. Were just mates.” I could feel my face burning. “still. You know I like to know people before they come in my house.” I nodded. “well, im going to drive the girls to school, so do you want a lift?” I looked at sonny, “nah, I think we’ll just walk. Thanks anyways” I walked over and hugged mom and kissed her on the cheek. “bye!” I called as I shut the door behind us.

we had only just got to the end of our drive way and sonny burst out laughing. “what now?” I smiled and looked over at him, he was buckled over holding his stomach, he looked like he was going to collapse any minute now. “I cant believe your mom thought we were going out!” I shook my head and kept walking. “its really not that funny.” He stopped laughing and caught up. “so… what we gonna do today?” mom drove past and honked he horn. I shook my head. “god she’s embarrassing. Uhmm, I don’t know. I cant be fucked going to school. Wanna wag?” I looked at sonny and he looked like he had just had a heart attack. “what?! What’s wrong?!” I shook him by his shoulders. “oh my god. You wanna wag?! Who are you and what have you done with my Emily?!” he screamed. “don’t do that!” I screamed and kicked him in the shin. “and who said I was YOUR Emily?”
“I did! So where we gonna go then?” I thought about it. “wanna go to the movies?”
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