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Disclaimer: Remember, I didn't write this. My best friend did, I just post it for her.
Author's Note: "sorry for the extremely slow updates, i only to seem to write during school. & i promise to be writing longer chapters, these are too short !" So, after much anticipation, she gives you....CHAPTER FIVE!! :) :P, whoot.

Brendon's P.O.V

Well, that was certainly the most interesting meal i've ever experienced.

We invited a new friend, Bri Peterson, to come to Dairy Queen with us for a Blizzard. But here comes the interesting part, Ryan & Bri. The connection between them was undeniable, and you could tell that they're falling head-over-heels in love with each other. The look in Ryan's eyes said it all, he'd found someone special. If only I knew what happened once the guys & I left...

There's no doubt about it, there's something going on between those two.

Ryan's P.O.V

One word to describe Bri Peterson- Beautiful.

After we finished our blizzards, and the rest of the boys had left, I invited Bri over to my apartment. Without hesitation, we hopped out of the restaurant, hopefully not under the watchful eyes of my friends.

Once we arrived at my place, Bri via piggyback, we plopped onto the couch & switched on the TV. Like any regular Sunday night, there was nothing on, so we ditched the TV & started a conversation.

"I like your apartment," Bri pointed out as she scanned the room.

"Really? It's, uh, pretty messy.."

"Oh no, it just looks.....comfortably lived in."

"Oh, well, thanks, I guess..."

"Not..A..Problem.." she whispered gently into my ear as she rested a hand on my neck, and i shivered faintly.

"Neither is this..." I whispered into her own ear as i pressed my lips to the side of her neck, as she slid her lips to my lips. As she ran her fingers through my hair and around my neck, I rested my hands on her hips and pushed her upper body under mine and pushed her onto the couch. She slid her tongue into my mouth as i blissfully ran my hands under her shirt and up her back. Almost unanamously, Bri pushed me up and under her, now leaving herself on top of me to push her own hands up my shirt and around my chest. My hands ran once agin up her back, this time to reach to back of her bra. I unclipped the back an-

An abrupt knock startled us as we shot upright on the couch, Bri fixing her now loose bra. I ran to the door to see Brendon, exasperated, grinning and running to jump onto the couch, halting to a stop as he caught Bri, still fixing her bra.

"Uh, oh. Uh... Uh.... Oh. Well then. Uh...Hey Bri..."

"Uh.... Hey, Brendon..." Bri replied, just as startled as Brendon.

"Uh, yeah. Okay.... Anyways, guess what Ryan?!?!!!!" Brendon exclaimed, almost jumping up & down in excitement.

"Okay, okay, WHAT!?"

"Well... you know how we posted some of our music to Pete Wentz?? Well.....HE WANTS TO COME HERE & SEE US PERFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Yep, you bet I am."

I glanced at Bri, and the state of shock on her face was unreadable.

"Um, Bri?? You okay? You look a little... I dunno. Worried or something."

"What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. That's great that you guys are getting recognized for your music!!!"

"Thanks, your opinion means a lot to me.." I replied, with a shy grin.

"Yeah, thanks Bri," Brendon said, "Uh, Ryan, could i talk to you for a sec??"

"Uh, yeah, sure.."

Brendon took the lead as I folowed him to my bedroom.

"So, uh, Brendon, what's up?"

"Well, uh, Ryan... I dunno if you've realized this by now, but you've only known Bri for less than a day."

Ooops, kinda forgot about that.

"Well, Brendon, this might sound a bit too cliché, but i think this is love at first sight."


"I knew I shouldn't have told you that."

"Yep. You shouldn't have.'"


"OK, OK, I'm sorry! But really, Are you sure you should make out with someone on the first date??"

First date or last, I couldn't care less as long as it was with Bri.

Gabrielle/Bri's P.O.V

Oh no.

Not Pete.

Anyone but Peter.

Peter is my boyfriend, and I love him. What am I going to do??

Because I'm also in love with Ryan Ross
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