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Laying in his arms

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007-09-26 - Updated: 2008-01-01 - 1285 words

Bonnie’s P.O.V.
I was skating….
Now it’s Dark…..
What’s going on?…….
Wait… someone’s voice…
I feel hands holding me and other voices….
I opened my eyes slowly and saw Gerard he was holding me and calling out my name.

“Bonnie! Thank god are you ok?”Gerard asked he seemed so worried
“Yeah I’m fine just…what happened”
“You did a heelflip off the stiarcase but there was crack you must messed up on that and you flew off your board and landed on your head" Gerard said, he sounded so worried
Here’s your helmet.”Brian said and Ray passed me my helmet
“Damn..”that all I could say my helmet had a big crack right down the helmet it basically divided my helmet in half.
“that was just a heelflip, we all thought that it was gunna be the tailgrind that you were gunna mess up on”said Kev
What I didn’t notice was that Gerard was still holding me. When I did relize this I got up and blushed I hope he didn’t notice.
“Are you sure you are ok? You hurt your head this morning and now this?”Gerard was really concern
“Don’t worry Gerard, I’m fine, I’ll take some advil and get some rest before tonight’s show.”
Gerard smiled weakly, he really was concern.
We got in the 2 vans and headed back to the venue, we had a show last night and another one because last night’s show was sold out and so isn’t tonights’ and tomorrow we’re heading back to London but we don’t have a show until the day after tomorrow.
Like I said to Gerard we got back to the buses and took some advil and it was only 3:00p.m. I decided to call Krysta to tell her what happened, she always loved hearing this stuff,
ring ring
“Hi Krysta?”
“yeah? Who’s this?”
“It’s Bonnie”
“Oh hey what’s up? Your got a new number?”
“Nothing too much, but I didn’t get a new number it’s my number for Europe”
“Oh… wait you said nothing TOO much. What happened?”
“I fell off my skateboard”
“Bonnie! Are you ok? Why do you have to skateboard now? You’re on tour what if you really hurt yourself?”
“Hey mom come down! Jeez you really do sound like my mom. But I’m find but my helmet spilt in half.”
“shit send me a pic, but what trick and who was there? Oh! And any video of it?
“alright let’s see pic of course, trick it was a heelflip but I nailed the tailgrind. You know the guys and Gerard,Frank,Ray,Matt, and Bob. And Matty got it on video so don’t worry.
“WAIT! WHAT?!? Gerard was there! What did he say?”
“He was really worried about me he held me went I went out and kept on checking on me, this is when I got hurt other than that he enojyed watching he even try to get on the skatebroad”
“hey don’t get any ideas, he has girlfriend, he might be engaged”
“so…..? Maybe not I heard that the ring could be his grandmother’s and wears it to remember her.”
“Whatever the reason I’m not gunna be the cause of any distruction of his relationship”
“Oh but his ‘girlfriend’ is this girl Eliza Cuts, a hairstylist”
“You really need to get a life and get away from that computer of yours”
“Yeah but if I did you noone would be watching over your band’s myspace and the band’s website.Besides you bearly check your own myspace.”
“Fine I’ll check my myspace now but I’ll only be on for a while because I told Gerard that I would take a nap before the show to rest my head, he might check up on me.”
“riiight….I’ll talk to you online.
“ok crazyass”
“oh that’s ok that’s what makes me your best friend”


I got out my laptop and signed on to my myspace. So many messages and so many comments and friend requests. It’s nice to have fans. I never use my fans to gain friends on myspace. I'll just be nice and add them. I heard someone come on the bus I didn’t look up. But then I notice who it was went they sat me to me in the back.
“Hey I thought you would be taking a nap by now” It was Gerard
“Yeah but my friend said that I should check my myspace”
Gerard looked over and saw the homepage of my myspace
“wow nice pic, wait isn’t she in a band?”
“thanks and yeah that’s Hayley Williams from Paramore”
“Oh yeah... how do you know her?”
“I met her in a studio where me and guys were practicing. She heard us and me and her got along, she is a really good friend of mine”
“that’s kool”
I continued and looked at the messages there were quiet a few and I opened one to try to reply to appropreate questions or somments.
I came across one and I was not surprise…

Dear Bonnie,
I love ur band so much. The music you make is so different with each song. It’s awesome how some people can’t even classify your album because it ranges from everything.
Oh and by the way ur so hott and are you going out with someone.

Gerard, I’m guessing saw this and tried his best not to laugh
“OK just go ahead and laugh”I said
He burst out laughing
“sorry it was just funny how people do that, our band gets that a lot. Like ‘yeah we love your music but we love you more’”
I laughed along with him
After I just signed off, I was too tired to reply to any more messages.

“So are you going to nap now?”Gerard asked
“Yeah I think so, and yes I’m fine I did take some advil already”
“wow mind reader”
“yup, I don’t know why you’re worring so much”
“well you’re my friend and I worry about all my friends, like when Frank gets sick”
“oh I see….well thanks then”
“You know Chester, well he is going to call me tomorrow with information for Projekt Revolution”
“Ok that’s cool
I awed and I felt a little dizzy, I shouldn’t of moved a little wobbly and put my head to my hand because Gerard noticed this
“Are You ok?”
“Yeah I’m fine”
“No you’re not hold on one second”
Gerard got up and got a pillow and a blanket and he sat down again
“Here lay down I’ll watch over you”
“No it’s ok, I’ll go to my bunk it’s right there.”
I started to get up and I fell right back down
“Bonnie.. please just lay down here you can put the pillow on my lap and rest your head ok?"
“fine” I felt akward, but I just couldn’t get up.
I layed my head down and looked up and Gerard was looking down at me smiling. I turned my head closed my eyes and fell asleep instantly, the last thing I remember was Gerard’s voice saying
“Don’t worry Bonnie I’ll always be there for you.” Then I felt a hand stroking my hair.
I hope I was going to feel better by tonight’s show. But then again that was only a few hours away.
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