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Sunday....Part 1

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Sunday has arrived and B is not looking forward to the sunday dinner....

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B’s P.O.V

Sunday had finally arrived and me and the guys of my band were getting on well with the guys from my chem. I got on especially well with Gerard, I would ring him up before a show to wish him luck and he would ring me afterwards to tell me how the show went. Last night my chem had a show in Cardiff and the guys invited me, we stayed in a hotel for the night and were now on our way to my nans house and to be honest, I was nervous. I was sat in the middle of Gerard and Frank while Ray sat in the passenger seat while Bob drove, Matt didn’t come, I actually couldn’t blame him.
We were getting closer and I was growing more nervous.
“You okay B”?
“Huh what yeah” All eyes were now on me apart from Bob who was concentrating on the road, Gee grabbed my hand,
“You sure your okay”?
“Yeah I am just a little nervous and I would just like to apologise right now if my granddad says anything to any of you guys that offends you, I am very very very sorry”
“We won’t hate you”
“Oh trust me you don’t know how bad he is”
“It’ll be fine” I nodded,
“Oh by the way my auntie Jane and uncle Neil are from Yorkshire so they have a bit of a different accent from me”
”Right as I said we will handle it”
“Okay, oh Bob it’s this house here” I pointed to the house,
“Where shall I park”?
“Um just here” He parked out side of the house and I took a deep breath and got out,
“Can we have a cigarette before we go in”?
“Sure” We all stood outside the wall, while the guys smoked. While I was waiting for they guys I noticed a black car pull up on the driveway,
“Who’s that”?
”That would be my mum, my dad, my granddad and my uncle coming home from the pub”
“Yep every Sunday for an hour”
“Hey B” I turned round to Frank,
”Get on my back”
“Okay” I started giggling and jumped on Franks back,
“Bianca what are you doing”?
“Ahh hi, um go on in they are just having a fag”
I started screaming as Frank ran down the road with me on his back and then he just ran back up to the guys,
“And Frank can I ask why you carried B all the way down the road and back up”
“My workout”
“Hey were you calling me fat”?
“Frank that was not a good idea”
“Okay anyway lets forget about that and lets focus on dinner, Frank you don’t mind potatoes and vegetables do you”?
“Nope I am happy with that”
”Alright then let battle commence” I got off Franks back and walked round to the front door,
“You guys ready”?
“Yep lets go” I opened the front door and stepped inside,
“We are here”


“We are here”
A door opened and a short woman walked out, she was shorter than Frank,
“Hiya love you alright”? B hugged the short woman,
“I am fine thanks and you”?
“Yeah I am good” B turned round to us,
“This is my auntie Jane, auntie Jane I would like you to meet my chemical romance or Gerard, Bob, Frank and Ray”
“Hiya” She walked up to us and hugged us all,
“Its nice to meet you” She smiled,
“What time is dinner”?
“In half an hour” B nodded,
“Okay then” Jane walked into another room and B turned round to us,
“Great we have to wait half an hour”
“We don’t mind honestly” B sighed,
“Okay then lets go meet the rest” B opened the door to her right, and we followed her,
“Hello” We were in the living room, a man was stood up, while there was an older man sat on a two seater and a woman in her 40’s sat on the three seater.
“Guys this is my mum, my dad and this is my granddad”
”Oh my god, I thought you were having me on” I saw B smile,
“Nope, see I told you but would you listen”
“Oh shut up, I am Bianca’s mum Bev”
“Hey” We all shook her hand,
“Is this all your gothic friends is it love”? I saw B sigh and turn around,
“This is my favourite band my chemical romance”
“There a bit old for you aint they”
“Umm excuse me, one, I am eighteen, two they all have girlfriends or fiancé’s apart from Mikey who is married but he isn’t here today and three it is none of your business”
“I was just…”
“Well don’t anyway this is Gerard, Ray, Bob and this is Frank and guys this is my dad Andy”
“Hey” We all shook his hand as well,
“Biancs why don’t you give the guys a tour of your nans house”
“Sure I guess, so this is the living room slash dining room,” She pointed towards an arch to where the beginning of the dining room is,
We walked out into the hall,
“Hallway, stairs, ooo kerrang magazine” We smiled as she picked up her kerrang magazine and started walking up the stairs,
“Bathroom and the rest are bedrooms, see that’s the house, no lets go downstairs so I can read my kerrang” She smiled brightly and we all turned round and walked back downstairs,
“B you would make the perfect hostess one day”
“Yeah, and here is my lovely collection of kerrang magazines, no-one touches them apart from me” Frank put on in a girly voice,
“Thank you Frank for that lovely interpretation of me”
“No problem” We laughed and walked back into the living room,
“That was quick” B shrugged,
“It’s a small house, guys you can sit down”
“My house isn’t small”
”It is when your giving a tour” Ray and Bob sat next to B’s mum while me, B and Frankie sat on the floor,
“Oh kerrang” I smiled as B opened the magazine and we were watching TV


