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Catching Up Over Coffee..

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* B * The light from outside shun onto my eyes and my eyes fluttered open, I slowly lent up on my arms when a pain went through my head, “Ouch” I looked around and noticed my room was emp...

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The light from outside shun onto my eyes and my eyes fluttered open, I slowly lent up on my arms when a pain went through my head,
“Ouch” I looked around and noticed my room was empty, I slowly got up and brushed my teeth then got dressed. My head was pounding and I really needed some paracetemol. I walked across the hall to the guy’s rooms and knocked on the door.
“B, its 9am”
“Shit sorry, I’ve got a headache, have you got any paracetemol”?
“No sorry”
“Okay then, well I am going out for a bit”
“Love you too Jack”
He shut the door and I sighed, I walked back into my room and grabbed my purse and my card key. I also through on my black jacket and left.
When I reached downstairs in the lobby I could smell the breakfast,
“Yeah I’ll come back for that,” I said to myself then made my way outside.
There was a heavy wind and it blew my hair around, I knew it was a mess.
I walked around for about 10 minutes until I came across a chemist I walked in and got some paracetemol.
I noticed a starbucks down the road and felt the sudden need for a coffee but I needed some water to take my tablet with. I popped into a bakery and got a bottle of water then went into starbucks, I ordered a cappuccino, while I was waiting for it I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned round and came face to face with huge sunglasses and a hooded man,
“Hey B” I heard the American accent and it clicked,
“Gerard hey”
“What are you doing here”?
“Getting coffee,” I pointed over my shoulder to the counter,
“Right sorry, stupid question”
“Its fine, too early in the morning right”
“Yeah, it doesn’t help when I really didn’t sleep”
“Aww I am sorry to hear that”
“It’s not your fault” We just smiled at each other,
“Um I think your cappuccino is ready” I turned back round and saw it on the counter
“Right, well um I guess I will see you around”
“Sure cya” I waved then took my coffee and sat down on a table in the back. I put my coffee and my mobile on the table and the tablets along with the bottle of water.
I just opened the water when I saw someone stood in front of me,
“Excuse me ma’am is this seat taken”? I looked up and saw Gerard,
“Well I don’t know, you just called me ma’am and I didn’t realise I looked that old”
“Hum…I totally screwed that up didn’t I”? I smiled at him,
“Yeah but take a seat”
“Thanks” He sat down and I just stared at him,
“Are you not going to take your shades off”?
“Huh, what…Oh umm”
“Its okay you can leave them on its just, we are inside”

