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Look at all the lonely people

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sorry. i didnt update this for a while and then when i did i put the chapter in as a new story so sorry for all the confusion and the wait.

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Maddy’s POV.

Ryan left the decision up to me. This could possibly be the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make. The door continued to be beaten. God, his knuckles must be tense, white and running with blood by now.

“Ryan, come on!” he screamed.

Ryan looked over at me.

“Maddy please!” Brendon pleaded. I knew by the way he was yelling that had to be crying or at least tearing up.

“Let him in please.” I decided. God, I’m going to regret this. Two years down the drain because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. I feel so lied to, so mislead.

“Okay,” Ryan replied. Although I’m sure he was thinking it, I know he wouldn’t tell me I was making the wrong decision. Ryan would never try to persuade me decision. He was way too understanding. He walked towards the door and opened it. Brendon stumbled in.

“Maddy!” he exclaimed breathless and with tears in his eyes. He obviously found his way to his clothes. They were dirty from sitting on the ground outside of Ryan’s house and his shirt was slightly wet from tears. The king had finally come crashing down. He thought he was untouchable and what he was doing would never go unpunished. He thought wrong.

“Ryan is there somewhere Brendon and I could go to talk more privately?”

“Absolutely, you can use the guest bedroom.”

“Thanks,” I replied. Brendon and I silently made our way up the stairs. Every creak could be heard. I could hear his breath and I’m almost positive he could hear mine. It was like the calm before the storm. We entered the bedroom.

“Close the door,” I insisted coldly as I walked across the hardwood to the chaise in front of the bed. He obeyed and closed the door without making a sound.

“Maddy I’m-“

“How long?” I asked emotionless, but looking him straight in the eye.


“And don’t even lie to me. You are in way too deep for that.” I felt the tears start to well up.

“For some time.”

“I can’t believe you fled my brother’s funeral to fuck some girl. Was there even a picnic.?”

He shook his head from side to side and let his eyes fall to the ground.

“Brendon it’s over. I will probably never forgive you.”

He looked back to me with tears in his eyes. Every ounce of hope he had drained into the room, making the air feel thicker than fog. He fell to his knees in front of me.

“Maddy, please! NO!” he wrapped his arms around my hips and pushed his head into my stomach as he began to cry. I knew I had made the right choice because I felt nothing. No pity, no remnant of what could of and should have been.

“What happened to ‘Maddy I love you more than anything or anybody in this world’?”

“I DO! I meant it!”

“Okay well what about ‘Madeline, I will always be here for you. I promise’?”

“I’m here Maddy and I love you to death!”

“Brendon you are obviously not where you should be if you lied to me numerous times and slept with some other girl behind my back. Do you understand how much it hurt? DO YOU? Two years, Brendon. TWO YEARS! And this is what we have been reduced to? I don’t feel sorry for you. Brendon, just get out.”

“Maddy, please.”

“No! I don’t owe you anything.”

“At least let me give you an explanation.” he pleaded.

“I have no interest of hearing it.” With that I walked out of the room and down the stairs. He paced after me.

“So we are just going to end it like this.”

“The way we had to end it or end it all was your choice Brendon, not mine.”

“I will NEVER do it again.”

“Who was it?” I asked regrettably but ready to face the truth.

“Maddy I can’t say,” he said glancing nervously at Ryan.

“Why you owe me that much!” I yelled.

He lowered his head in defeat and mumbled something under his breath.

“WHO?” I asked raising my voice and getting aggravated. The red, hot anger and rage bubbled over.

“He was Keltie!” he screamed with tears in his eyes. I dropped my jaw in shock.

“You fucking prick! How could you do this to your best friend?!” I looked over at Ryan who looked like a lost puppy.

“I though you two were doing the same thing.”

“Oh don’t even give me that bullshit! You know we have never been more than best friends.”

“You know what?” he asked spitefully as he walked out the door and made his way to his car. At this point, I was lost. He was walking back with something in his hands, but I couldn’t make it out until he came into the light.

“What the-“

“Here I don’t really five a fuck about this.” he said throwing a puppy into my arms.

“Please don’t tell me you were gonna try to bribe me with the poor puppy.” I said putting the puppy down and letting it run free inside the house.

“NO! Maddy don’t you see? We can be like a family now. Just like you wanted. Please baby, we can work it out.” he pleaded as his gripped my arms and stared into me eyes. His grip grew tighter.

“Brendon let me go! You are hurting me!”

“Not until you say you’ll come home!” he demanded. I practically felt the bruise growing on my arms as his grip grew tighter. It was starting to bring back old memories. I couldn’t do anything but cry.

“Maddy, answer me!” he screamed rattling the ground beneath me.

“Brendon, take you fucking hands off of her.” Ryan demanded coldly as he fronted Brendon.

“Oh Fuck you!” Brendon countered. Just then he released his grip.

Ryans POV.

Brendon finally released his grip on Maddy. He swung around and pounded his fist right into the side of my face. I stumbled back a bit and the pain splintered, but quickly became numb as my rage and urge to fight flooded in.

“You mother-“ I began as I pulled my fist back. A gentle hand caught my fist as another was placed on my chest. They belonged to Maddy.