I was looking through my kerrang when I got to the review section,
“OO guys you got a review in kerrang”
“Cool how many K’s did we get”?
“Umm four”
“What does it say bout it B”?
“Umm, My chemical romance put on another explosive show in London tonight”
“The usual”?
I flicked over the page and saw a picture…of me, I screamed,
“WHAT, ARE YOU OKAY”? Gerard asked panicked,
“Gee look” I passed the magazine to Gee,
“Not Quite Angels, London Barefly, yep that’s definitely B”
”Don’t shout” mum said,
“New band Not Quite Angels hit the scene this week at the London Barefly at a special kind of open mic night that allowed bands to perform who weren’t noticed yet, the lead singer, Angel”
”Had the crowd head banging with her up-beat and kick ass attitude. The completion of her amazing voice”
“Oh my god kerrang called my voice amazing”
“And heavy rock guitars, banging drums and a top notch bassist, Not quite Angels were by far the best of the night, all though they covered greats stone sour and my chemical romance (mostly) we would have preferred if they had their own song but apart from that they rocked our night. Expect to hear more from the Bristol based band”
“OH MY GOD I HAVE TO CALL THE GUYS”! I got out my phone and sent a text to the guys,
“I thought you were going to ring them”?
“I couldn’t be bothered” I smiled at Gee, I took my kerrang off of him and continued reading it. I looked up when my Nan walked in,
“What’s all the screaming about”?
“I am in kerrang”
“What do you mean you’re in kerrang”?
“Look” I turned back to the page of me singing and held it up,
“I know”
“B is that you”? Frank asked,
“The picture on the wall, you know the bald one” I sighed,
“Yes” I led on the floor and hid my head on the floor,
“Well done Frank” Gee said,
“What, B I am sorry you look really pretty” I looked at Frank,
“Frank I’m like two”
“I was only trying to make you feel better”
“Oh right, thanks I guess” I raised an eyebrow when Frank led across my back,
“Frank what are you doing”?
“Lying across you”
“I can’t breathe”
“Get off her you knucklehead” Gee rolled Frank off me and I sat up.
“Aww I am sorry Frankie” He put his arm round my shoulders and I put my head on his chest and we carried on watching TV, which is now on a war programme.
“Great, snooze fest 2007”
“Yeah dad put something else on, we have company” my dad piped up,
“If they don’t like it, they can go home” I was about to stand up but felt Frank’s grip tighten around my shoulders,
“You are so rude pops it’s unbelievable”
“Gee come round my other side so I can be a pimp” I looked up at Frank and smiled, he was trying to break the tension in the room, bless him. Gerard sat on Franks other side and Frank put his arm round him.
“Woo I’m a pimp” Gee and Me just stared at each other and laughed.
“Aww let me get my phone”
“What you three look cute together I want a picture” I sighed and mouthed the words I’m sorry to Gee, he just smiled. My mum gave her phone to my dad and he took the picture.
“And smile” We all smiled and he took the picture then handed the phone back to my mum,
“Wait mum, Frank let go a sec”
“Aww okay but you got to comeback”
“I will, I will” I got up off the floor,
“Make way fat ass coming through” I sat on one of Bob’s legs and one of Rays legs,
“Ha now I am the pimp, mum take a pic, we can’t leave Ray Ray and Bobit out” My mum handed my dad the phone, he took the picture,
“Thank you Ray and Bob”
“No problem”
“B come back to me and Gerard, we are lonely”
“Okay” I got up and dived onto Frank and Gerard knocking them both over, we were all laughing.
“Act your age” I sighed and stared at the TV when I was pulled back towards someone’s chest, I looked up to see Gerard and smiled, he smiled back. Frank started playing with my hair and putting it in different styles.
“I call this one the pigtails” He had just held my hair up in pigtails, it was quite weird.
“Aww she looks like five”
“Frank what are you doing to her”?
“I am styling her hair”
“Right” I turned to look at Bob but Frank pulled one of the pigtails,
“Bianca watch your language”
”No buts” I crossed my arms and stuck my tongue out at Frankie, he did the same so I did it again, then he grabbed my tongue,
“Ha I got your tongue”
“Fwank, glive me back my younge”
“I am tollaly waring you”
“What was that sorry can’t hear you” I evil glared him and put my hand over his hand and dug my nails into his hand.
“OW what was that for”? He let go of my tongue,
“Payback is a…”
“Language” I sighed, parents suck.
“What’s all the noise about”? We turned around,
“Hey Uncle Neil” I got up from Gerard’s grip and hugged him,
“This is Ray, Bob, Gerard and Frank”
”Hi” I went and sat down on the floor and led down, I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep, I felt my head being lifted and I opened my eyes to see Gerard smiling down at me,
“You okay hunny”?
”Yeah” I sighed, even though I wasn’t really, dinner was coming up and that is where most of the arguments start.

okay so here is the next chapter......for people who are still reading this thanks and i know its real boring but things will start to pick up soon....
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