I saw her and her smile was just wow, and I took my glasses off,
“It was getting a little dark,” She giggled, that was when I noticed some pills on the table, I picked them up and was relieved when I read the box,
“You okay”?
“Yeah I just have a headache” She smiled and took the pills from me and took two.
“How is your head”?
“Honestly, it hurts like hell”
“You should be in bed”
“Yeah but I can’t stay in bed all day”
“Sure you can”
“No I can’t” I decided to drop it,
“Okay you can’t, but where were you last night”?
“Oh I didn’t feel up to it and didn’t want to make a fool out of myself anymore”
“You didn’t make a fool of yourself”
“Yeah I did, sorry I left like one song into the show”
“Don’t worry about it”
“Oh I do, because I have wanted to see you guys for a long time but it was really loud and my head”
“Its okay don’t worry okay, its fine” She sighed and looked down at her coffee
“You know what”?
“We have been talking for about ten minutes and you haven’t passed out yet”
“Oh yeah, that’s cool”
“Yep, so have you talked to your parents about coming on tour”?
“No you know it completely slipped my mind, but I’ll ring her now”
“Oh no I was just…”
“Gee its fine, can I call you Gee”?
“Sure” She picked up her phone and started to call her mum,
“Hey mum…yeah we watched another show…my chem…um yeah im not sure I had to leave after the first song…umm I kind of passed out…mum I am fine honestly…how did I pass out?…well um you see we met the guys and you know me once I saw Gerard that was it…yeah imagine how I felt, I was so embarrassed…Surprisingly they were cool with it…yep and mum guess what…they asked us to go tour with them…I know can you believe it…can I go…I mean they said they would be happy to meet you…yeah well should I ring Nan…do you think she would cook…okay well I am not sure…five…no it will be me and the guys…yeah the other guys won’t mind…okay so I’ll ring her now…okay…talk to you in a minute…bye” She hung up,
“Well she certainly wasn’t expecting that”
“What did she say”?
“She said she would love to meet you”
“Okay cool, well when does she want to meet us”?
“Umm, how bout for Sunday dinner round my nans”?
“Well let me just ring her”
“Okay” She dialled another number,
“Hey is Nan there please?…thank you…Hi Nan can I ask you something…Okay well you know I am in London…well we met some people and they want to meet mum and mum wants to meet them…no Nan they aren’t strangers…they are my chemical romance…yes Nan the band” This brought a smile to my face,
“Well I was wondering if they could maybe come to dinner on Sunday…five…yeah I know it’s a lot its just that mum wants to meet them and that’s basically the only time we can” I heard this and stared at B,
“If it’s not” She put her fingers to her lips and basically silently told me to shut up,
“Please Nan…what Auntie Janes coming down this weekend?….come on Auntie Jane will love them…Nan we don’t have to listen to their music…please…oh thank you I love you Nan…okay bye” She smiled at me,
“Dinner is at one on Sunday”
“Are you sure it’s not too much trouble”?
“I am sure, wait Frank is a vegetarian”
“Are there going to be vegetables”?
“Well then he will eat it”
”Are you sure”?
“Yes I am sure”
“Okay then”
“B can I ask you something”?
“Sure go ahead”
“How old are you”?
“Wow your really young”
“Thanks, you make me feel so much better”
“I didn’t…”
“I know, but I am too young right”
“No not at all”
“Sure” I noticed she was frowning,
“Have I said something to upset you”?
“No it’s just my age”
“What’s wrong with it”?
”Okay well I just finished sixth form and a couple of years ago I said I would transfer to America as soon as I finished sixth form and go to law school”
“So what’s wrong with that”?
“Well I can’t can I, I mean I can’t leave the guys behind, I mean its just that, and I am telling you this now before Sunday”
”Go ahead B”
“My family want me to be a successful lawyer, but this band, its fucking amazing I mean we had our first proper show the other night and it totally kicked ass but I know as soon as I say that you guys want me to go with you, my granddad will turn into an extra asshole and be all like ‘You can’t do that what about your career’ and I just don’t know if I can deal with that” I Grabbed her hand and she looked at me,
“B I know I have known you for what two days not even that, but I already know that you are a talented young woman and coming on tour with us may ruin your chances of becoming a lawyer but at the end of the day, it is your life and if you don’t want to come on tour with us that is fine, but think about what you want, not anyone else, not your family, not me or the guys, what do you want to do”?
“Well I have always wanted to sing and I know I am not very good at it”
”Let me stop you there B, you can sing”
“Thanks, I have always wanted to be in musicals and stuff and then a couple of years ago rock played a big part of my life, it helped me to be the real me, and ive wanted to be able to basically do what you guys do”
“That’s sweet”
“Your sweet, thank you”
“For what”?
“For making me see that I was doing the whole lawyer thing just to please other people”
“No problem” Just then my cell rang,
“Hey Frank”
“Where are you dude”?
“In starbucks”
“Oh okay well do you want to come back to the hotel for breakfast”?
“Sure but Frank do you mind if someone tags along”
”That’s fine”
“Okay see you in a minute”
“Yep bye” I hung up and looked at B,
“Come on”
“We are going to get some breakfast”
“I don’t want to intrude or anything”
“You’re not come on” She smiled,
We got up and left for the hotel restaurant…

Sorry if its boring....i got a bit of writers block at the moment...
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