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a spartans quest

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master chief is in for revenge on the covnent

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He dodged left and dodged right well firing a plasma pistol he picked up from the elite he killed, while he picked up a shotgun from a fallen Conrad. He fired plasma bolt after plasma bolt in to the wiggling mass of orange worms that was the second hunter. He looked back and saw the first hunter trapped under the ruins of a

Covenant super carrier that was destroyed M.A.C rounds from the orbital super Mac guns.

As he navigated the terrain he stumbled over a piece of ruble and just barley managed to activate his jackal shield before the hunter fired his fuel cannon. He braced for the impact and was running before the hunter recovered. He dodged left and right then saw his chance. He threw a grenade and dived for the rocket launcher on the ground. He had it aimed and his finger on the trigger before the smoke cleared. He fired, the hunter braced for impact, the world went still.

The missile passed inches from the hunters helmet armor. John could have sworn he saw a smile on the hunters face as the rocket passed him. Spartan 117 made a crude gesture with his hand and an explosion could be heard in the back ground, the hunter barely had time to turn around before the giant pillar fell on him. John was up and running to the Spartan laser before the pillar hit and had it trained on the spot where the hunter would appear.

The orange eels appeared in there pink-purple armor and john fired, the eels caught on fire and started spilling out on the suit. 117 ran out of ammo for the laser and threw 2 sticky nades and hit the ground. A mushroom cloud burst from the ground spewing carnage and orange goop everywhere master chief smiled behind his mirrored visor. He stood atop all the carnage and assessed the damage, "We have a lot of work to do." "Best we get started the hadn't we", replied cortana the super intelligent AI in his suit.

He thought pack through the past few weeks and felt a pang of loss for his friends. After a few seconds a cold hard emotion rose above them all. Determination, the determination to all but exterminate the

Covenant forces. He would make them suffer like they had made him, his friends, his conrads, hell the entire human race, suffer. They where going to pay, and they were going to do it with there blue black alien blood. He started walking, 'its payback time' he thought.
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