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yeah I decided to use the TVshow title of 'Scarred' for the chpter title =] I love that show R&R plz =]

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Bonnie and Brian got ready and grabbed their skateboards from the extra bunk area. Then they headed outside to meet up with the rest of the group.

"Hey guys"Bonnie said to the rest of MCR

Matty had the video camera and Kev had Bonnie’s camera.

The guys said their hi’s and got into 2 cars

"Frank gave me directions to a local skatepark, like the one back home"said Matty

"Alright"said Bri

"Bonbon just be careful"said Kev

"Oh my god, I’m not a little kid ok? I won’t mess up I have a helmet and protective gear."said Bonnie, she was getting pissed off.

"sry bonbon, we’re just scared"said Bri giving her a hug

Soon they were arriving at huge parking lot with several ramps and a lot of rails.

"niiiice"said Bonnie, she was hyped

Gerard, Frank,Matt,Ray, and Bob arrived and saw everything.

"damn this is badass"said Frank

"ready to do this Bonbon?"asked Bri

"Hell yeah let’s go Matty get the camera.

"Alright…..Go ahead guys …Skate!"said Matty

Bonnie got on her skateboard and came to a rail and did a 50-50 grid and landed it. The she came to ramp and did an impossible.

Bri got up to a ramp and got a lot of air and did an indy.

Gerard’s P.O.V.

Damn….that was awesome. She is really good Bri is really good too. This girl seems to impress me everyday.

"Nice air Bri I got a pic of that and Matty got it on video. Same with you Bonbon."said Kev

Bri and Bonbon took some more shots and then Bonbon took a break to take some shots.

Bri went and did a manual and Bonnie took a perfect shot of him. Gerard came next to her

"nice shot"


Bob was cheering on Bri and Ray was amazed every time someone did a trick. Frank was going crazy for watching them skate. And Matt was of course helping Matty with the camera.

Bonbon got up and went to the van and got on her roller blades and went straight to a rail and grinded it.

"whoa"said Gerard

"Yeah that’s intense, skateboarding and rollerblading."said Frank

Gerard’s cell began to ring, he looked at his phone to see who was calling.His face went from happy to grief.

"Who is it?"asked Frank

"Amanda …be back in a sec"Gerard said and went to the car to talk.

Frank shook his head and continued to watch Bonbon and Bri skate.

"Bri I’m gunna go back on my skateboard and try a Crooked Grind"said Bonbon

"No Bonbon, you ended up in the ER twice from that trick"Brian warned Bonnie

"don’t worry I’ve been working on it ok? And the time I got hurt I didn’t have protective gear."Bonnie said pointing to her helmet.

Bonnie went back to the car to change back to her skateboard. She went to the car and heard Gerard.

"What?!?"Gerard said.

Bonnie didn’t look at him it would be rude to eavesdrop on his phone call.

But she just heard what Gerard said.

"alright , ok, I’ll talk to you later, yeah love you too."Gerard then hung up his phone and looked at Bonnie and saw her putting on her shoes.

"I saw you rollerbrade that was nice"said Gerard walking towards her.

"Thanks, now I’m gunna try a Crooked Grind, the trick that landed me in the hospital twice, remember the cheek thing?"said Bonnie smiling.

"Bonnie do you think that’s a good idea?"asked Gerard with concern

"Yeah I’m ready I can do this"said Bonnie

"alright but I’ll have 911 ready"joked Gerard

"yeah 911 will be busy with the rest of you guys with 911 on speed dail, it’s nice to know everyone believes in me"said Bonnie

"ok, ok I won’t have 911 on speed dial, I have hope for you."said Gerard smiling

Bonnie didn’t answer but smiled and got up and went on her skateboard.

"Bonnie are you sure you wanna do this?"asked Bri

"oh my god for the 100th time yes I’m sure that I want to do this!"said Bonnie

"ok"brian replied and backing off.

"Kev you got the camera ready? And Matty you got the video cameras ready?"Bonnie yelled to Keb and Matty.

Matty and Kev gave a thumbs up.

‘Alright I got this. I can do this. And Gerard thinks I can do this. Oh man he is watching, yay! He just smiled. Shit I’m nervous. What if I mess up and back in the ER that would hurt and so embarrassing. NO! No I can do this there is no self-doubt here. Ok let’s do this. 1….2…3!’ Bonnie thought.

She got on her skateboard and started coming up to the rail….and…..

Bonnie got up on the rail and …NAILED IT!

"YES! YES! YES! I finally did it!!"cried out Bonnie.

Everyone there cheered.

"Way to go BonBon!" said Bri yelled out.

Bonnie went straight to Matty to see it.

"yes! That’s it everyone out your cellphones away no one needs to call 911! Ha! Said Bonnie

Everyone laughed.

Bri & Bonnie continued to skate and everyone tried to skateboard, even Bob tried it out.
The guys were gunna head back and Bri and Bonbon did one more trick a easy heelflip.

Bri nailed and then Bonbon went and…

"WHOOOOAAA…..!!!!"Bonnie cried out

"Oh shit Bonnie! Gerard yelled out and ran to Bonnie

Everyone hurried to Bonnie too.

She was on the ground but she wasn't moving.....
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