“Ryan, don’t.” she pleaded with worry in her eyes,” he’s not even worth it.”

Brendon’s face grew red as a spiteful and jealous grin unraveled across his face.

“You know Ryan,” he began with a voice full of jealousy and mischief,” she practically begged me to.” He looked over at Maddy. “ And I loved it. She would scream my name so loud and then when we were done, she’d tell me how much better I was than you.”

Tears began to stream down Maddy’s face. No way would I let him hurt her anymore. I gently lead Maddy aside, and approached Brendon.

“This is for lying to me,” I yelled as I hit him across the left side of his face.

“This is for lying to Maddy!” BAM. Right side.

“And this- this is for hurting her!” Jab to the stomach. He stumbled to the ground, his face full of shock.

“Now get the fuck out!” I demanded.

“Go fuck yourself Ryan.” he said while walking out the front door and slamming it behind him. Hey, I may have gotten hit pretty hard too, but he didn’t have Maddy to comfort him. Maddy! I looked over at the kitchen counter where she was looking the other way.

“You alright?” I asked sympathetically.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, you?” she asked as she walked towards the freezer with the puppy at her feet.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting an ice pack for your eye.” she said closing the freezer door with the ice pack in hand. “Here sit on the couch,” she instructed. I sat down and she plopped down facing me. She gently placed the ice pack on my eye.



“No it’s fine,” I said softly while placing a my hand on her cheek. I caressed her baby soft skin and she closed her eyes and sighed and she placed a soft and lingering kiss on my palm. I closed my eyes as it sent shivers up my arm and down my spine.

“Ryan I can’t. It’s just too soon.” she said while bowing her head as if she were ashamed.

“It’s okay,” I said meeting her eyes,” I understand.”

Knock! Knock! Knock! I jumped at another person knocking at my door.

“Who is it?” I yelled from the couch. I looked over at Maddy and she looked terrified. “It’s alright,” I whispered. I placed a kiss on her cheek as I got up. “Who is it?” I yelled again, this time angrier.

“It’s Keltie, baby!”

Maddy and I exchanged shocked looks.

“You think she knows?” Maddy asked in a whisper.

“No, she’d be too scared to come here in person. She must not know that I know.” I walked up to the door, as Maddy remained by the couch. I slowly opened the door. She leant in to give me a kiss, but I pulled back.

“What’s wrong baby?” she asked me innocently.

“What do you want?” I asked her coldly.

“I want to spend a romantic night with the most amazing guy in Vegas.” she replied as she winked her eye.

“Oh well then you must be mistaken because Brendon doesn’t live here.”

Her face dropped . She turned around noticing Maddy’s car.

“Ryan, I’m-“

“Save it. I don’t want to have to look at your face ever again.” I said as I slammed the door in her face. I heard her shriek from the other side.

“You gonna be alright?” Maddy asked remaining by the couch. I walked over to her and sat down.

“Yeah,” I huffed.

“You don’t look too upset,” she incited.

“That’s because I’m not,” I laughed. I looked over at her arms. They were both branded with Brendon’s hand print. She noticed I was looking and took my hand. “ I can’t believe he did that to you. I outta fucking kill him.”

“As crazy as it sounds, I know he didn’t mean to hurt me. Well, physically anyway.” she looked away.

“Oh my god, Ryan look!” she pointed towards and old-fashioned chair that decorated my living room. Tangled in the chair were Hobo and the puppy fast asleep and snuggling together.

“What are you going to name it?”


“That’s a pretty name, but why?”

“It’s just simple but pretty.”

I looked at her adoringly. Maybe tonight happened for a reason. Maybe it was finally time for Maddy and I to become an “us”!

Brendon’s POV

I crashed through the door of the apartment maddy and I once shared. He spirit lingered everywhere. Her scent still touched everything. For the first time in two years I was without Maddy. I made my way to the bedroom not even bothering to lock the front door. I walked through the bedroom and into the bathroom. I took off all my clothes except for my boxers. I looked at myself in the mirror, disgusted with the man looking back at me.

“What the fuck did you do Brendon?” I asked myself. I flicked off the light and plopped down on the bed that was too big for one lonely guy. I wanted so bad for Maddy to burst through that door and come back wanted to work things out. Oh god what did I do? Just then I heard the front door creak open. Footsteps filled the empty hallway with had become illuminated. My bedroom door slowly opened, but sadly Maddy wasn’t the one standing there. It was Keltie.

“Hey,” she whispered.

“Hi” I responded dully.

“You know at first I was pissed that you told him, but not I’m glad that you did.”

“And why is that?”

“Well after 6 monthes of sneaking around we can finally be together without worrying about being caught.”

“Keltie there is no more you and me anymore. This thing is over”

“I don’t understand.”

“I hurt the one girl I will ever truly love and she’ll never forgive me.”

“Maddy! Maddy? Why does everyone want her? You, Ryan. What the fuck is so special about her?”

“Everything.” I smiled.

“Whatever, Fuck you Brendon!” she finished as she stomped out the same way she walked in. Unexpected. I felt so alone and the only person who could change that wasn’t here.
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